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~ ~++~~~$t~~l!*'t~u£~~;i~~r~r~t)*t't~1~~~2-­ !.'iiNSTR VCTIONSi, \! For a Right comforting t!. i + ~ i C!AFFLICT6V .£ ; CONCIENCES: f • • • • iVVirh rpeciallAncidoresagainfl:t . i . fo1ne grievous lTemptations. . i · ""'-, ..,. + . ~ . . ~ . . i Delivered for the tnofr part in the LeEiure :t i at K E T T E R. I N G in N orthampton/hire. · 3: • •• • • :t; By R o BE R T BoLToN, Batchelor in 'Di1Ji:·Jitie,: ·i and Preacher of Gods Word at ~ R o u G H 't oN in £· • the fame C o u N T 1 E, • :, t + • ._; The third Edition, ., divided into chapters, with a TAB L E :t · ·~ o+ the. -C oN T E N 't s anne_xed. + · • 1 ~· • + • + - ~ ~ _t · fl .,"~ e 1 ·_. ·~ ~ ~- +-~ .~___,_ ____ _..... _____ _:,_ ., . .... ~. LN · + ~· . . . · 0 . DON, · • + :~ Pnnted by Tho. Badger, for T Ho.- WE A v E ~· · : .... ~. . 1640 .· . A.., ~ • .. "'r' ~*~wtt~T~tt~~~~itttt~t~ti

t+++++++++++++++++++++++++t++ +~·~~~~·~~ .. ~· : · ~$?$®®®@){~$$®'®: ++t+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ TO TfiE HOat~O\lRABLE . An.dVV orthy l(nigllt, . S.. 1S..!Jhert :r,'-arre, Gentleman · of the Kings Bed-Chamber, &c. all Holy wifedomc: ro w~lke in the way to eternllll Blij[e. SIR, wg.e::~Our extraot·dinary approbation,· .. and · acceptance ofmy-Dfteetions ·: for rvalking -with God~ · falling in- _ . to your hands , by Gods good : =. ~§;~ providence., I know not how; ac... . <:ompz nied with fuch noblecircumfiances>'and . exprellions of much undeferved refpettto the · Amhor; but efpecially of your affeCtionate : love to the * glariOU1 Gojfell of the bleffid :c 0 D iC Tim.-!.,I.r; •. (farre clearer to every· gracious heart, which tru.. · ~y y cfies the rr,yfierie, and mercies of Chrift · m 1r, then it's deareHbkmd, or wbatfoever is . moH: dC'fireable under the Sunne, or adri:lirecf: moft amongfl: the Sonfles of men,) bath en... · ~ , 4·, cou~g~dj

THE E.P I STL E ____________c.,_,_ __ -- - ---- ----- conraged mee .at this time, to take tbe bold~ neife, to prefent rhis prefent Treatife more immediately, and by fpeciall interefr into your owne hand. And I am the farre better' pleafed ·with my choife; .becaufe I a matter of fin gular comfort, and·fpeciall confeguence, to have an hand in diverting the eye of any, that attends upon earthly Majefl:ie, from too much gazing upon the .outward ilh.t.flrious fplepdou·r, which is wont to glifier in the Courts of great Princes; to the admiration, and embracement of rhe glorious, aJ?.d everlafiing·beauty of the Lord le[ as : "'n ·refpeet whereof, all thefairefi beames of felicitie and joy, which f11ine from the mo.fl orient Imperia:Il Diadems, th:l.t Crowne the face of the Earth, are but a Moate of darkneffe, and Lumpe of vanity. And that for divers reafons ; I. Eirfl:, Such as ftand in the prefence ofmightie Kings, are , or ever !hodd bee, men of ·greatdl: patts, def:pefi undedl:andi"gs, arid moft eminent abilities every Way : WhiCh being happily fan&ified hy a .fruitful! influence from Heaven ; and by the hdpe of :.he Holy Ghofl:, bent to the right epd, and fpent u"Pon the 0 bjeCl:s, they ought ; become glorioufly fervice2ble to the King of Kings; proponionably to their native excellency <J hove .Ordinarie gifis, and tht: vulgar fort'Of {ufficiendes. Great endowments, in what·kind ·faever, guided by a divine hand, in their fxerdfe and :1gitations, doe ever, a great deale of good. To give Infiance, and not ftirre fror:n the

DE DlCATOR~I E. ----------~---------------------- -----~~~~~ the Court: The Lord of Heaven vouchfafed, r o Ring lames, of f~n~ous memory, and On~ ' of the Learnedfl: Prmces, that ever wore a -.:. upon Earth, fa eh a firong and enlar-. -. ·; o-ed underftanding, that we ihould have mag~ ~ified it as admirable, even in a private man. The fat~e good h~nd of prov~~ence in ~reat Mercie diretl:ed 1t upon the ftght 0 bJetl: > even the defenfe of t~e _( b) holy Trttth ~four (b)Bur as for the ho~ bldfedly ~eform.ed Reltgton, and defirutl:1on of ly r:u.~h pro!ctled by t...AnttchrtJftanifme, thataccurfed Hydra of all myfel·c, and rl~olc _?f d . · f1 . c. b ·I . rhc reformed h eln~t- Hereftes; an notonou y mramous? ot 1 to en, &c. rJn" Jamct this and the other World, for hornble Maf-J\.e:nol"i/1. pag;. 176. facr~s and (e) murtherino- of Khgs. Where- ·(') Be!t<~r E!ld..e JJla- ' o . . m. 10ham,es, Suarc·z, upon, befides that, Hee hath by hls Pnncely BecanuJ' Mariana' Pen given fuch ·a deadly wound to that Beafl: w;rh fuch Monfiers, f ' · h . H . l'k 11. d reach the DoBrinc o. Rome", t at ee. IS never 1 eto Han . upo.nof Parri"cidcsJb.p.q, . Hts foure legges agam: He hath alfo left m H1s rfany excef!t,a~:~fap; learned .Labours fuch an immortall monu- theft "tire bat prlv~te . ' . . . . . l Doctors: Heare }(Jng rnent of Demonfiranve light, and mvmnb e lames aftmvard:lf the J?emonffrt~nce againfr that b}oudy fuperfiition; PvFC doth nor ap• . h. 1 · · r. d d · ill fl: P 'ove , and like rhe t .. at am penwa e , lt w · proove a mo pra:ti"c of ·King kil.. : · . · hn~; wherefore· bath ~ot his HolineiTe impofed iomefevere cenfurc,witll a feare(ull!rowne tt?on the Booke cf Mqria11a the Ie(u~re (by whom Pnricides arc commePdcd, Nay , highly.ext ,J1ed) when Hi5Ho'ine!fehath been Dleafed ro ca:Jm (o 1 eo· her of Marianarr Books 1\gain, -wherc:toredid His Holmelfe advife himlelfe ro cenfure rhe drc· ee of the Court of ·Parliament in P 11.tiJ a~ainfi lGbn ChlljlefJ? Wherefore _<hd he fuff.·r arnet an,1 O!dtorn, my .P >wdcr min::rs ,both by Bovksand Pietures, vendlbleunuer hi ; r;ofc in Rome, to bee inrewled in the Canon of holy M2rryrs? And when he faw twogrear Kmes murdered one ~ftcr another; wherefOre by fomc pub];ke declara tictn.iliJ 11bt his Holrndft> tcllifie to at! Chrillendo•lJe, his inward fenfe, and et u~ apprehcnfcp of fo great mi1/orrune,as all Europe had jufi caufe'iolamenr, on che behalte of Fraqce"? Wherefc, ,. cid nor his ~ol.mcffe publi!h forr;e L:iw, 01 Pof1tilici:. ll ~ecret', to.providefor the fr~urity of KiA~9 lll ·tJme :o::fl r!'(l ~ IbiJ pag. U1..· u.~. Sec Rift-or. Je/ult put out by LNmH. Whercm. you may fee Ch< i t>Joody bcha Viour inmany kin,::-domes. . · Soveraigne

