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comfortablewalking with God. 151 Imeo...../* popifh dawbing, or goodly pretence wbatfoever, it is fit cur fed and damnable. I. The °Wed , whereabout the action is exercifed, mull be qualified according to the rules ofReligion. Almef deeds, and Doles ofcharitie, are fweet and acceptable facrifi- ces unto God. But amongff other cautions and confiderati- on s to fcafon them, the parties that are tobee made partaken thereof, are tobee tingled out with all godly difcrction, z. The true wants of a religious Profeffor,fhould in the firft place bee theprincipal! and molt mooving objea , to draw bounty from a truely charitable heart : according to that, Ca- lat. 5, 10. e4 wee have therefore opportunitie, let fo doegood unto all men , efjiecially onto them who are of the botofhold of faith, 2. In the next place, the lame, theblinde, the ficke, the aged, the trembling hand, or any that God bathmadepoorer. 3. Any whofoever in a cafeof truenecefft tie andextremitie, whatfoever the partic bath beene before : for therenot the man, as it were, but thecommon fate ofhumanitie is relie- ved. But now, if for incha purpofe, thou makeitchoife ofa flurdy begger, idle * rogue, canting companion, the fbarne 714;1°744* and plague of' this noble Kingdorne ; thou doefl not only deprive thy felfe of the comfort and honour ofa trulycha. ritable.decd ; but thereby incurreft agreat dealeofguilr, by incouraging and nourifhing idlenefle, filching, many ftrange unknownevillanies ' nay even an execrable irreligious Paga- nifme in filch lewd, lazy drones, unprofitable burdens ofthc earth, and intollerable caterpillars of the Common-wealth. ForPith (faith a worthieDivine) as tame begging into an eArt andoccupation, they areby order to be compelled to roar for their maintenance, which is the belt¢amdgreateit alma. The objeaofthy fpeciall, intimate, and deareft love,Inuft bee the Chrifrian, even the pooreft profeffour of Religion, not the compleate Carnal& , or most magnificent World- ling. 3. Thou mull alfoTooke unto the matter, elfe all may bee mard. For inftance : The matter ofthy bounty and be- neficence, mat bee thine owne goodsgot lawfully not fo ; L 4 wetly