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SOME DIRECTION FOR A COMFOR.- TABLE WALKING WITH Goo: DELIVERLD N THE LECTVR AT KETTEXING IN NORTH- liPrONSHIRE, WITH enlargement B Y RoLiRx. BoLroll CHELOR IN Divinitie, and Preacher ofGods VVord. al. , in the fame County. The fourth Edition : correaedandamended 5 with a Table therelento annexed. LoN,DICNNI imprinted by John Legate, for MP:lend eater, and are tobe foldat his fliop at the great North doom of Pamls Church. 1634 a, -

1PP eAa TO THE RIGHT HONOVRABLE, AND TRVLY NOBLE, EDWARD Lord Mountagueof Boughton, a fruit, full increafeof all heavenly graces ; and all watchfull preparation for the glory that than bee revealed. Much Honoured and Noble Lord Lthough the eminencyofyour , other perfonall worth, great ' Wifedome, and noble part fufficient attranive to every honeft heart, by reafonof the particular intereft it hath the common (late of gooct- neffe ; or your fpeciall bounty to my felfe, which ought to Iliac up an ingenuous mind, toapprehend anyopportunityof due and deferved acknowledge, ment ; or your publike deportment in the face of our country, fo worthy, and honourable, and ma- naged with fuch true honefty , grave moderation, and Nobleneffe of fpirit, which Cannot but draw A from

The E De4ic4torie cmeatc=4, .manimmme.sId 11,, F-orn every heart truely found to olr great Lord in Heaven, and His Royall Deputy our higheft Sove- raigne upon earth, a great deale of reverence and love;I fay,thoughanyofthefefeverally,might exaCt fromme, more exact & able demonftration of the thankefull devotions of myheart:yet,my Lord,(and you maybeleeve me) there is another thing betides al thefe,which was the ftrongeft,and molt predomi- nant motive to quicken me to this Duty, and Dedi- cation ' even your fincere and invincible affedion to the Gofpell of Terra Cbriff, His faithfull Miniflers, and mott precious Wayes. And this,to tell you the truth, is farre the faireft, and moft orient flower in the Garland of all your goarinefre, and incompara- blyabove all your greatneffe, wereyou advancede. wen to defert;nay,to the highefttop ofal earthly fe- licities,and mortal honor.For howfoever the world ever betide it felfe in point of falvation, and flarke blind in the right apprehention of Heavenly things, doth doteupon guilded miferies, flinging vanities, t lize. JuItottungolden fetters;and wickedly deemesapurfutteefpuri. nmPh" deride- tur : gum ab hujus ty s tg of thehe ° ht fill y. .yet I can affure you in the Word munc ipieutibus, 0 puritahtis virtus,fa. flife and truth;the richeft,and rareft confluenceof tuitas crediture all humane happineffes3the molt exquifite excellen- Greg. Ow cap.12. lob. e4r46. cy, and variety of thegreat&worldly pompe and fplendOur, that ever the Sun faw, fence the firft mo- m&of its creation or (hall look upon while it fhines ..._, -in Heaven, is but cluft in the ballance toone graitie 6 Et quid clivithabf t & lrace; it is but bdung to an humble mind,faving- E= cascultr, f aaAlti lightncdwith a foretaft,but of the teat glimpfc Alt itercora !eta. EA ddigentibus cifthat incomprehenfible,endleffeglory which 'hall '''".01 fhortlybe revealed: It is all in the truevaluation,but a 4.

Tbc Dedic4tory. asa vaine fmoke; which doth not onely vanifh, as m`Nonol,latert.r: it rifeth,&utterly loofeth it felfeat thehigh& 5 but noanmaneug " guiazsiitrnu seil alto draws teares from a mans eies;nay,at laft,wrings ion the very, heart-ftrings of every impenitent foule , with that extremeft everlafting horror,which would burft ten thou landhearts , ferioufly and fenfibly to thinke upon before-hand. It is not onely vanity, but alfovexationofflirit . Let worldly wifedom fay what it will, and hold them rnelancholike , and d madde, d Can elf!' cokerk who by the helpeofthe holy Ghoft hold a conftant re,12undlZveon: counter-motion to the courfe ofthe world, andcor- ruptions ofthe time,that they maykeep agood con- n.Oir!ehti? (qi iuttse' fcience, the richeft treafure, anddearth Jewell that :(22mlicit:tem ter"- omiia,vomterninnuerrne ever the heart ofman was acquaintedwith;who infi- nitely defire, rather to be religious, then rich; to be ratmccilifrei;,?vit: -- good, then great; to enjoy the favour ofGod, then 21-:TAIlonti's the foveraignty, and pleafures ofall thekir jomes citourditirant5 ofthe earth yet affuredly,whenall is faid.and licuadunanli: q.t; furled up; it is onely the true feare ofGodsbleiied Yorntuunst.rvirgi- Name ; a zealous forwardneffe for his glory,good- neffe,and good caufes, at this day, unhappily,and to r d-71{1 um eff no' !tf!,in7r- the mine of infinite foules,called by the world,praa- maticalneffe, and, Toomuch precifeneffe,which can truely PA. beautifie, and adorne both all other perfonall e fufficiencies ; and indeed faatifie and bleffe all pub- rZa°cbalietamsinHeen: like imployments and fervices ofState. For the firft: titZu:cd.;:ixut A Profeffor even fomething Popifh, doth yet truly irpInfietmpeFrlia" fit Spoinfas, - teach, that e Heroical/ nobility-is illufiriouseminency Del, riai pfirtirTusern.: piningin a man by the heavenly inNionoffupernatural plum grace, whereby bee imade by adoption thefOnne ofGod,Laniir:,,fie:',errlura; - nit!olilfictint , nilut theSpoufe of chri ,theTemple ofthe holy Ghof 1;without 11)-ratta.n6 Gisf- which, all other Nobilities are nothing; nor worth a but- 1itau. A 3 ton..

The Epifile Dedicatoiy. ro Chrift and his gainefull fervice, perhaps by the World moftdifdainfully and contemptuoufly tram- pled upon even in the duff; with the feet of cruelty and pride;at leaff molt certainly,ever madeextreme- ly vile and contemptible by the villany offtongues , 5,LaunetiZenrut and g cruellmockings yet is fuchan Oneas the Worta.co7tare .profice- u not worthy of : the meane time, in the meaning of42i:`,7,tai the holy Ghoft,h Crowne ofglory thehandofreho-fir. Itcmunxie. vah,asbeautiful! andamiable,as thebloodof Chrift fus ea, nondum and his righteous robe can make him; crowned full glorioufly with = Gods owne comelinefewhich bee hatbtituor&neerce.`17. put uponhim; defigned from all eternity in due time,,ig,ffif.;M {for fo his fandification now affures him) to weare 6:2;3: - acs everlafting Crowneof bide. And when his pil- I Ezech 1604 grimage is pfft,death is tohim theday break ofeter- nail brightneiTe. Upon his laft Bed, his bleffed foule (hall find that frefh bleeding Fountaine forfinneandzach.ioi. for uncleanneP .let wide open unto it, by the hand of Faith, ready now at its departureio razeout the laft finfull ftaine : It may confidentlY, in the Name of Chrift caff it felfe into the open armes, enlargedbo- wels, and deareft embracements of the Fatherof all mercies : It may feele theglorious pi-el-eke of the fweeteft Comfort, prefenting unto it a foretafte of Heavenly joyes : it (hall have the latt fweenie*, and triumphant truth of all the promifes of life, able to confront and confound the puma rages and very Powderplot ofall the powers ofdarkneffe,madegood unto it;a mighty guard®f bleffed AngelsIhallattencl upon it; waiting with longing and joy to beare it tri- uMphantly into the bofomeof Abraham. His body (hail goe into thegrave,as intoa chamber ofreft,and A4 bed