~·------------~=-~·--------4---=•c====----=4 THE EPISTLE (~)The _.migh,ty wa~- Soveraigne (d) prefervative and a ~ightie mo.. l{}ng of1\pzg James htJ • . f . 11 . h ' . f Jr. workcs up6n tl;: Ad- tlVc, :me nronger t an a mountame o Brane, verforit~, u intimated to keepe all His Royall Pofieritie, which !hall ~trd(J ~_u;thePrcface hertafi:er fucce.ffively fit upon His . Regall before hu works. . . • They l<nke upon ~is Throne, to the Worlds end, ma thorow umMaje!lics l~ookcs, as verfall and everlafiina deteftation of Poperie. men looktng llpoR h ;' h ., 0 , f ·d l Bla-zjngstarm, with C, t at great glmy o Prance) an t 1e amn.emenr; rearing whole Chriil:ian World, was bountifully enthey porrc_nd feme riched from Heaven with finaularitie of lear~ :llrange rhmg; :md . . o . • brimg with .them a nmg, and PolerniC:lll Parts:; wluch bemg turc:crr:tineinfluem·c, toned the right way have happily rroduceda worke great c!1angc Ji'1 . r. h ? Al. • 1· · · d r 2nd alccrarionmthe Pan ~~atJa, lllC Vl~..<LOrtOUS Vo umes, an 10 ~~rM : Neirrer i~ unaniwerably Triumphant over all Popifh !11etr e~petiau6 here- Sophiil:rie · that not all the IeflJites in Chrim dccetvcd; Fot: wee ' J,ave rccne wirh our fiendome, though they fhould take Hell afrdh, e~cs thc.op~rarionof for fome new rotten diil:inctions to uphold Hts Matdhes Works h · ._ . ' b ' bl in the Confcicnces oLt e1r tottenng Ba ell, iliall ever be a· e to re"' their Men!ofa~re,as ply to any purpofe. Gna{hthe teeth they may from thm 1~1ghefl: with o-riefe and ihame enough · raile like the Conclave to tht n low- o . ' <;kl Cells, rhere have vaifal5 of the (e) great Whore, imprdfioned · beene rh~t have been with the impudende of her forehead, and lie converted by them. · 11. H' l · 11 c ffi Bijhop of winto11 , a~~l~lu lm vo ummouuy ; But ror any po 1- · (t).Rca:e~r9.~.. b1hne of a found Anfwer, they muft alllef that alone for ever. As on the contrary, great parts .empoyfoned, and mif-imployed, plagu~ extraordinarily. The greater fufficiencie without grace, is but a iliarper fword in a madder hand. Hatred to goodneife, and height of Place', attended with capacitie and cunning, . worke a World ofmifchiefe. lulian·, the Apo- . Hate, being an Emperom· of admirable eloq~uenc~, and e~'\Ct learning; \Vhz.t horribk · worke-:

DEDi CAT ORI E. worke ~ What hurt and havocke did he make in the Primitive times, amongfi the people of.(f) Take policy a~ iris God ! The Iefuites at this day, brought up in now a dayes ta~cn by · · · fl' d ( f)M. h' 11· · common pllra1e of var~enc o lterature,an ac taveuum myfpeech:-As we fay, fienes, become the grand Impofiours, and Im- ~hat a right Pol!titian Poyfoners of innumerable Soules. the moll: 1~ a ve!'Y Machlav~J > • • 1 ~ . ' _ -lolt maybe fa1d, notonous Incendtanes, -and Auafins., that ever rim in Politicall go,. the (g) earth bm·e: fHch (h) murtherers of vern~eAt, or Machi · · ( i h ,,I' l · ,.{' ave!I1an p:...!JCy, none Prmces, ) Bute ers oJ peop e, Frters D.J States, goeth beyond the :e- . fuiis at this day. Deucord. .ff!.!Jndtib, 3· Art. pttg:64, No, no, their coar(e af life dcnh !hew what their fi~tdy i·s: and howfoever they boaft of their perfetlions, holindfe,meditations and exerciles; yet tlm platforme is heathedlh,tyraanicall, :md able to f'et Atc!ine, Lucian, Machiavel, and the Devill himfdfe, in a fort, to School e. nid. ~odlib. ;·.Art.;. pag 6 z.. The le• fuits managem:mera more Machiavellianly, than Mathiavcllbimfe!fe: An[wer to the Jc(uittd Gent. p~tg. 70• .l efuites arc f, rhers ofmifchiefe,fi iends to rhemfel ves, bcnefatl:- QUrsto feditious perfons,Mafiers ofMachi:n•elltfme, Tr~ycors to England, and to their Prince. An an(wer bJ one of MY Bret!Jren, a Secular Pmfl, to Blackwels fetter ,written ts Ct~rdi11ali Cajeran. I5'96'. CircaMed. (gl Thdc:ruites are to bee marked out forthe mofi malicious,traiterous,and irreligious CalumniatQrs,that ever lived on earth, un· . worthy thateverthe earth fuould beare them. ~llodl-4-Art. ~ p. 99. (h) Bur M.ariana likes I.Jctter ,to have a Tyrant poyfoned by his Chaire,or by his App:trel,and RQbes,afrer ·the example of the Mauritanian Kings; that )Jc:ing fo poyfoned only by fem,or by con ~ tatl, He may not be found guilty of Selfe-f.lony, and the Soulc of the poore tyrant, in the fl1ghr ouc of thsbody,may be innocent ofthef.tB. 0 Hell hou:~ds ! 0 Diabolieall wretche~ ! 0 infernal!Monfters! How long then? How long f1ull Kin~s, whom tbc Lord hath called his Artnointed; Kings. the breathiNg lmagcs of G~d upon earth; ·Kings·, that with a ivry, or frowning looke, are able ro C<U!h thefe earth wormes in pie· .ces; How long lhlll they fufrer this viperous brood (cot-free. and without puni!hmenr, to fpit iK their faces? I(jng]awes Rtmon(t. pag.n7. Sttch is the Religion of the le Renrend Fathers, the PJilars of the Pontificall Monarchy. l.n comparifon of whofe religion and holinefic, all the impiety that ev« was pra:iifed among the [nfidels, and a'll the barbarous ctueltie_,that ever was perpetrated .amGng the Can b~ls,may p,:dTe ber.ccforth in the Cbri!lianWorld for pure Clemency and humanity. Ioid p11g.s3r. Aduc Reli!;ion of the leluices:-for to fpealce rruch; To deafe in Stare -matters,and to pra.. chfe the cc:urh o' Princes, are a-s dfenrinll parts of their function, as their confdlion it felfe. Je[r1 ea tech. Lib. ;. cap. q. ~ i ) Tantum Rc/igi11 pt1tuit [ulldere mtz!lrum. But what would he hned0ne, if he had lmownethe M1lfacre of Frtmce ; or the PowdcrTr~afon of Eng,land? &1. They make the caufe of Re!Jgioa dcfc:end, to the execrable achomof munbc:ring of Princes, butcheryof people1and 6ering of States. Sir 1r,nci4 B'con, eflay·of l(eli(ion,

