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comfortabkwalking witi God. is... the heart fpiritually merry with incomparable fweetneffe, and he addeth no forrow with it. 3. Of dignity and divine temper. Carnall joyes have for theirfoundation the fading arme of flefh, and the fafhion of this world,. fraile and fleeting as thernfelves ; earthly power and policy for their prop and fupport : For their Objed, the Garbage of the earth, Gold and Silver, foode for fvvinifh worldlings ; noble captivities,guilded fetters,' meanc, unde- ferved dignities,bonoursioffices,greatneffe,andhigh-tomes, theonely aymeof ambitious Shebnaes ; the filth and froth of brutifh pleafures,fewell for Sodomiticallflames,and fuch like trafh, pelfe,and vanity : For their companion s,feares,jealou- lies, guilty gripings : The fences for their feate : Time for their limit; for their end,endleffegriefe and horrour ofheart: Forall earthly pleafare determines in heavineffe, as the Simile lets in darkneffe. But nowon the other fide; fpirituall Toy is the bleffed Spirits Tweet and lovely Babe, grounded upon the fare Co- venant of everlafting Love, Mercy, and Peace in Tefas Chrifl : Thematter of it is the light a of Gods countenance, 0:223 im the Garments of falvation, the precious Robe of Chrifts cund us , quam righteoufneffe, intereft in his dearth Blood, and all the rich jniip.irterchoentcniii.;.. purchafes of his Paffi on ; lookingupon our names in heaven tioiquiim Yeritaitis through the glaffe of' lanai['Nation, Gods holy Image renu, errervoerial°;ecriar ,ed upon our foules, and the illuftrious beames of heavenly tio, quam tant°- graces flied from the Throne ofGrace and ihining there;eve- rum rvectima ry fweet promife in hisbleffed Booke In a word,Iehovic,Ifa. major voluptas 61.IG. Hoibakkuk 8. WU+ 4. and that glorious Name ?put votapitdailni, proclaimed, Exod.34.6,7. a well fpring of unipeakabie re_ quart, rem,: toti- frefhing to every truely broken and bleeding heart ; being us co us, well openedby a feeling and 'a fruitftill meditation : Formea. tast,,cisiem contei- fare, it is immeafurable, without bound or flint, and paffeth vita riNecfer:: qua all underflanding, no firanger doth intermeddle with it, nei- puortis tinlor 71s ther canany man poffibly conceive it, but he that enjoyes ir. cluNatiocnagenia: quad demonia expellis, quad medicines facis, quad revelationer petis, quad Deo vivis 1. Ha voluptates tanaz per. :pmerun z:, & Tneal.1,b. delPetfataap49. Sofpitate Dominus moarentes erigit : quia Eleaorummeus IngrIntis vital inrantal ieei de certitudine trerpx 141c0s hioaps. Job ost 3 '7