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68 Jnftrttflioiu for aright comforting Secl:. 1 • of all perfecuted patient Profeffors, I 'Pet.4.14. A a.;. 41. Job 3· 36. (So that they infinitely mitle the malicious Marke, their revengeful! humours would gladly hit, the hurt and heart-'breaking of thofe, they fo cruelly and cunningly hunt with much rancour and hate.) And not onely fo, but moll: certainely hereafter, if they dye not like drunken Naba!, and their hearts become as fiones in their breafl:s, upon their Beds of death, they will all, though now paffing·from them, with much bitterndfe of Spirit, and without all remorfe, turne into fo many envenomed fiings, and byting Scorpions, unto their own confciences,and gnaw· upon their hearts, with extreamefr horror. u. The whole Cl1.~rch • II. The whole bo?y of the militant C~urch.;, praycs 41oaintlluch JOyne all as one man With a fl:rong concurrent tmpor-:- >;) tunitie at the Throne ofgrace; and with one heart and fpirit confrantly continue there, fuch piercing prayers · againfr all O:ubborne impenitent ftorners ; all incurable, implacable perfecutors, as the people of God have beene W<;>nt to poure outinfuchcaf:s, as .Lament. ;. )9. &c OLord! thouhaftfl.eneny wrong,judgethou· my caufe. Thou haft {cene aft theirve geance, anda!! their imagi "ations againft m~e. Thou hajl heard their reproach, 0 Lord, and a!! their imaginations againft mee., The lip.r of thofe that , rofe up ttfamft mee, t~tnd their de- 'Vije againff mfl all the day• . !ieho!d their Jittin._f. down~; and their rijing up, I am their mujick.f. R..fnder untiJ them -a recompence, 0 Lord, according to the wor~ of /. . their handJ"~ (jive them .forrow of heart, thy curfl untiJ · them. p erfecute a·nd de;1roy t,hem,. in a~l(er, from under the heaven.r of the Lord. Now I would not bee in that Mans cafe~ againfl: whom,Gods'peoplecomplaine t·1pon good ground at that jufr 'and higheO: Tribunall 1 . 0 ne halfe boure; for the imperiall Crowne, and comt:nand 0f all the Kingdomes of the earth :,. for who l<nowes, whether ju!l at that time, the righteous Lord for· bis. Children's .fake,, and· fafcity may r.aine upon fuch