... THE .J3 P I S T L E ; and Blowers up of Parl~aments _, as former· ·Hifl:ories never heard of. Thus, when men of Phte, a·nd imployme~t, mighty and:reniatt<e ..: a}Jle ih the ·w?rld, 'improove the utmofr pof~' fibilities of their Wit and Arr) :of all their Naturall~ and acquired Parts,- to ferve '-their owne turnes, and attaine -their private· ·ends i to rife, reve:1ge, · gro\v .rich ; ·o.r ·more imme... . iliately by- fome .fpecia11 fer¥ice ; to' advance the Kingdome of d<uke.neffe, __ aqd. dominion, of · v1 ntichr. R ~. 0 the Luciferi'an pride, the injufiice~ the crudtie, the Machiavellifme; the putting of faire pretences upon pdlilent. Plots ; the drowning of innoce11cy in ·the Depths of State ; the craftie and .mercileffe: prdfures of Gods People, and thofe, ovet whom they domineere ! It is ·then aworke o~ great Weight and W orthineffe, to winne a · great man-to the wayes of God. Hereby the common ftate of goodnef-Ie is p1ightily fireng--; ihened; and which is an equall happindfe, the Devils fide goes downe, and Belials · the head. For according to the eminency of his Gifts, and grearneffe of Plac~,is the ~xcd~ lencie of good; or exceife of ill, that He dorh~ It were to bee wi!hed therefore, if God fo · pleafed, that -all the incurable, aPd 1mpla.. cable· enemies to the grace of G o r.- ~ goo.d men, and ·power of godlineffe, we1t' Dunces and Fooles ; that they might cot bP::' a.hle to fn:mage their malice and powet\ wic:h [~:;eh Depths and ·dexterity, to the mort. dar:gerous ur.der~

-~4----~----~----~----------------~~ ' DE D f CAT 0 R l E. ~ennining of 'th,e Kingdome of ChriJl ; . and _,~~~~---­ their own~ more defpera~e rilin~, and greater damnation. ·z. Secondly, Great men are (ubje?t t9. great Tetnptations ·, AQd therefore; it is the h:u·der Tas~e, a'nd mor~ ]:fopourable Triumph to turne therri o~ 'Gods fide. ; Had not an All-mightie hand m:ifiered the temptation, fieded his Faith ; and reprefented ·t-o his eye , the .matchldfe gl01y of an immortall ~rowne ; . Mofes · had never beene ahle to have _part~d with . the magnificent fiate, and pompe of J?.htt;raohs Court: .wh~re Hee might ·have wallowed in .varietie of all worldly delights; .and to part, with His affiiCl:ed Brethren, of a World of ll}iferies, in a vafi and roaring Wildernej{e. There \Vas never carnall man fince the Creation, but in Juch a Cafe \vould'have followed the Court, • and forfaken Gods .people. Heffer, a weake 'yY oman , could never poffibl-y have holden out, againfi the fury of fo mighty a Favourite, the hazarding of Her high place, · the favour of fo great a King, atid even life it felfe ; had Shee nor beene upholden by_an extraordinary firength from Heaven. No great Woman~n the World, vianting Grace, would ever have runne fuch a hazard: but have {hffered the fervants of God to finke, or fwimme ; ~that Shee might fwimme downe the Current of the ~imes without ,Croffing, .and enjoy l he t:ref~t without perill. It was afore'temptatlon to Ionathan, and a very cutting Dilemma : Either) ' ·-·""';:

!HE EPISTLE Either, leave to adhere to David, or refolve t<> ·lofe a Kingdome. But the hope of .an earthly Crowne,could-not }:lire Him to hbld His peace, and betray the innocencie of His heavenly Friend : J nd /.(}nathan a~{wered Saul hii Fa~ ther, and faid unto Him, Wherefore {hall Hee bee jlaine ~ what hath He done ~ The dread of dif: countenance from two angrie Kings, whofe indignation is as the r"Oaring of aLion, was a terrible Motive, to have made Michajah temporize: (not a Server of th,e Times, and His owne turne in theWodd, but would in this Cafe have tuned His Pipe to u1 habs pleafure~ .efpedally_encouraged ·by the flattering -concurrence of fo many falfe Prophets). But the fight of_ the mighrie Lord of Heaven and Earth fitting upon Hi~ Throne, and allthe Hoft ~f Heaven ftanding kY Him , infufed fuch ~m holy f01titude into the fpirit of this Man of • Go n ; that no greatneffe, terrour, or Majeftie of any Crowned Potentate, could poffihly . dam1t ·His courage, or dafh Him out of countenance : 'And therefore He an£\vers with a refolution, as high as Heaven, and out of a faGred pung of feraphicall zeale : eA s the Lord ,Lirveth, wha~(oerver the Lord faith unto mee, thtit will I ffieake. So that Hee may difcharge a gootOConfcience, and 'doe as·God would have Him, He·is at a Point. That Meffage, which the Almighrr had"put into His mouth, mu'fi forth; Th~Hgh it ~xpofe Him ro· a·cenfure of flngijlarity, fov diffcntingfmm .fo many of His owne

DEDI CATORlii.. owne Coat; to a fufpicion of difloyaltie, fot• crofling fo peremptorily the King~ Plot~. to fi11iting, both Wlth the fill: of wKkedndfe, and taunts of the tongue, fi-pm His fellow seers : Nay, though His faithfull dealing thro'v Him into a Dungeon, there to bt;.e fed with the Bread of affiicrion, and Water of affiietion ) untill the full wrath of .an enraged prophane King fall upon Him to the uttermofi:.. Thus, let the World fay what it will, whatever fl.eili and blqud fuggefi t'o the contrarie ; Howfoever unfanttified great Ones fiorme and difdain.e ; yet affuredly, every true Friend to iefos Chriff, mull: bee content farre rather to be difcourted, then defert agood caufe ; or not to defend the innocency ofagracious Man,- though in difgrace ; and to fpeake for Go P s people, though l(aman rage to root them out quite , as a company of fingular exorbitant fellowes, who ferve GoD as they lift, and . keepe not the I<ings Lawes : As is unanfwerably . Hdt 3· s. evident, by the precedencie o£ thefe newly named, Noble, and holy Saints. I confdfe,. this may f~eine precife Doetrine, and a divine ' Paradoxe tb all the great Mafiers of pleafure, and Minions of lpxury and pride; whofe bloud runnes fi'dh in their Veines, and marrow .is yet firong in their b0nes ; Nay, .who having attained the height of their ambitious aymes, f\t ·now alof! in the very top of thei.r unbleffed braverie and o-reatneffe, drunke with the pleafant Wine ofworldly profperitie, I ~

!HE EPISTLE Either, leave to adliere to David, or refolve to ·lofe a Kingdome. But the hope of .an earthly Crowne,could-not }).ire Him to hbld His peace, and betray the innocencie of His heavenly Friend : J nd l.IJnathan a~(wered Saul his Fa· ther, and .faidunto Him, Wherefore [La!! Hee bee Jlaine-: what hath He done -: The-dread of diG countenance from two angrie Kings, whofe indignation is as the roaring of aLion, was a terrible Motive, to have made Michajah temporize: (not a Server of the Times, and His owne turne in theWorld, but would in this Cafe have tuned His Pipe to ut habs plea~ fure; .efpedall)'_encouraged · by the flatteriAg -concurrence of [o many falfe Prophets). But the fight o( the mightie Lord of Heaven and Earth .fitting upon Hi~ Throne, and a!lthe Host of Heaven ftanding kY Him , infufed fuch ~m holy fortitude into the fpirit of this Man of · G o D ; that no greatneffe, terrour, or Majeftie of any Crowned Potentate, could poffihly . damlt 'His courage, or dafh Him out of countenance: 'And therefore He anfivers with a refolution, as high as Heaven, and out of a facred pung of feraphicall zeale : LA s the Lord ,li· 'Veth, wha~(oever the Lord faith unto mee, that will I .ffieake. So that Hee may difcharge a gon 'onfcience, and doe as·God would have Him, .He-is at a P0int. That Mefh1ge, which the Almighty had, put into His mouth, mu'fl: f01th; Th0Hgh it ~xpofe Him toa ,cenf'ure of fing~larity; fop diffencingJrom fo many of His owne