Lib.s. S le Dedicatory_ bed of Downe,fweetly perfumed unto it, by the fa cred bodyof the Sonne of God lying in the Grave ; locked there full fail with the barres of earth , and fenced with the omnipotent Arme of God,as a rich Jewell in a Casket of gold, untill the reCurredtionof the lull. And then ' after their jOyfulleil meeting,and glorious re-vnion,.ehey fhall both be for ever filled with all tholeunmixed pleafures,bleffed iminortali- ties and crowned joyes,which the dwelling place of GoCl,thegloryof heaven, and the inexhaufled foun- taine of all bliffe, rehovah himfelfeblared for ever, can aftord. Now let the fcornfulleft oppofite to the power of godlineffe, tell me incoldblood, whether that honorablewretch; or this honeft man be more truelynoble and happy: For the fecond : Sonaturall, faith lc Hooker, is the vnionof Religion with jugice,that we may boldly deeme,there is neither, where both are not. For how /hould they be unfainedly jtafl, whom Religion doth not caufe to bekch ; or they religious, which are not foundfiich by theprobfeoftheir jufl actions:If they which imploy their labour and travaile about the publike admi- ;filtrationof jullice, follow it onely ,i/s a Trade, withun quenchable andunconfctonable thirdof gaine, beingnot inheart prfwaded that julitce is Gods owne Werke, and therrifelves his (_./i*gents in the bufinele, thefentenceof right,Godsowneverdicl,and themfelves his Priells tode- liver it ; formalities of juftice doebut ferve tofmother right, and that which wad necebrily ordainedfor the commongood, is throughfhamefull abuse, made thecaufe of commonmifery.Full well did this learnedman per- ceive,and rightly apprehend,that thepurity&pow- er of Religion alone, cloth truly honor all Honour_ s dignifie

The Epiflie Dedicatory, dignifie all dignities, actuate with acceptation & life all moral! venuesand endowments ofartfweeten government, ftrengthen all States, fettle fail all Im- perial! Crownes upon Princes heads : That it is no humorous conceite, but a matter of found conic- quence, that all, either perfonall duties, or imploy- ments ofState, are by fo much the better perfor- med,by howmuch themen aremore religious,from whofeabilities the fame proceed:That whenHeaven is made toomuch to ftoope to Earth:Piety toPolicy; <Wilkegood,toprivate ends;there authority is imbit. tered, inferiors plagued, and too often, Lacy and Irt- lice turned into Wormwood andrapine. lic truly inti- Mates,what a dcalcofhurt is done,what a world of mifchiefe is many times wrought, infenfibly and un- obfervedly;when a wicked wit,and wideconfcience weld thefword ofauthority.For it is eafie,anci ordi- naryfor a man fomounted,by legal fleights;pdtting foulebufnefes intoJr/lire language; &by a diffembled pretence of deeper reach , to compaffe his owne ends ; either for promotion of iniquity;oroppreili- on of innocency: efpecially,fith he knoweshiniferfe backs with that Principle in policie: it is not Lk to queftion or reverie tranfaaions of State , though, tainted perhaps with fome impregions of mifcarri- age and error : and, that it is holden a Solxcifrne in State-wifdome, andunfeentely,for private innocen- cy to conteft too bufily with pair:ages ofpublike Tribunals.Thefethingg I thus difcourfe,and declare untoyour Lordfhip, to reprefent unto you the vani- ty of that honor,which is not directly andfincerely rubordinate to the honour of God : (at thebeiti

The EpifileDedicatory. msse( I ....SIMINIOMMIUOMMNI.116.1.0 but a breath, and yet not able to blow fomuch, as one cold blaft uponungodly great Ones, when be- ing fuddenly carried from their ftately and fumptu- ous dwellings, they fhall be caft into unquenchable flames.) To let you fee theexcellency, and worthof thofe happy wa:yes , to which it hath pleafed the Lord of Heaven, out of his frciall mercy, to bend the eye 'of your Noble mind : andthat you may knowwhat it is alone hath had power, and the pre- rogative, (and fhall for ever, in whomfoever takes Godspart) tomake you, both more truelyhonou- rable in your Selfe, and more faithfully ferviceable toour King and State ; both to caft aDiviner luftre upon your penona_ 11 vertues, and to makeyour ma- nagingof publike bufineffes (many times molt un- worthily forayed awry, by that foule fiend,Faetion, partiality, and private ends) worthy , confcionable and juff. For which, every honeft eye inour coun- trey that lookes uponyou, bleffeth you 3 and (hall mourn molt bitterly foryour abfence from amongft us, whenyou (hall bee glorioufly gathered to your Fathers. So let all that truely love the Lord refits, His bleffed Gofpel, and Servants, bee as the stinne, vbett bee goeth forth in his ?ight , and at laft full fweetly fet in the boundleffe Ocean of immortall bliffe. In thefe wayes of life., my- Noble Lord, which in the fence andcenfure of Truth it felfe, are PM' 3. z7. wages ofpleafitre andpathsof fweeteftpeace ;it is the infinitedefire of my heart,atid !drift of this Treatife I now offer into your Honours hands, that you would Hill advance forward, and doe more nobly Mil. That you would improeve to the utmoft, the height

The pifile Dedicatorie. height ofyour excellent. Vnderftanding to a further, and more full comprehenfion of the cm)).flerie of Chrift which though it bee a Sealed Eooke to the fharpeft fight of the molt piercing humane wife- dome ; yet reveales to every truely humble, fpiri- tuall eye, the rich and Royal' treafures ofall true fweetnefle, contentment and peace.That you would hold it your greateft honour and happinefle , as it is indeed; to grow ail! in fruitfulneife a ineverygood t,1°01 112"; Werke in "fervency of#irit, incpuritie , in d Hea- c roh.3.;. venly-mind'ednefe,ine precife rvalking,&c. with fingu- lar watchfulneire, and the more punetuall , and fre- cEphei.s,15. quent fearch and perufall of your fpirituall flare ; both becaufe the depths anddelufions of Satan are molt intricate and infinite ; and becaufe Not many no:, ble, 1. Cora 1.1 5. That ye would holdon in that valiantnejfefor the Truth,andall good caufes 3 which ordinarily gathers vigour and puiflance proportio- nably to the fvvelling furie ofall adverfarie, either mortal! or infernal! powers : Ever patiently palling by with generous magnanimitie, and brave con- tempt, all the vile ray lings and contradiCtions off tob.30 8,9, Satans Revellers , and Popifh infolencie ( For691:25.15'164c vainely to affed the acclamations, and applaufe ofhn quaVeganita. worthleffe men : or to bee dejected unmanlily with aum,quird fi quis ie,;(cuNtnobilicbousvead their unjuft accufations and anger; are both equal- cceperit converts 1y ignoble, and molt unworthie a man of Honour, honorem tabs amittit : ant- quantus in Chriftiano populo honor Chrifti eft,vbi religio ignobilem;;-aciti Statim enim ut quis meteor effetentaverit, deterioris abieaione calcatur, ac per hoc omnes opodammodo xnali effecoguntur, ne viles habeantur.Ira feculurn totum iniquitatibus plenum eft, ut aut mall fint,qui Cunt in illo,aut qui bo- ni runt, multorum perfecutione crucientur Si honoratior quifpiam religions fe applicuerit,illicO ho- noratus etredefiftit-Si fuerit fpendidiffimus,ficviliiimns, Si fuerit totus honoris, fit totus injuriz bonus eft quifpiam, quafi mains fpernitur : Si eft rnalus, quali bonus honoratur. iraquc mirum, fi deteriora quotidie patimur, qui dettriores epotidik fumus Salvianee, De yen) ludicio peel uidentiaDei. Lib. pag. 1:8,129. and

