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The E De4ic4torie cmeatc=4, .manimmme.sId 11,, F-orn every heart truely found to olr great Lord in Heaven, and His Royall Deputy our higheft Sove- raigne upon earth, a great deale of reverence and love;I fay,thoughanyofthefefeverally,might exaCt fromme, more exact & able demonftration of the thankefull devotions of myheart:yet,my Lord,(and you maybeleeve me) there is another thing betides al thefe,which was the ftrongeft,and molt predomi- nant motive to quicken me to this Duty, and Dedi- cation ' even your fincere and invincible affedion to the Gofpell of Terra Cbriff, His faithfull Miniflers, and mott precious Wayes. And this,to tell you the truth, is farre the faireft, and moft orient flower in the Garland of all your goarinefre, and incompara- blyabove all your greatneffe, wereyou advancede. wen to defert;nay,to the highefttop ofal earthly fe- licities,and mortal honor.For howfoever the world ever betide it felfe in point of falvation, and flarke blind in the right apprehention of Heavenly things, doth doteupon guilded miferies, flinging vanities, t lize. JuItottungolden fetters;and wickedly deemesapurfutteefpuri. nmPh" deride- tur : gum ab hujus ty s tg of thehe ° ht fill y. .yet I can affure you in the Word munc ipieutibus, 0 puritahtis virtus,fa. flife and truth;the richeft,and rareft confluenceof tuitas crediture all humane happineffes3the molt exquifite excellen- Greg. Ow cap.12. lob. e4r46. cy, and variety of thegreat&worldly pompe and fplendOur, that ever the Sun faw, fence the firft mo- m&of its creation or (hall look upon while it fhines ..._, -in Heaven, is but cluft in the ballance toone graitie 6 Et quid clivithabf t & lrace; it is but bdung to an humble mind,faving- E= cascultr, f aaAlti lightncdwith a foretaft,but of the teat glimpfc Alt itercora !eta. EA ddigentibus cifthat incomprehenfible,endleffeglory which 'hall '''".01 fhortlybe revealed: It is all in the truevaluation,but a 4.