• DE D I CAT 0 RI E. ofpreaching. But if at any time, they heare of a Nathan, Ieremy, t_Amos, Chryfoftome, Latimer, &c. They.-are very loath to lend their atte·ntion, lefi thereby, they fhould be made Melancholicke, put in minde of the Evil! day; and tormented before their time. But if they have _the patience, They are readie to fl:artle in their feats, and whifper One to an other: rote fee now the(e precifer Fellowes WO#ld damne ta all to Hell: Let us breake their bonds a fim~er, and cart aw~y their Cords from us. Such :.tdoe there is,- and 1 world of worke, to bring fuch Noble Bedlams into their right minds; and to · fright fuch Idolizers of their own fufficiencies; and wilfull grafpers of their gilded·Fetters, fi·om their admired follies, and honourable ferp vjmde. 3. 1 hirdly, a gracious Man about a · - · · Royall Perfon" is agoodly Sight; and full well wonh even a Kings Ranfome. ( g) For never (g) Fidi imperat~ribr~ any except himfelfe truly feare the great God mantte, fed ante h• ' , • De1, pro~ter quem & of Heaven, can poffibly bee cordtally, and ijs, qu1brH comm~OiatJ confcionably ferviceable to ·any of our earth- traditi efli~. Nazian. I G d A P · . l r. I d Orar. 1 f., y OL s. rmClp e 10 c eare, an unque.. At qui proPter ve14m 1 fiionable, that no Man of underfl:andino-, and ~;., ft De~m metlf-e: Mafi:er or his owne Wits excep't himFelfe be tu, & _(fudsostdiZIJitU • • ., operam, Nt e;m 11111n· notonoufly obnoxious, can have the £1ce to d.tta {mmu , fote!et denie it. Pleafe .they may bee politickly ~u. etia~ Dei,AHsa '"' 1 fl . 1' d r. ntn. Ehas. p au11 e, atter extreame y, an repre1ent themfelves to ordinary obfetvation , as the onely Men for loyaltie and Love: But if we could fear eh., and fee their hearts, we_e thould finde them then moft laborious to ferve themA · felves, · ·~

.. .· THE EPISTLE fdves; and advance theif'owne ·ends, ·when they feeme mo{f ~ealous fortheir Su<tJerafgnes fervice. LA hitophel, ~ in the Sutine-=ihine of peace, and cahnenefie of the Kingdomes , did accommodate Himfdfe to the prefent , bot!I in Confultations of StJte, and Religious confonnity; But no fooner had this hollow hearted man efpyed adangerous Temp::fi; raifed by LA bfolons unmturall treacherie; but Hee turne~ Traytor to his naturall Lord: vvhen Hee ob[erved- the Winde to blow another way, He followed tl~e blafi:, and fet his fayles according to the weather: Wh~ch made David after c9'mplaine ;, But it was thou, o Mltn, ev.en my Companion; my Guide and Familiar : rVee tooke fweet cotmfe!l tog~ther , and walked unto the .Houfe of Goq·in company. Wherefore let Gi·eat Men) wi~hout grace, profeffe, and pretend wh'at they will ; and pwtefi the impoffibilitie of any fuch thing, 3S J!az~1el did in another Cafe; · yet ordinarily, :('I k'now not what forne one;: morall Puritah amongfi: a · Million ~night doe ) in filch tun1ultuous times, and of univerfa:ll confufion; for the recuring of their teniporall .happine!fe·; which ;without timely· turning <:m Gods fide, is all th_e · Heaven they" are lik~ to have in this V/ or~d, oi<the World t<? come:' I fa~~ , upon a ro·lt)t or great. advanrage, .and advancement -~itlifafety; ·"they~ .would flie from the decli- :nihg,State; and downe-fall of their old Mafl:er; ' !h0~_glv ·fOrmerly.. the t11ighti:dt l\10:l~i.rdi up .· 'L.r ; on

/ DE 1) I CAT 0 RI E. on earth., as from the mines of afalli ng.houfe~ And it can be no otherwife; ·for they have no inter1;1alt .Principle, ot· fupernaturall po\yer, to illighten and enable them to fet their flwulder~ aaainft the Torrent ofthe times,and to be overfl~wne with it. But now, He that truly feares. God,wm1ld rather lofe His high pbce;Nay,his pofl:eririe ; As much hearts-bloud, ifHe had it~ as would animate awhole kingdome;then leav~ His law full Soveraigne Lord,infiKh a Cafe;np-:- on any terms, though He might have even the Imperiall "Crowne fet upon his own head. For confcience,that poore neglected Thing;Nay,in thefe laft, and loo(et' times, even laughed at by men of the world; yet a £lronger tye of fubjetts hearts unro their Soveraignes, than Man or Divell is able to diffoive ; ever holds up his loy~~l heart erett and unfhaken,when all shebnaes, Ha~ mans, anrl Ahitophels, would hide their heads, aud fhrink in the wetting. Which confcience of his, if upon fuch occafion He 1hould unhappily wound;he knows full well, it would follow him with guilty cryes, for his fo bafe temporit ing, . and trayterous f1inking, all the dayes ofhis life. Whereas graceleffe and felfe-feeking greatnes, canwell enough in themean time,conquer fuch . ) clamorous accufatio!ls ofanill confcience, with · the boyfterous exceffe ofcarnall contentments, . even as the Sacrificers oftheir Sons to Mo!och in the fire drowned their lamentable cries, ·with the louder found ofTabrers and Drums. Ambitious Niwreds, are ablt! by the inordinate heae · - :A 2 · aftet .... ,! ,., \'

THE E PISTL. E ==-~·----~---~----------------------------------- after humane greames,to digdl:,and drive away the after-ftings of bribery, bafenes,if n9t clofe bloudihed (their ordinary means ofmoun:ing) with their delight in domineering, and being adored <\hove others. It is a fit p:tffage therefore in our Common Prayer-Booke: That it may plea~ Thee to end;te the Lords of the Councell, and all the NobilitJ'' tvith grace, tv.-(dome, andund;rffanding. Grace is fitly put in the firfl: place: For,un· · derfi:anding and wifdom,without this heavenly jewell, do but prepare their Owners, to doe the greater mifchiefe?To oppreffe innocencie with finer tricks, and more unobfervedly; to plague Oppofites more plaufibly ; to complfle their own ends more exactly ; and at lafi:, for the a.. bufe,& mif-imploymenr oftheir great Parts and Places, in ferving tbemfelves, and not feeking Gods glory,to be damn'd more horribly. With- ·out fanetification by fpeciall grace; the rareft endowments ( 1 ) degenerate : Wifedome into (1 )All vermes wrne craft; (m) Potyer into private revenge·. Valour to vices. when they into_ violence. Prudence into plotting their become the rer·vants ' ' , . r: . of impictie. 1\.· ]&mes owneead:s; Courage mto 10ole-hardmeife, to ~mQ~•fl · par,. ~49: . uphold a Etction; Policie, into plafl:erina over. ( m ) 0 the vamtie £ 1 b r. -11~ • h f . 1 All f~ h of great men , who IOU -e- U11ficues Wlt ~Ire eo OU!S: .o t em th~nke it ~o bee th.e are bafely, & unworthily made fubordmat,and ch,efe frutt of thm ferviceable only to the fetting forward & fafegreatneffe , to abufc ' ' _ their power inrolcntly ,to the ruine ot thrir inferiours .1 Not rcmtmbring (bein~ blinded by their paflion) that they have a S11perror over ·them, to make them ,·celd an acconnt of their un- ]ufl proceedings, forcing tomll\C re!htuti~n with irm:reft! Hi~or, off; a,ue, i1z Lewi& tht tentl1. . . . . garding