The Eln le Dedicatory. ,Ifotixsfewess*, i.1 07, and v_ ertuous g refolution. Yours fhalbe the Crowne life obluetari 'Phis and comfort 3 when all Popery and Prophaneneffe ',,1::lernTit-- limn lyeburied in the duft, and dungeon of Hell. -rem hemieibus -.twat t fed mu- In a word , the thirftie longing ofmy heart , and Am rem inter. heartieft prayer (hall ever bee; That you mayThine ere ad ilium in r opituna oculum, ab co folit every day, moreand more glorioufly, in allpelionall itorirerxpeetanre faalitie, plantation of godlinefre inyour owne Fa- iacneure luanuea.fahmli rnily, andwhere you have any thing to doo; and in a.u-dem, "I con-an holy zealefor felting forward theaffaires ofGod, :qua ; fed tranfire , ta :rotaumbras & km- when, and whcrfoever you have any power or Cal- idnp ast4r tral ling. That When the laft period ofyour mortal! a- 41rrel;;;;.7egap". bode-in this Vale ofteares, which drawes on apace, ' "fl°1423. than prefent it felfe : You may looke death in the face without dread; the grave withbut fearer the Lord Iefus with comfort; and uhriab bleffed for e- ver , with everlafting Ioy. Thus let all the faving bleffings of our moft bountiful) Heavenly Father, through refits chrift, by the Holy 'Ghofi, bee plenti fully and for ever upon your Honorable Selfe , and all your iweete andNoble Children. Tour Honours rnofi truely in all fervicesfor thefdvation of your Soule,

.7.1114.11MIM0 MME roT- NZ stio A generall Analyfis of the wholeTreatife. Ervantsof Godfingularfiomothers in Santlit. ay, eff-c. P. 2' Godsfree grace thefountaine of all ourgood. P. 9. wonderful) mercies toms, our horrible ingratitude. Perfimallgoodnefe brings comfort andbleifings uponpegerity. p IS. Truefavinggrace never log. p. 22. Cautions andmeanes of perfiverance. 25, 27, godsfervantsmuff not ferve the times. p: 28 EveryChriflians duty towakewith God. p. 29. The reafins. 3o. . To theperformingof this there are T. Generall preparatives. r. what it 35. eAbandonrefolvedly 2, What thine 36. thy belovedpose : See 3.Thine aline impofture in exchanging it. 38. 2. Hate bypocrifie. 43. cOlany hereguilty, meere pretenders to Religion. Particular calling not to be left., ibid. 4 3. Build thy refilestiont on thatmainprinciple, Seffe. denia. 4. Live the lifeoffaith ; foveraigne in all araniti. 53. 5. Settle in thineheart a right.conceit,of thefhb)/fance, power and materials of Chriflianity. 57. 6. Fortifie thy Spirit againfl thecanker. ofworldly mindedneffi'.60 Be infinitely raviAt with the loveof god. Themotives. 6r. 8. Trite invaluably thefruition of -Gods pleafedface. 62,. 9. Watch over thy heart andkeepe it in aItirituall temper. 63. 10. (Meditate on thyfuture blife. 64. . Dirleaions

The Analyfis. P1 :cm*. g Ada ontI e a' :ntus piaci T.' am ierc tapic 3t al ace, qitia Ur 2. Direftions_particular. Preparative to them 1. Obfirvefamily- . Behaviour tit them. ditties, and our Carriage after them. 67 68 69 2. Decline idleneip. 70 3. rfewell thy jblitaryfiafons of Meditation. 7' 4. And thy com. Dangerof propbane company. 74 pan/. 73, Heere How to converfe with fiendsunconverted.86 5. Continually SS 1. Captivating it tograce. 2.. watchful 1 guard over it, ply thyheart by 9 I 3. Elevating it toward Heaven, 93 fAnger : e,TIorall. 95 6.' Labour to repreffe the thy rasillgpa ions : as 'remedies, Religions. 1 CO .Fearethe ranitie, tyrannyof it. 104 ,, ALCri0Vo...c.r. 103 r Cloriftian re- iGrounds ofit.rr4.who dogs & jwinr.rI5 proofe : 1Diretiions in it. 118 7. Order < faint-hearted, filence. Z velsgiould Aduty. I I 2. 1 Extremes fur tous Zeale, sr/ 9 ly thy -1 Here LReafins enforcing it. 220 longue by fr.From uncharitable cenfuring, diferen- cedfrom the teasfares of holy men. 130 1.Holdingfilencc 12. Slandering, falfe. attiring. 137 L3. rnfigvoury communication. 146: Here of heavenly difeenrft. B. Mannage confiionably every at-lion that andertakefi, 149 (Circurnfiances requifite in a comfortable aElion)ib.particularly. Collly. 154 T. Thy Recreations; Cruel!. 155 Wafting of time nlefi precious. 157 Incroaciiing upon heavenly comfiirts . 168 (Differences between joyfpirituall, and carnal!) 17o 2. Vifitations ofgreat 29 angered's. 18i 9YleS .:01femE7ified Herein tatstions. x 85 3. NAttP1. See they be not