DE DlCATOR. I l3. garding _their owne outward-klicit~e. ':Vithout tbis celeftiall Load--fiar, to fieere artght tn all affairs,there wil ever be fomwarping .A great man, a frien1, an enemy· 1 feare, cowardlineffe, affection, faCtion, partialitie, covet_oufne!fe, malice, or fometbing, ·will certainly fway, and tranfport awry. But now,:t godly Ma~,b~fides his prefenc~ (-n) exemplary precedency m p1ety, and prayers~ (n)~i ettw·os digni. which ae ever pleafino- and prevailing with God·, t~te pr~tfl(lt&11!!t~•- · ·1 d' r h fb · Plo · h · . . & h rztau, tlebtt IJUlJtl'fl't· t ;e 11c arge o . IS aceWlt mtegnty · trut ., tiam m Deun: improving induftrioully all opportunities, high cffu!gm., quo .c.eteru f.wours interefi: in great Ones and utmofi poili-exemp~~~ fit·. t:zttuw• " . . ' o ' . coltntii-&divmlt man- .billtie ever.y. w:ty to advance Gods glory, pro- data q•v~t?di. Cyr• mote good ,caufes, protetl: good Men; He may Alcx l&b,~ . mloan. 41fo by obferving the calmnes of aRoyall countenance, ,and openndfe of a Princely eare unto him,wifely and humbly fuggefl: fome things,and fpeake thofe words for the publike good, and good of Religion, whereby not onely a King- .dome, but the whole Chrifiian World may fare the better. Vpon thefe, and the like grounds,' I hold it an high happineffe, and great honour, to have an hand in working fpirimall 'good tlpon thofe excellent tpirit<;, which hold high Roornes, .or fi<nd in ne2re attend:mce unto mighty Princes And ~y this time, you eafily difcerne my drift;, and nghtly :tpprehend the top of my ambition ··· in th!s de~ication: even to doe your Soule good. Whtch ts much more worth than the Whole Wudd, and mufi never dye. To which I conceived a do~e opened, when it pleafed you, in more than ordmary manner, to manifeft yonr liking, . Af' ;md

THE EPISTLE ___.;:..________oc__,-==----,--,- -------- Hcd. 12. ~· and . allow:u~ce of my Iafi: ~oqk:;_, Aqd theref(?re (o)'Tiaretc iis,qr4i pr~- Sir ,I befeech you, out of.tpe gert€ro~Ifnes 0fyour funt vob~ ~ ~~>zmitte nobkdlfp.ofition, to do me thatfwor; nay, thlt Nam zll; v•g,lant p,o- .. h·· -· N h h' c I' I f1 . 1-l' .. animuvcftru;tametft ng t; ay,t at onour~ror10 u1a1 accountlt: prilt6 jam r1 me dinit 1TJ .Ac; not to con<:eive the leaft thouaht, that here'.;y ff/, ne ;wnc qtst· 1· b r;_ ~ · h · 0 r;_ !£ · dem rcttcebs. f-l "iu.J ·go a 011~ ~o Jee~ great t mgs to my J e. .l e; -~ e~im ' ro;~min ;lioniJ_ to ntert:rthe C~urt; than b¥~C0'1tin~ Id tOJ • amMu;ll_ I m!!:_l <Jnce of-my daily hea~dt prayers for the falvatlC911C!Jllt, 0 :ji; .!p.?!l;"" · d 1. c· f l(-. -~- T . d ./d _ d ll. . ~111~ ~ -t cbrf-11 r, on an ne o x ~ Cnar-~, . ~rnY rc;a & ~:tyen S(JClW,~/f~ ~,Y&-7tl.rrni p.:; rz,Jeraigne. I am drawing ap1:ce towards my long T WJ')r/W , . . a · 00 fl.· fl · 1 . b C: , h h. h D-~ ia;erdor.lib. 6 • il~ .t'J.Ome, a · m Ha 1110rt y a.ppeare e1ore t at 1g · r~inc, and Iudge ~. and therefore I cfG"!ire to ~am _,a; vigila1Jt ~r~. tofe no time; butto ply ,all I C~1,-the bufines God lllllf!tt-5 vejl!M, zanqda.b .1 I' b r ·· 1· · r:t:., . · ' d . f h ,r;· raJitMe reddituri Hie - .at 11et m~a · Out,rOff¥1e·H-10ttret~1all;J et.O t e): 'ine exiv_,,ttJ t!bi vi6lc- _fin:~ - and evilld.--tyes ; "that by the mercies of God, I tur c~mmmattanu ter--. - fj· · 11 ..I' · J • d · h ror? equ·ae i !lu, qui'i- may ~~1n1my coune Wl_U JOY; an giVe ~1p t ~t tr!!J fit, vcrbu exprime lafi,and great account, Wlth twor.an4 comfor.t,m ~enonpof-llm.Ib.l.pd the name of Iefus Chriff. Me thinks. befiJd ma;.. - (;·) rr~7T,·f-J~mi:·= ny -other, and mighty Divine .Moi:i~<:'s; th~ttone- · wJ.rn,.:- d.nn',ri .r ;;~!;{.(p~ ( 0 ') -fpeech of chry[offome, who himfdfe many :P~~.»;17:Jf.fl7'-'; ·r ~times· · p11ead~~d ( P) every -Day, and gave a. 'TiJ ,-"~"770V ?rni ~ <:!ZtcRU . - . • ..., • f-1/iTtl.(?~ ft_h. Ei y'-3 >(/ '. , . , , . XJ~>,i.0 <?iJfO bui v•J> :,ieJ nJ,m~ ~p.'iv ..f)s:>..~/blm .f -&iJ'o'J{a'~lf!;, ·~· ~,N C;l~f1V "~:~ · J1'4.1, ~Nr-:f bm~mv _ ~.}\ f ,un:' ~~..t-ivwrnt.i:77l. !!Up.{3~A..J.uo~v. Primam igithY per-juJde;.m~-. IH juramc<lt-9rumfugain meliUJ mmationem (aciat: etfi tmm heri,& nudiufie;-tjzu de hac VD• ' bi.J.JoC/Itr~ [mn materia, nuiJtamenhodie dc{llliZm, neifimu, neti perinde eadem perfrwitre. · Chr. Ad pop.ltnrio'h · ..1\boutrhe begtnnin~ ofbis Homtlic~ upon Gen. Hec teh them 33 times,_atthc: ~afi>tbat .Bui~ Yefterday .l bandltd thi5 /}Y.that, or to 1he like fcn'e-; . :md the !ame Cbryf.preached in the Afcernoone;as ap?Car<!s by thefe words Hop'l.fl .in r•.. a4;,[heff .IJ<!.uma.dmodum fi·qttil t;uu f:ycbntto aq11am a~ugeret.-aut ole!fm d11nta~at exi- · me~ ct,{ucew. i.tingu ~ret~ta habet & aon"mfPiritPA. He q~ok a. refemblanccf:i-or~rtbe L~mp that burnt . by hi111 ,wbw he was prcachmg; and fayc:s, Ys.u may quench thu Lamp b_y_putttng in water and y,~u mr.yquencb it by takmg out the oyle,&c. Aod fO did grear Ba(il a\fo asap· pe:ms by qhc!c wo r{]&. He.zam. Ht)!n.:.. dd fi1t. FatltZ:efi igitur VefPe-ra,&,{atlum efl ·ma~~ ll:e$ ~m!!J.Sed hi nofh·i d~ illa Vafjer~tfer.m.ones?e.b hacve[per~_jam occup_a_ti :hie o;-atzoni no/{.r~ fi,{e iltlpiJiUtnt. And fodtd Auft. dm m1ghry ctJf;Juter;asappe.tres by rhe}u word~ :in Pfa-.-s•. (a.~ Ht. counts) Con.a.. 2,,Jrdreliqu.1 Tfalmi~de CJ:.!IO ITJ-·ltJiltutiRO lo&U!J {U1fll{!5, ani mu i'lttendiit. ( q.) precept;·'

( q) precept for it; and yet profdfeth, that the ( q)vnde & ep~fiopum cdread fulne!fe ofthofe words, Heb ·13 .17. For necef?e cfl, i 11 jiilgutos, the'~~~ ;watch for jour Joules, tU they that muff give ut (i dicam;dic~femen· J . d;d ··fr ok· 0 • • • h. h . tcm face re: ut 1p(a (a f. dccor;rtt, · 1 · n e agre~t~errour mto ts _, eatt, tema(Juetudinedottri· :fhould make all"GodsMtmfkrs refolve, to !foe "~~t, serm~ne_H4 tt_udi· · J • 1r 1 ll. b d . d' · ~ h tormn a111m1 retmere not 1mg e 1e.a mou, ·ut,re:l e, ~1e, preac , poji.l'lt.De Sac:er.liboG .and pray. Wherefore,Nob~eStr,lfuall hav,e my (r)Sane! .An!i&a TJit.s full defirc and utmofi end 1fyou be but pleafed per fe ~ftfl~tus Deo f'la· ' . h I' 11. f h l o ' cens, mterz»J t 11 rsen e[t . ·to make rnee the appy nurument o e ptng vi~.- gemu tubri,u, pe· you towards Heaven; and give me leave to gain riculosu, a~ vari~tapf! thisadvantagp foryoudipirituall aood by your bus obno:uJtm i mquo ~ • 0 • 0 ' _ mult/J {ittnt contr~ love unto ·my Mmtfienall Labours ; that they Crcatore>propter eo~~ may thereby leave a more l<indly and deeper (ervantium bumamun . ~ .. h fi ' f h l {avorem.Jn Aulu pr.c• unpren10ll :m your app;e em lOll~ 0 eaven y cipuc nrgotiu[UJejt Sa. things; and worke wtth more hfe and power, tan;~ bjicit[pectra~if. for a found erection and fure fetlino- of the g~·at~ & (avoru prm. 0 • ' • • • • t3 . c.p.f/u,ut tJ{demexter. Kmgdome of le[us chrtff m your owne foule! riti Atdi&i. omittant y ou fiand in a( r ) flippery place, . tho you frand f ad_enda , & .fi:ciant .. h r f h . 0 h 0 ll. D fc . d f . h omJttenda ~~ rn Au- m t e pr~1e.nce o t emtg tlen e en . er o 1' e t4 c9njtanseft in veri~ true Rehgton, of any Monarch ·under Heaven. tat~co~fiffionc_,& t~· For ,altho Satan ·be mo!l: folicirous .and fiirrino- fiztJ .e ov(Crvam~~z lle . !' , b eandem cum (Jm~IJ 0 0 • • • 0 • ~xper!tur (ortem , qui . rn AulaPontl{i&u & Her1du conwn~tru , tf1u(U4 ·& percuflus [u1t . !J!.!p mettculo/~ ef~. & in gratiam MagnalUIIJ d regula verit.ati& & jufliti.e reccdit , i>fo.cilimei n .tbnegatio1zem' chri.· fti incidu; Gerl.J rd in "-l armo. hill. E v an .- c.~. fn Aula,qvo quu corruptior-mol'ibm~aut cor• yumpcntimo m1merib~, 'tit beatibr; .Saris1 Jur . In ,Poli ;: rar. Bun. was wonno c.ol.riplai rie ; rhat tiJeCourt fcw ved(u&b.&.'rfei'C good,obut made chem bad. Cur a k'~n/Js /fcili~d recip~rc. IJ itam fa,ere con[uewt. p[,trcs m· ea defw([e bonor, quam 'J'Jalos prefw({e preb,;vrmii-So De Con!ld.t.4.c.4 Majorne' effc poteritJPes noflra in Pa!atio • quam ut tt.mici Jmpe[aturu fimH41 Et ibi quid non fragi/g,pfmMm/h periculiJ ; E. t per quot perimla pervenittn ad grandir~ pericu~ l~tm? Augull Conf 1. 8. c. 6, Hosenim i oflls~ quos beavit , per·did;t . 0 How gloriuufly chcn d~tl'l ~Io{ep~. a ]onath11.n, a Daniel, a Mmlcw, a '!'{.chem}ab;an Hcfteraan Eb~d dll(~f~ ~ lhme ma K1ags Court, · . · · . -.A. 4 · in . . . __ J , _ ___,

I' i I . .. .. .. . ' " THE .£ PISTL E in all Places, and now more than ever (the long D1y of Mankind drawing £111 towards an Evenirig ;, and the worlds troubles, and time neere at an end) to doeallthe mifchiefe Hee can pof- .fibly; vet you may l;>e affured, Hee referves hii mofl: defperate fervices, ambuihments, furprifes , praetifes, and Powder-plots; for Kings· Courts :· Becaufe he findes there, an extraordinary . Confluence of Greatneffe, Power, ·Wit, .Poiicy, noblefi: Parts, and other mighty En:.. gines; the edge and excellenqr whereof, if He: . fhail he any wayes able, by iin.provernent of the utrnofr skill, in his old Trade of tempting, to· turne .the Wrong way ; He gaynesfarre more, th:m if Hee ibould winne to His fide fome· n1illiuns of private Men. If He prevaile rhere, He knows hrmfelfe in a£tireway, to make foule worke.; and is ofi:en wont t11er.eupoi1) to impqyfon and plague even a v.rhole Kingdome. For · your fupport therefore,and furer fl:anding iti fuch , . . , a cafe; and th·atyou may trample upon, with an .~ . holy contempt ; and noble difdain,the falfe, ( ~) (s) Deletl_atio D&&idiz durdeffe,pel1i1ent fweetnes ofworldlypleafures, . e:- pr.ele~ilt,. vMtn. era: and vaniibii1a alil1er of all earthly glory· there · wit & traftrm, mz{cru • .1j b . • ' ficit&abiit, infeliccm 1~ no way m the World, but to 1mbrace the rtHdidit & rcl,quit. Lord Iefus, in the armes of your humbled AOJgufl. De Temp. 5 u1 ell fo ( t) · ·h r.- ~erm. 1 , ~id per- o e, ra enout r ever Wit every 1mne, . 'ltlllntt ita pDmine, nip . 'IJuod ttNifcZ•aut legcndo, aurorAnd~, awrbona op4raf4cie'lfdo prn llnim.e}alu teJ in thefaurrt ·IDIJ(denti.e fu.e rec~didtrit? Jnf~!i:J& cnim t.•Biupta<s, in{11!1ic iQr cupidit.u ilf'4 tuxuria, plY tranf#orlam dutce.ttinem pr~parant {em~itern Jtr! amaritudivtm. Idem. Ibid. Sn H· ( e) ]flatfl fitioti, ve a pcznitentia, qtta•1d11 {i& eommtitur quu)ut non revertatur;111an· (!1'.je pamitet~Jtt ~:o.?J rcpetat. Ibid. Sc:m1.. >• _ . and-