The Analyfis. gluttony. 195 3. Naturallaflions , thou :1.)runkennefe,Healthing. 200 againfl Exceffivefleepe, 205 (Doe as thou wouldefl be done 6y. 207 4 r GeneralliAbhorre rerongfult andunconfiionabledealing. 2 I 0 1.- Here <Defire not, delight notS rent. 2I5 . This is thy bofime finnes pa- immoderately in any , 1 earthly thing. For rilein wilt -... finde thy felfe in. L fitiable,unfatisflable. 2 19 .4- Particular I. enter upon it conveniently. 23 4 ' L for 2. Vfi it comforts- Common to both. 237 Peculiar Hasband.244 Marriage. by:here areduties to the 1,9%fe. 250 .workes of Spiritual', 257 5 mercy as well Corporal/. Motives toalinesdeedes. 261 (Gods childrenfart) charged with covetoufiteffe,worldlineffe : oc- cafions ofthis imputation. 276 Earthly mindednefe infinitely nnbecomming an heire of hea. ven. 286 ri. The myjlerieoffihee-deceit opened. 299 k..-.. C I. Selfadmi. i , , `1,-, ration, proud' 3. Worke ofgrace in the true convert. 3.a 8 3. Sanctified menmay bee afured of theirjpi. 7-; z over-prizing 3. ritual?fafety. . 317. andhow . Z i of our ovene :.z., graces. 294. 4. Soundperfwafion diflinguilhedfromdeluji- !...., - 4 ti. Heere, OM 329 11 1.4 L5 . Prefervations afainfi overweening. 34r 1--, ' .., ... IAgainfi the heavie,Thd,penfivewalk:. .1 . 2.DejetledjelifirRfirnii I ing offireeSaints. 354 undervaluing of Gods < Reall caisfis and motives of their , -..k. mercies ,oiirgraces, the . ioy. , 359 4* Lpromifil oflif e. Here Conceits,and =aliens ofdifiomforts . Lremooved. 3 ao FINIS

olosasm.E. SOME -GE NER.ALL DIRECTIONS FOR A COW FORTABLE WALKING WITH GOD. GEN. 6. 8,9. S. But Noahfoundgrace in the eyes of the Lord. 9. Thefe are the generations of Noah : Noah Ivo' a iuJl man andperfea inhisgenerations , and Noah walkedwith God. N this dreadful! and difmall Story of the old Worldsdegeneration and defirudi- on, falling away, and finall mine, here {lands in my Text a right orient and illu-a cogita hie 01); firious Starre , thining full faire with tfuectirsoLuratn,tifvejiur: a fingularitie of heavenly light,fpirituall II",, qu'irici? in ori Aff goodneffe , and Gods fincerer fery ice, impee: in the darkeft midnight of Satans uni. to in malurn rue. verfall raigne , and amidil the horriblefl hell of the flranaef} vbearTitatsintladvii; confnfions, idolatrous corruptions , cruelties, ,b Oppreffr011S 1.i4' virtur ma" Noah I wane, a very preci- Niteheque en= a lo. and luit,that ever the earth bore. r pm.erertis. ous Man, and Preacher of Rightecufneffe, towhole Family tam nfnta frequentia tan' coenfus, tie leJdebat tum fegniorem ad vttutis iter : fed jam pritisiniplebat, quod beatus Maces olim didturus e. rat:Ne fis cum multis in maLtil Et quod maps admirabile,multos hibebat,im6 ornne,qui ad maim), & ad pravaopera inhortabantur,& :lam erat,qui adbonum incluceret, CrifRom.1.1 ill c.6 Gen.b Fer. vente mmietate contra primam tabulam, recut* eft corruptjo, de qua Moles in hoc cap..quod fe 1,t-. aanl poilucrunt libidinibusydeinde orhcm terrarum tepleverunt tyrannide,Cangme,& inlutlis.1- 13 . alone

General! direionsfor a IM....II..... .....1,11=1.111 alone, the true worfhip-of Godwas tonfinde, when all the World befides lay drowned in Idolavy and Paganifme ready lobe fwallowed up intoan_univerfall grave ofWaters,whicb was already fafhioned in the clOuds by the angry, unrefifiable handof thealbpoWerfull God,who- was now fo implacably, but molt juftly provoked by thofe rebellions and cruel! gene- rations,that He would not luff:er His Spirit to flrive'any more With them ; but inexorably refolved to open the windowe3 or flood-gates of heaven,giving extraordinary atengthof in- fluence to the Stars, abundance to the Fountains of the great deepes,cornmanding them to call out the whole treafure, and lieapeof their:waters ; and takingaway the retentive power from the clouds , that they might powre ddwne imm.eafara- bly, for the burying of all living creatures- which breathed in the ayrd : Noah andhis family excepted. Fromwhenceby the,way.beforc I.breake into my Text, take this Note. Doar. The Servants of God are men of fingularitie : meane it not in refpea of any fantafticalneffeof opinion, fu- rioufneffeof zeale,or turbulencic of faftion, truely lb called: but in refpe&of abainence from.finne. puritieof heart, and:. holineffe of life. Reafins, : I, Gods holy Word exaas and expeas fromall that are new.borne , and Heires of ,Heaven,an excellencie z, 0.41am mato, bovec ordinary,. Prev.12-26 Illat.5.i6.and 47. Being taken- etforth cf the preeioil from the vile, lirem,I5. I 0. by the power au iivimus,et le viEof theMiniftery, they mutt not only goebeyond.the highest mus cafters , pats d CiV ill perfedions, of the exaCteil moral! Puritane amongfl- liberalcs , abfti- the moft honeft Heathens , Mb. 12. 1.4, but alto exceed the lentes,- modeflos *acmes, benignos, righteoufnefle, and all the outwardreligious conformities of et honors mundi fund a delicias the devouteft Pharife, .whofe fufficiences Lrik, I S. smzores ju'ilitixi many thoufands in thel.e times come fhort of , and yet hope .,6cpuentes. ,eta- "ir minas 'sii4rn tobe faved okthey can in no.cgfe enter into the Kinodooe of feientix Fr eciarn fineDeo hoimnes oftenclunt quale$ a Deo faai Cunt : vide quid glriilianit;acel.e iloffint,quo rum in trielius pet.Chtiflum natura et vita initrueta eft , et qt.i divinz.quaque ptatithluvlutur d Q12,x non torrrenra patiemor,qui cum jubeattur iurtitia CuperarePh4rifios, Geo. - aims quoque inferiotes jaceamus tZfernadriloctum i. tur, rtiponde qukro, aidcb, ur re;ir.U.,o futu- ruml Chr)rofillom.18., in caps. .Mat. .47 for thole vertue4 that helang.unto tmeali rigbte4i:iefft,-;nd hone fly we doe not mention them beegofe they are not proper unto Cnriftign-men,'46 they:W.6400, t doe onornt.;L-C,Y3 6-mo,Itiooker Ilb.3, of Iicelsfia.a.Politic.. 1-1e6ven., .