and fallen in _ l;~~--~Jbfai~eclly witlt all Godi bldfed, way~~.-· t0r_l,y,fa'ith, and Faith alone,~. (which , how it· is -btought into the heart by the Holy ,Ghofi, you have in the Body of the Book e) we overcome the world, And that in allrefpeCts; Not only in regard of the-furiou~ entiCement", and keene baits·of carnal! delights~, riches, and riling ;-but alfo,ofcomminations o£ crueltieand torture; Nay, of the fringing pro.- vocatiom of contumelies,. and crue!lmockings. May yol:l pleafe to ·take notice of the power; . , and property of it this way; and in what man~ ner this glorious Princdfe conquers, and fets her triuniphant foote upon the necke of the · World,as upon her vanquifhed Vaffall, in two · or three paff.1ges. r. Firft, While as yet the Soule, tho nev~r fo admirably; and univer£11lv endowed ·Nith randl illuminations of humane. Wifedom~, , Naturall,, Morall.,..Metaphylicail Learning, and myfreri~s of State, is wholly· gnided·by the eyes offenfe,and camall rea[ on; it lookes upon the wor~d,. and worldly things;, · as upon the only Parad1fe of fweetefi content.,. ments, choycdl: pleaf(Jres, and chiefdl: Good; of the favour and fruition whereof, it would rather be damned,then difpoffefl:; But upon the King dome of ChriH, and its fpiritmll glory, a<; upon a thing not worthy fearching into, and feektng after; a fower,firitt,and un_comfortable condition; fit only for fome few precife fooles, & thofe,fcorn' cl, contemptible underlings; who underfl:and not the World, but want Wi~ :md . . Art ;) ' ' ' ~ ' .•. , ~' I

THE : . EPISTLE Art, to ;grow ricb. :and rife ; -to .'render them- . f~lves: .~tl:iiarkab~~ ~-0 the eyes o~f men~qpd grearcrpJth_eu· po!l!er~ty~ . But _let th1t glonous Eye of Fal~h .b~_on,cep!anted)n the Soule, and :he Cafe 1s qU1te alt<ered. Thofe former fadmg Lights ofi. ftufct.and teafg~, ari~bfcured by t~e . prefencceX>f·lihl9 J:l~a'-:enly~ ~utm~,- and vamfh with all their-vanities. -Fbr nov\fthis new,beauti-full Larnpe~ .ihining in the face orth~ Soule, doJh rc-prefent to irs ~ppr~henfton, the Worldl [etout ~1grea_t~ft br....wery'- ·~ncl to the uttermoft ,.. )t:ll J 1 . . 0 "'fl worth, as. wornlr·0 ~).·nothing~ as a dead rotten · iu ~i•a,~.e zczeru,c:. o, C 0 • ·D h·'oll c 11 f 111 hr inebrieris;hodie & mu :tnon, a very ung 1 , ru o a oat lOlll- & annos decem & ui- ne!fe .defonrtity and filth. Which heated by ginti & triginttt, & .t. £.' · 'f J:. , o · 1 fi r d . · ,fuinquaginta, & ccn- t-.t.ot.e. re o . mem ntnou~ u s,.ren s uv con~mu~ tu et~am, 9-uod eflim- ally -fuch fumes of,vamty.,. artd hellrfh mrfis ;- poffibzte: 1111~ ft 11ote::~ which unhappily hide their tight from any ponarm~ etzam quzd • r . l f . . . · Nltrll ,entum; ~id ghmp1e at a l, o all that mcomparable be:ume, verolucrAbcri.s; Nihil which fhineth in:the (0Ulltemhce .t)f Chriff · Cbryfotl. in Epifl. ~d , 1 f h · · d 0 L · h 1( 11.-. · na1" Philip. Sen 11 • 1 3. Si or g_my? .t e JOYC$ji ·OVe,WulG _an: eter - ..quu tiivitumiuuiver(i't lyo. But lt now lookes upon the Kmgdorne of mundum polJ!derct' grace,' as upon. a Rock of Diamonds~ ·oro Cry~ . totqut (trr;os li1beret, 11. ll M · h' k. b r · d 1'11. · fi 11 quo~ nunc ino~beter- u.~ · <;mnta!~et lG e. e1et,_an g lneqng u r~t~lf {iltrthommcs, a_c f:ure wrth-vanety of l'Ichefi Pearles, and truly ubtfbUrrarum~tt!cs,c;• 0 · 1 th · 11. · t.• d 'tlitates, g.cntesfua di t:le?t; rnea~l, as upon emou am!a01e~ an _ titme tcmm,f(Jlttes ac admirable ObjeCt under the Sunne; as the beft fluvij auro fibi pr~ a- and bldfedefi thing to be loved,and looked afIJUa fluercnt; tnbUJ • h.. l 'L. S dl E . mte obotu h•ju(motli ter 111 t lS Ire. 2.- econ y, very man 1s na... . h~~!ntrn? un~ cum di- turally, and notorioufiy greedy of hearts eafe, . 'tlttlu fuM, mfi ~dur: - and J. oy in one kind or other: ofwhich rather !um a!Jnrat'Cl, degnum • • .. . . • ' , .n1n d~ccrem~M. tdem than they wtll m1ffe, they doe not ihcke, many .~ M~t.Hom.6'4· times, to light acandle atthe Devill himfelfe, · . fur (

D E I? I C f.. T 0 RI E. for fome jovialllightfomndfeand mirt% fu,ch as it is; a madneffe-a.bove~dinirat_ion, Jtpd·f<?L; Iowed with infinitemiferies.And therefore;un.. till they lay certainly.hald.upnn,and really. pot:· fdfe fomething more pr~cious, furer .c_omforts, founder joyes' . wnkh may out-ballanc~ _th~ v•:eightofall worldlytreafures,and overtopthe height ofall human happindf~s~ both in excel:~ ltncy ac.d fweetneffe; tney will by no meanes,. upon no termes, fuffer t~ h} _qr~wn .. and divorced from po.ffeffion of the prefent, and the Bird in hand,a.~ they fay ;I mearre, frmn · that poore,.little, leane, imaginary notqing of ,cont~n~ment; which they{eem to ~xtracr,with · \ ' • muchado,&mofi certainlofs qfete;-ftall bEffe; .:.. \j'. '.t ' .,, ;_:' from earthly things. They wiH, in the meane · time, fticke to.the world ·as fafr, as Pherecides the l.A theni..rm, to the {hip; who. held it onthe . D1ore.with his h.:mas·; and one of therp cut:Off, ~. \ ·· He hdd it with the other ; and both being~ctit I · • off, He held it with his teeth. But -let once the weary foul~s of thefe forrper \V.o·tqfings,truly wounded, and bro.k~niri peer:e~ wit~ -~veight .of finrte,. and f~nfe ofwrath·; lepne upon; and lay downe themfelves ·in the bofoine of t11e Lord' ' .' t ... .. 1 • l Iejiu, bleeding uponrhe C£<»ife,pr'izii1g his purity as w~ll, as His Pailion·; , ta~ing Him ' . upon { r} Gods tern;es : ~rid theri :re;flecting·( () And h;-... , ·l t ., 1 • ~ . • "" t ?/t kl · . . . larned., Chernnicius tells ns: Ortln divimwefl, qttod vult'qtlidtni eVti'/Tgf'fi'Z'/rt'; ftd pauperib11/J; Vlllt (anarc fed Mmtru ~ s· ; vull pr.edicarc-dimiffio.7/em,(cd captivis ; 'IJU!t edttcere & liberare, fed vinllos hat efi:(ub pcw:toconitujo,;vultco'n[fflari,(ed trmtri(tatnr ,& lt1genw ,Vwtt·rejpictte.(ed 11ic()'lto ~ntum fpmtu .= BcnrplMitum e~ 'DnMiniifed (np~ timcnti.\Httm ,&Jif. eis,qrti [per ant ft1 pn> mz(emotdta CJI!-1; Vul!ot'cficeu, (ed taboranteJ & anrratos'; Vult coronarcmi(tricordz.t & tmfaanombw, (td caput humi!ia tum, 11prr tzt~'gidl;m ; Vttlt infu.ndere ·oftt~m mi{eri'Dfd.~. fti · -vulnerr..t Mt-&c. Exam. Deer. 1 ride~>t. p. ~.De Comrit-Cap.~· . · · with.