comfortablewalkingw'th God. Hee:Ven. But-left any-bee proudlyputt upwith fence of this fing,tilarity, and excellency above his neighbour T let hiM know, that humility is ever one of 'the fairell flowers in the whole garland of his fupernaturall and divine worth ; and that felfe-conceitedneffe would impoyfon even Angelical! perfeaion. 2. They muff upon neceffity diTerTrom a world of wk.; Iced men ; by a fincere fingularity of abflinence from the c cogrffe of this world ; the lulls ofmen : the '" corruptions of;,,atPphet172 the times; g familiarity with graceleffe companions ,; the h worldlings langtaagpy prophane fports : all wicked wayes-$ Prov.4.4,1r. Ephei.g. ofthriv ing, riling, and growinggreat in the world, &c. b colotr.o. 3. They make confcience of thofe dutiesand divine corn- sicut qui Diabo; luna Icquitur,San- ipands, which the greatell part of men, even in the noone- aorum collegium tideof the Gofpell, are fo farre from taking to heart, that aaffientialti. their hearts rife againa them : As, to beg hot in Religion DPeoerperfred:111 Revel, ; 166. To be zealous of good workes, Tit .2.I4. TO haterrtil'uirri°rum waike* precifely,Ephe/5..1 5. Tobe fervent- in fpirit, Rom. quam 12.1 T. To firive to enter in at the firaite gate, Luke 13 24, G,r%or,Itfigt?1:, To plucke out their right eyes, that is, to abandon their bo- "PP'. forne delights, c.},latth 5.29. To make theSabbath a delight, /111,5 8.1 3 . To love the Brotherhood, i Tet.2.17. With an _ holy violence, to lay hold upon the Kingdome of Heaven, e.,Tiatth.u.1 2. 4. Experience, and examples of all ages,froni the creati on downeward clearely proove thepoint. At this time, as you fee the Saints of God were all harboured mder one , roofe, and yet not all found there. Survey the ages.-after- 'ward : the time of eAbro:hava ; whowas as a brand taken out of the fire of the Chaidcans : The timeof,/,when none appeared to that blared man of Gqd : The time of who cryed, Chap. 5 3.1. Who bath beleeved ogr report'? The time of Manaffekwhobuilt altarsfor all the hill of Heaven,in the two Courts of the Houfe of the Lord : The time of Antico dm, when becommanded the Sanduary, and holy people to bee polluted with Swines-flefil, and uncleane !Rafts to bee facrificed, the abominationof defolation to -bee fet up upon B '2 the

Generall directions for a wow. thlar, 5.2 3 the Altar : That darkefome time, when the glorious Day. Starre, Chrift kilts himfelfe, came downe from Heaven to illighten the earth The timeof Antichrift,when all the world wondredafter the B Oar times, wherein , of fixe parts of the earth, fcarceone of thekali isChriflians And what a deale of Chriftendome is flill overgrowne with Popery, and other exorbitant diftempers in point of Religion ? And where theTruthof Chrift is purely, and powerfully taught, how few give their names unto it ? And of thole who pro. Hie, howmany are falfe-hearted or meerely formall ? 5. Me thinkes worldly wifedome fhould rather wonder that anyone is wonne unto God;then cry out,and complains Is it poffible, there thould be fo few ? Sith all the powers of darkneffe, and every divell in hell oppofe might and maine the plantation ofgrace in any fouie : fith there are moe fumes upon earth, to keepe us full in the invifible chaines of darke. flare and finne, then there are flarres inheaven : fith every inch, every little artery of our bodies, if it could, would fweli with hellifii venome to the bigneife of the greateft Go- iiah, the mightieft Giant, that it might make refinance to the fanaifying workeof the holy Ghoft : fithour foules na turally would rather dye, and put off their immortality and everlafting being, then put on the Lord 'eats : In a word, fith the new creation ofa man is holden a greater worke of wonder, then the creationof the world. 6. Laftly,let us let afide in any Country, City, Towne, Family : Fiat, all Atheiils, Papifts, and diftempered exor- bitants from the bleffed Truth of Doftrine taught in our Church : Secondly, all Whoremongers, Drunkards, Swea. rers, Lyers, i Revellers, Worldlings, Vfurers,and fellowes of fuch infamous ranke : Thirdly, all meerely civill men, who come fhortof Cato, Fabricius, and other honefi Heathens, and wanting holineffe, {hall never fee the Lord, Het. I2 I 4. Fourthly, all groffe Hypocrites, whofe outfides are painted with fiiperficiall &tunes of holineffe andhonefty,but their inward parts filled with rottenneffe and tuft ; who have their hands in godly exercifes,when their hurts arc in hell. Fiftly, all

comfortable walking with God. yome.r.40 all formall Hypocrites, who are deluded in point of Salva- tion , as were the foolifh Virgins, and that proudPhariCe, Luke 8. Sixthly, all finall back-hiders of which Come turtle fenfuall Epicures , and plunge themfelves into worldly plealures, with farce more rage and greedineffe, by reafon of former reftraint by a temporary profeffion ; others become fcurrill deriders of the holy way ; Come, bloody goads in the fidesof thole with whom they have formerly walked into the Houle of God, as friends. Scventhly, all tanfound Pro- feffors for the prefect, of which you would little thinke, what anumber there is : I fay, let thefe and all other 'Iran- gers to the puritie and power of godlineffe be let apart, and tell tare howmany true-hearted Natbaneels we are like to k finde. k Non poilintat PPS: Try then the truthof thy fpirituall hate by this mnelicaUltua'n,pek, marke of a fober and fincere If thou frill hol- res', nc inter cos defl correfpondence with the world, and conformitie to the rernotrcsursa real. fafliions thereof; if hill thou fwimmeft downe thecurrent NMI Clruis a- d- the times, and fhifteft thy rifles to the fitting of' every eictu,grpeaft. Winde ; if thine heart hanker Hill after the tafteleffe fooleries lea,,1"3.1afrit. ace-- of good fellow fhip, and follow the multitude todoe ill ; if c2i..i''''p`ai8.47.?' thou be carried with the fwingeand fwayofthe place where thou liven, to uphold by a boiflerous combination , lewd- neffe and vanity, toprophane the Lords Day , to (come Pro- oppole the Mini aerie, and walke in the broad Way ; In a word, if thou doeft as the moil l doe; thou art utterly ItaSr! u vtoltbuearlitlisi,nint undone for ever. But if with a merciful violence thou bee ter paucos angu- pulled out of the world,by the power ofthe Word,andhap- faarcesvinamonact: pily weaned from the fenfuall , infenfible poilon of all bitter- 14110 de Temp. fweeteplcafures ; and fellow fhip with unfruitfull works of Sera. 64. darkeneffe If by handing onGods fide, and hatred of all [aye wages, thou art become the Drunkards fag, as David was, and a by-word amongft the formes of Behd, as was lob; If the world lowre and looke fowre upon thee for thy looking towards Heaven, and thy good-fellow companions abandon Thee,as too precife ; If thy life be not like other men:, and thy wayes ofanother fafhfon,a8 the Epicures of thole times B 3 charged

.Generalldirdlions far charged therighteous man, when thebooke of W ifedome was written ;, Ina word,if thouwalkefl in thenarrowWay, and-beone of that little flocke, which lives 2M011g,ftWeiVel, Luke fa,2 fo ;. and therefore muff~ needs belittle fo that by all the Leopards, Lyons, and Beares about thee, I meant all forts of tmregene- rate men, thouart hunted for thy holinefTe , as a Partridge on the mountaines , at lean by the poilon and perfecution of the tongue ;. I fay, then thou art certainely in the hie way to Heaven. a. If the Saints of Gad bee men of fingularitie , in the fence "have laid ; then away with thole bale and braincleffe cavils, againft thole who are wile unto falvation : What ? cam are ou wifer thenyour fore - fathers ? then all themTowne? rnali perftrepant then filch and Inch learned men? then your owne Parents ? et &cant , (101re Areyou. wirer then your Head , may the .Husband lay, 8ze, .olus Cbrifiiinus es s n Nay farther, to Noah it might have bin laid by the wretches good faciunt. & t s, Artthou kvifer then all the world ?. ( He out Qzare non &cis of thole time alit , eic ? Et to of the height of his heroicall refolution, eafily endured and rum , Cilrarepellas ianu digefted the affronts. and. indignities of this kind: from iaos nrScio quos: millions of men.) But take thou thefe fpitefull taunts , :and. iesl adverfarius - prank , urger, " '-inde them in the meane time , as a Crowne unto thee, and fluod pejus ea advance, forward in thine holy fingularitie with dli fweete exemplo Ch rifti- anoxia firffocat - Chriftianos.. Sdatur, mftuatur, tribulaturanima Chriftiana, &c. Itleo vidquid dicat. Refpondet e. nim, QuidMilli prodeft,quia mod6 mihi ficio remedia & doctor paucos-dies S Egeo hint de ifto fx- culo,et vado adDominum meum,& mittet mein ignem,quiaprzporui paucos dies vim futurx, ;Atm e inoehennas---Ec hoc forte non in platei tibi dicit arnicusJed in domo uxor,aut forte maritus Inc uri fidell,bonz & fan dece?tor ipfius,Si mulier marito,Eva eft vir ugori,Diaboins AUC ipfa tibi En Cli,21.1t ferpens ih `7Vai. 93.p. 201. n Non igitur dubium eft, quin gcneratio prava infenfiftin-,e eum oderit,& vat* exercuerit,infultantes ei: Num tu folus fapisi Num folus to Dco places 1 Num nos reliqui omnes erramti? omnes damnabimur 5 To folus non errasi Solus non dam:1z- ris1 H zee magna virtus fait. Nobis enimhodie impoffibile Bile vidctur, .ut onus fe opponat toti orbi ra terraru,reliquos omnes damnet, tanquam malos,qui tamers Ecclefiam, verbum cultism Dei jaCiant, fe autem folMn.flatuat Dei filium, et Deo acceptum Lutberws. Neque parvum eft dcfpicere irri- dentes et cpprobantes,et falibus inceffentes : at juflos ilie non cant= decem et, vigMti,et cenittm lto- mines,fed et omnem horninum naturam et tot myriad& defpexit.Verifimile enim onanes fliosridere, re. prehendereaCubfannare, & debaccivari: et forteedam, fx poflibile fuiffct, dilacet are voludfe cap 6.Gfr-Tam domeftica erat flrenuitas,ut viani dmerfam vulgar', quam omnes multi- tu;io inambulabat, iret:et ncque time ret, neque fpicaretur ahquid tale,qualc verifimile eft,ignavis ac. cidererquif quandoviderint,multes conipmare, hoc velareen, et bane occafionem fun; ignaviz prztexunt,ae cbcont ,QL,nd egonovum, et fingulare poft silos omnes fadurus cffem advekfarius tarty rnultitudims,et rum tanto populo bellum fuicepturus ? Nurnquid flits omnibus ego adinirabilior effemi Ttbcaz utilitas fora tanta:wn .Qtapd convpdtgn elgitabat,neque sia.aa fun-164, Oern HOM2 2. content

comfortable walking with Ga. 7 1. content andundatintedneffe of fpirit, towards that glorious immortal' .Crowne ,above ; and let thole tniferable men, whofe eyes are hood-winkt by Saran, and fo blinded with earthly duff, that they cannot poffibly difierntthe invifible excellencies and true noblenefie of the neglected Sainti, fol. low the folly of their worldly wifedome, and fwayof the greater part, to endlefre woe ; and thengive lofers leave to talke. 3. Let every one, who infincerity of heart to be faved, everhold it a fpeciall happineffe, and his hyeit honor, to be tingledout from theVniverfall peftilent contagion of3S) "aloe common, prophaneueffe,and the finfn.11 conries ofthegreateft fe erai, thoughnone part; and tobe cenfuredas fingular in that refpetc.t. Neither ad4"7,",taiVfwet, is this a fingular thing, that I now fuggeft ; but it bath Beene than , with the the portion of the Saints in all ages, tobe trodupon withthe :ovad,,74.1.,b.azewired fecte ofimperious contempt, as a number of odde delpited wades re a deadly underlings, whereas indeed they are Gods Jewels, and the ci,,V,7 J37,"11111.$ timely excellent upon earth. Behold faith Ilaiab, Chap,8. I s. UM upon ,Cren.6. .1andthe Children whom the Lordbathgivenme, arefirfigne: v. 8. andwonders in Ili-ad. Iaril ad 4 monfler ;unto's-lowly, faith Da- vid., Iyal71.7. Iam inderilion dady, every one mocketh mee, faith ieremy, Chap. 20.7. We are made, faith Paul, a /f ern,tele *nto the world, and to Angels, and to men, 1 Cor.49. Wee are made as the filth ofthe world,theoffcowring ofall things, v..13. In p zisdflins time, thole that made confcience of their wales, Sunt mukimalE durft nor plunge into the corruptions of the times, and play v3 p'verires Clara*. thegood fellowes, were fcornefullypointed ati4t onely' 131 Pagans, hut even by unreformed Profeffors , Profeffors lc ""iiinetrei: niq qvuii. large, as we call them, as fellowes that affieled a recifeneff u vve,c,er inter efori- efas fob_rius effe, and purity above ordinary and others They . l woPuld minter _orni_cato- thus in. res callus erre, & , inter confultato.. full and fcoffingly fly in the faceof filch anholy one; are res Matherhatico- agreat man, liare,yote are ajaff man, are Elia ,,,, rum Dettill fincc.: .; i '" ricer colerc, et ni- , ' hil talc reclaims & inter rpe&atores nagacium theatrorum noluerit ire nifi ad eccleliam, patitur infulcores ipfos Chri- ltianos, & patitur verba arpera. & dicnnr, Tu magnus, to Julius, to es Hclias, tu esyetrus, tode ccclo venial: in5altant quocunque to verterir, audit hint atque rode verblm afperum. Q;Loci fi timer, re- cedit d via Chrriti Dei.--Qtrando audit verba afpera, uncle fibi habet facere folatiuin, st noncuret 'ger ha afpera, &c. Dicat, [Labs verba audio, fervus peccator 1 Dominus meus audivit, ammonium !lain:. vlaguft. inTjalin. yo. B 4,, arc

CeNrali direclions for a q si f-,-,.pe,-, ,:-are Peter, you comefrown Heaven, &-c . In gaiter- times, if a "i:.'ies,aIl!:`.s.,,t6csolleu.' man were but meerely civil!, ingenious chafie, t(mp erat.e, tree g $-!.'_ 'aliquo 'gel 'MC made a -vord wnd laughing flock! to thofe about him.. bq '""-e"' ' They prefent y faid ; Hee va4..proud,lingWar, befide himfille, er lubticam per- ditorum Y iarn non Hypocrite, d- c. Thus it was, is at this time, and will be to the fctleturi fiLE.)1a,ct 1,1, ,,A riiiculurn ceteris worlds end, that every fligmaticall Whoremonger, beaftly cflicitur. incoiens Drunkard, ignorant Lo.zell, fcoffing Ifmaei, and Selfe-guilty i-gs7efetnfiensgeue-, wretch will have a bitter gird, a dry blow, as they fay, a Hypoerita c,,ea- lcurrill gibe, to throw like theMad- mans fire-brand into the curl appellamr. r vne, , ,.,,ki,i race of Gods people, as though they were a company of ad bmlargl .rt,igern cddelomorcus fdlowes , and a contemptible generation devenizentji cum mccieft:s et bons This, If fay, ever was, and ever will bee , the worlds opinionOF clegetent 5 hIc the yvayes of God. The children of darkeneffe ever harbour ve:ione a bitraeti T-cnneomm con- fuch conceits, and peremptorily pack filch cenfures upon the '17°Itia ad malmn children of light. ttrahuntur,dun3 tz- lia inter litos con- It is fhange I Men are content to be angular in any thing, ttbernalq non-d- -lave in the fervice of God,and falvation of their foutesThey IA fubite veren- till. Nicolam de defire, and labour too, to bee fingularly rich, and the weal, ''''Ym"g"'d"itiil thief' in a Towne; to bee fingularly p Joan.roud, and in fafhion Afinije. Eect aped --- oan. dc u,rfuno, by thernfelves ; to be the ffrongefi in the company to powre awn, 2, in firong drinke. They Ivo ld with all their hearts ;rein hri.- nour alone, and adored above others. They would dwell a-- lone, and not fuffer a poore mans bottle to bee within figlaN: They affcci fingularity in wit, learning, wifedome, valour, worldly reputation, and in all other earthly precedenties but they can by nomeaner endure aloneneffe, and fingulari- ty in vale,ard the Lords fervice. In mattersof Religion,they are refolvca to doe as the moil doe, though in fo doing they certainly damne their owne foules,Mar.7,14. Bafefl coward- linefle, and fearcfulneffe fit for fuch a doome I. Revel. 21,8: They are afraidof takings Gods part too much ; of fighting zoo Valiantly under the Colours of atilt ; of being too bu, fie about the falvationof their .foules ; Jell they fhould bee accounted too precife, fellowes: of an odde humour, and Ongroffers of more grace than ordinary., It is one of Satans drea.dfUll depths, as wide as hell, and brimme-full with the Wood:of infinite foul-es : Tomake men ambitious, and cove- tous

cornitertdIlevalking2j)ith God, tons of fingtilarity in all other things: but in godlincff!, and Gods feryices ; not to futf,:r it in themfelvesAnd to pet fccute it in others. Now in thisStory of Noah, fo highly honoured with fin- gularity.of freedome,from the finfull contagion of thole clef, perate times, and happilyexempted from that moil general!, andgreatet} Iudgement upon the earth that ever the Simile fa w, an Vniver fall drowning ; glorioufly mounting upupon the wings of falvation and fafetv, bothof foule and body, when a world of Giantlike Rebels funke to the bottome of that new Sa, as a florae, or lead, Iconfider, z The =1eof Inch a fingular blAdprefervation which was the free grace and favour of God: But Noah fotsndgrace in the eyes of the Lord, verf 8. . The rcnowne, and honour of Noahs name : in that he ftands heere as the Father of the r new world, holy feede, n1P' and progenitors of Iefus Chritt Theft thcze,,,,r,,,;4, ,r,40,TralS cs,L2C 1.Cr. ' ' variir, ihrp Noah, verf 9. incorrupra,,2: nova 3. The defcription of .Noabs : I. Perlonall goodncile 2, Piefervation : 3. Poiterity. Thefe two latter follow. inmq fcminarium His'perfonalldeteription !lands th! end of verfe 9. A 7 oab v'inurV; eras a jugman, andperp5 in his generations, and Noah walked withgod. Where we finde him honoured with three- noble Attributes , which make up the charajer of A compleate Chriflian : Honefty- 2, Vprightneffe. ,3,- Piety., And they receivemuch excellency and Nitre from a circualfiance of time : In hisgenerations :f which were zmnyandmalad Atque Lim virtu. y tes Noachi dr corrupt. curnftanrii tem. Without any further unfolding my Text coherence and P acrin dependance upon either precedent or following parts, (for carnur patrages are plainer, And doe not ever exact the fautiairtcedlu.cnicaur'nfn length and labour of Inch an exaarefolution, as other Scrip- mulls, non con.. tures doe,) I colic& Flom the firit oint, wherein I finde Lerlf-asti9e1 cum f dectanho p - Gods flee grace to be theprime and principall caufe ofNoah.: minibus, comp. tiffimis, et faculc prefervation, this Note : comp tiffnno. Doll. The free graceand &vont ofGod isthe firf mover run. ang and fountaine of all our good. Confider for this purpofe fuch places

I0 General) dirediomsfor 4 tik places as thefe, r _ere. 31.3.1/0/14.4, Teut7.7, 8, Rom. H )-2', 1 2, 13. /0/43,16. 4/24.2,3. ..Ephef. x .5 . 1, And it muff needs bee fo. For it is utterly impolfible that any finite cause, created power, or any thing out of himicIfe, should primarilymooveand incline the eternal', immutable, increated, omnipotent will of God. The true original' and prime motive of all gracious, bountiful' expreffions and effnfions of loveupon HisElegy, is His d'6,44,4 His rnertosi6e., neplaciturn : The good pleafure of His will. And therefore v skut Deo nihil tohold, that eleaion to life is madeupon forefight of faith., P"'ell sire caufa good workes, the right ufe of free-will , or any created ut incipiat veils , ita at Ipli Deo ni- motive, is not onely t falfe, and wicked ; but alfo an igno. hil poreft ea caufa la ab azter- rant and abfurdTenent. To faynomore at this time, it robs noaliquid wilt fi. Godof his All-fufficiency, making Him goe out of Hi/fi- em mini ',omit felfe , el die caufa, ut ab looking to this or that in the creature, upon which aterno fit,-Triedo His will may bee determined to eleet. The Schoole- men Tom fib, de cox- 1 ,. i. ,i,b, cir ugh oche/wife a rotten generation of Divines, yet are an. divi. cap.3 right in this. Non m Deus rnovetur ab aliqui I. That diflinaion which I Icarne frommy ' Mailer, in re adCX471$ liquid agendum'; ad 4' his heavenly Sermons publithed fince his death, doth leade ahoquin Thus vo. unto aright, and truly enlighten this Head- Ipring of all our Juntas ,, aria in good. 1. Some atilons of gods love unto i i. s , faith he, arefo volendo depen- . deret, quad re in Chrift, that they are wholly /nfended on Him, and His me. ruPar" eft' R4- rat are the onely procuring caufe of them : For example, For.. be. ix 1 Smo dft. ni ,oz:nazi.finutaii; grpiv, :in, tire i, I depends upon Chrift, and his merits ; lo that his ',red. of filmes, id WO action ofGods love unto tom; andyet this ea calla finalis,et, ous Eloodmuff either procure this mercy for iv from god, elle obioaq fed etiam they will never 6 e forgiven ; and this, and the like. love of nnotivaper modil nullum eft ebie- god, U both in Chrifi, andfor Gbrifi. 2 . There are fome o- :1'1'4 plcature' ther atliens of Gods love, which aril "merelyand onely out of effe ratio volendi the abfoliite willof god, without any concurrence of Cbrifis me. alnid, fed Cola fug , t, bonmas, VacqueZ rsts ; eAs the eternal)purpore of God, whereby Hehash deter- s"1°P* 4149' '143. mined to chisfe fome men to falvation : this is an anion of Gods *Maimoil wathi, love metre!, riling out of His abfolute will , 'without Chrigs ..u.s, cap 1. roil:, hali,and leaf-merits. For Chm is a LiVediatour, andall his merits are the ' pied .Mi4fler of God . Iohn RanTells of his love,not the aloft of it Andyet, this love, though littmo,i,,44. it not for Cb,rifi, yet 4 itart ChrVi. .Eph.3a 1 . According to _ ._. ... . Ball, Ser.2. upon . the

comfortable w4lking with God, the eternal! purpofe , whichbee wrought in Chrift Iefits our Lord : that 13 , in regardof the execution of it ; for even thia eternal!purple , and all the aRions ofGods love, which aril from hip ab/aute Mg, are effeUed, andbrought topap in And through Chr 3. W e may take an eftimate of the abfolute, and infinite: frankeneffe of this unconceiveable love ofGod to his,vvhich reacheth from cverlafting to everlafling, by lookingTapia that goodly, faire, fweete, amiable creature delcribed , Eze. chid 16. In the beginningof the Chapter, thee lies molt fit. thy and foule , tumbling in her owne blood, pittied by no eye,abhorred of all ; which loathfomneffe fhould rather have begot loathing, then love : aversion and hate, then aff,ftion, and liking : yet God null:211e doth there profeffe , out of a melting pang , and overflowing abundance of His free grace, that that time was unto Him the time of love : Hee fpred. His skirt over her, and covered her nakedneffe. In a word; after (bee waadreffed , and adorned withGods moll skilful' and merciful' hand , Thee became a molt lovely thing: Firfl wafhed with water , cleanfed fromblood, anointed withoyle ; then cloathedwith broidered worke, fhod with Badgers skinne, girded about with fine linnen, covered with file, decked with ornaments offilverand gold : withbrace- lets uponher hands, a chaise on her necke , a 'elven onher forehead , earerings in her cares , and a. beautiful! Crowne upon her head fedde with fine flower , honey and ogle; Co that fhee became exceeding beautiful' , and renowned through the whole World,for her perfeacomelineffe, even mine ownecomebnefe, which I put upon. her, faith. the Lord God. Vfis : T. All praife then is due unto lehovah , the Author ofall our good, the Fountaine of all "our bliffe , the Well- fpring of irnmortalitie anpl life whereby.we live,and moove, andhave our beeing , our natural' being, thebeeing of our outward flate ; our gracious being, the everlaftingneflz of ourglorious flee. Were the holiefl heart upon earth enlara gad, to the van comprehentionof thia great Worlds wide, neffe

General! direaionsfor a neffe ; nay, made capable of all theglorious and magnificent liodiebt-jaks , andhearty praifes offered to Iehovah, both by all the Militant , and Triumphant Church ; yet would it come infinitely fhort offufficiently magnifyingiadmiring,and adoring the inexplicable myfterie , and bottomleffe depthof this free,independant mercy,and love ofGod, the Fountaine, and fir fl Moover of all our good I Wee may and are bound, tokleffe God for all the meanes, inflruments, and fecond cau- fes, whereby it plealeth God to conferre , and convey good things unto us: but wee mutt reit principally, with lowlieft thoughts of moll humble and heartiefl praifefulneffe, at the Well-head of all our welfare, lebovab, bleffed for ever. We receive a great deale of comfort , and refrefhment from the Moone and Starres ; but weemull chiefly thanke the Sunne from the greater Rivers alfo ; but the maineSea is the Foun- tine. Angels, Minifters, and Men may pleafure us ; but Ie. kovah , is theprincipal. Let us then imitate thole Lights of Heaven , and Rivers of the Earth ; doe all the good wee can with tholegood things God bath given us by his inftru- ments ; and then refleet backe towards, and returne all the glory and praife unto the Sunne of righteonfneffe , and Sea of our falvation. The beames of the Moone and Starres returne as farre backe toglorifie the faceof the Sunne, which gave them their beautie, as they can pc , until' they bee rcfleacd , or determine by neceffary expiration , the Sunnes ejaculatory power being finite : Let us femblably ever fend backe to Gods owne glorious Selfe , the honour of all His gifts , by a fruitfull improovement of them, in letting forth Hisglory , and by continual! fervent ejacula- tions of praife, to the utmoft poffibilitie of our gracious hearts. And here I cannot hold , but mull needs moil jufily com- plaine of the hateful!, intolerable ainthankefulneffe of us in this Kingdome, the happieft people under the Cope of Hea- ven, had we hearts enlarged to conceive aright of Gods ex- traordinary love , and fuch miraculous mercies , as never Na- tion enjoyed 1. Walke over the World : Perufe the whole face

comfortablenralking withGad. 3 &. face of the Earth,from Eaft toWeft, fromNorth to South, 71,et ake not ti "i: which is above one and twenty theufandmiles about, both bid wayes ; and from one fideof Heaven to another; thou (halt h_liorwreadtoupt;obut tio not Linde fuch another illightened Gyhen,as this Iland,where- 'nese wherein, eT in we dwell. OF fixe parts of theEarth, five are not tov_ wanting. I an and in Chriactadome, what otherpart is fo free from theitedy, not reigne of Popery, the rage of Schifme, or the deflroying enewbaehm: Sword ? Or wherebetides doth the G 11 Thine with Each which id nacji met- glory, truth and peace ? Or in what nooke of' the World are there fomany faithful( Soules, whocryunto God day chi; :leY) 6:11":reit beams himfeifi n- and night, againfl the abominations of the times ; for the "' ", Rl.'ich is prefervation of the GofPell ; that Godsname may bee glo- mai boot:144y. rtouflyhallowed, His Kingdome come, His will be done in everyplace, and themfelves ferve him with truth of heart ? And yet weare too ready, if wehave not the height of our defires,andour will to the full, in (leadof patience,teares,and prayers, which beft become the Saints ; to embitter all other bleffings,_ and to dilcover mat horrible unthankefulneffe of them, by repining, grumbling, and difcontent ; Iam lure, by notrejoycing (as weought) in every good thing,which the Lord Our Godhad) given onto urs ; and by not improoving the ex- traordinarinefle of His mercies, to our more glorious fervice of Him and more humbly and precifely walking before Give me leave therefore in fhort,to revive and refrefh your memories, with reprefentation of fome general' heads onely of thole innumerable fpeciall favours, with which Gods merciful' hand hath crowned this Kingdome, for the flirting up, and enlargingour hearts, to the cntertainement and exercire of this molt neceffary, and molt negleeted du. tic of praifingiehova. And here, wee of' this Nation may a great Beale more juilly, and sightly fay, than the French Chronicler, in the Preface to his Story, That )ve have livedii a timeof Miracles : our Pofteritie will hardly beleeve the wonders done in our dayes. Was it net a miraculous mer- cy, that filch a glorious noone tide of the Gofpell as wee have enjoyed all our life long, fhould fpring out of dar., kelt mid-night ofdawned Popery, which unhappily feized upon.