THE EPISTLE ·· 'Wi{h afenftble arid ferious cbntempiation-, tip~ on tHat 'Fearle qf great price, of whiFE' they now .£1:atild po!feft ; by the worth wherebf,they have fealed;arid made fure 'uri•:o the'rn,a ful difcharge from the. en~:Uefix·ffe ofHelli'{htorments1 ,and 4 inoft -uhdmibted iight to cremide of Heavenly joyes {Nay ~poffeflior) given them oft he thrice glorious, and ever-bldfed Ddtie, and all His ' (r) Hit~ritatis nnflr.e perf~0ions; excell~nci~s/dic.~ties,fo £-:r~e -~s an cmni4 rwult~A r't (onte mfiQite C' 0_:1-head lS C0111lTillll1Cab!e,anda creaducedrl<lqutati.t; Viin- ture capable: I fay then,cand never b.etore,will tor.. UP.u!c. Pufihu. h r.1 d '11' . 1· 1 h ' ld c. il. pag 73 : t eyea1ty,an Wl mgy eavet etrHo -1an (u) Anim<t,q/U amat, of the w 0 Id, ·and be content for ever after to afcendil frequc_>tter ,& r. "1 h .. d . Jl. 1 1 r.. k h . Jl. c· t) tul'ritfamiliarrttr, pet ltt~ e t eU eat ell O~e? Ite. e.t etrtfUell . . plate tU azkjb Ieril[a- comf01 t, , and have thetr hearnefl: converfatton Jem,'lll/ittmdoPptrs:Jr- ( u ·) above. 3. Thirdlv Fairh bath many p· reti~ ch.11,& Prophet M ./a- . . • ' • . , iutand6 .Apojlo!oJ, ad. ous Effects : lt JUfbfies, paCifies, punfies,mor;- 11/irando exmi'U6 tifies rect ifies in all' troublefome mrnino-s of M4rtymm&co;;j£([• l?fc ,_.1 rlr. r. . c h h ,.,,. A h ~ 1 r11m &c;Aug. fo01.9 OUr Le._aQjr-1 a 10 1at1S! 1eS t e .e<'-. t. S t e IOU e p: :.: pag. ~~3~. of Man is immonall by nature~ fo it is immea- (x)C.orbutui:UI~zdc- furable in it's appetite and aflpit.:!tions edo-ed jderzo ~tenut11tu nnn · • . , , " ' b fixum, mmquii fiabi.'e Wlth an mfin_tr~ defi re. The ~oundldfe c:1 p1~ P•t~fi effi;ftd o~~no; city whereof~ can never be filled, tm:ill it. <! p- ~bllrtate volubi/uu,ae h d , d . . ., b. n. • fi a~o in aliud tranfit .pre en , an enJOY as lt s owne, an o ;e\,L m - IJUitYtlfS_ , eqMic.ilbino~ nite, :1$ Wellln eminency Of gocd, (!5 durabitjl: 111 h~<~ autnn_cadr!.-lity of time And therefore except Fairh by. . ru & tran{iloms • 111 • . . ' J ., ' .' ljttib~. ejJIJ PjjetlHA bnngmg the ~or chrtsh_nto the Soule~ give us taptz~' t~nentr~r, ~~~ ii the infinite God himfelfe and make Him our req111em m11e;.;ue nou . h x l f ' . tiJietiqNoniam efi ta11- Por;ton, t e (-), 1eart Q . Man never w1ll, or ~an ttt dir,nitatil, 111 nullu ~ DD??Hm, prtttcr {itmTJIIt 'Bormm ez (u[ftme Po/Jit. lbjd. {tun obief!um intc!ic/J;pj fie om;se ens, / mmquam tj1'4 &apacit.t.J ez p!ebitu~,ac 1 ro mlc t1 d 11lti•' il peifdiionem non perunitt , dozzte apprehtn4atttr Of!Jfit cm; qu1d ~ccu/Jt ,mmapPrelmtditHr 'IJc:tt ,qHi c!N'tinet in /t perjcCii· •nessmnlll11'1el1tillm, Pavon. DJfp. z..q.;. P1op·4· ., poffibly

-------· .~---·~=-==~-==--'= D E D I C 1\ T 0 R Y. --------------------~----------------------- poffibly bee fatisfied in this ~odd, ~r the World to come. But here betoffed contmuat-- Iy?_and torne i~ pee~es, like t~e r~ging Sea, w.tth refildfe dtfiracbons, carkmg diftontent : And hereafter roare everlafiingly in Hell with unknowne horrors ; and for the irrevocable excluGon, from the fupreame and Soveraigne Good,the ever-fprin_ging fountaine ofall peace. and plcafure, and His glorious prefence even for ever and evet'. If the Soule of man, faith Jf Hooker, d·d _(erve onely togive Him Be.:ng irt l< Lib.r.sen.u: thu life, then thmgs appertaining unto thu life would contmt Him, as we fee they doe other creatures: Which Creatures injoying what they by, feeke no further:.. but in thz.s contentatiort doe (he1v a kindeof acknowledgement, that there uno higher Good , wh,·ch doe any 1va_y belong ttnto them. With us it is othmvfe. For a/though the beauties, riches, honours, fc. ·ences, vert1tes, and pe~feuirms qf all men liv ing, 1vere in the p_re{ent pqf[~fion ofOne : yet fomewhat beyond, andabove all thu, would fli!l be {ot~t[,ht~ and earneJtly thi'rfted for. It iJ rzo marvel!, faith Greenham, if riches .fill not the Soule, for they 1vere all made for man, Hi-S Soule for God. Whatfoever u capd· ble of God, that can never bee [attsfiedwith any thiJ:g e!fe : vf /l r :~hes, all pr~ferments cannot far·sfie one Sou le : ]ut when God u come, it ufiJ!l, • and lVhat(oever z.s added more, it mnneth over. Thefe,' it nd the like,, are the mighty Workes of Faith . And even fo let this Princely,and viet:~ rious Grace, attended with all Her heavenly • · traine,., .

T H E E P I ST L E1 ( q)~id zn_ hoc mundo traline:; tread downe triumphantly before you flab1/c?~~~~d firmum ? 11. ·11 h · d n · bl d.B b 1 C 11 ( q ) !Yuid parro non breve ILl '} t C p:Unte .ua eS an a C S 01 a . . ~ ineert:tm, &caflt~ tranfirory glory, and ungo<;dly greatndfe; hold ~gn (uv!ens; .Q!.1ate frill frefh and flourifhino- i11 y· our eye .the imJfludboJtruft ,q;~tod(em • . . ..,.-e-: o . ' . per timctU amittere? mortahty.and bhffe ~:n anever-fadmg Crown; .fZrwt vet aufcrend~tm and fhine faire and ftuitfully in yom Soule ; un-:- abs te mew.u,vcla tc ·11 · r d r c · h "dil. f h relinquendu(Ci.u. Nam n lt 1et you owne 1are, 1~ t e ~1 u o t e etfinu!ioeripiaturca{u.mofc glonous and ever-dunng Kmgdom~. of vel mortecertc.p~rden · Heaven. -and having there finifhed her bldJed dum efl. £t {i Vtta lJ ~ • ' C flra tendatur per miUc Taske, reGgne you up, :md leave you 101' ever., annos,&adextremttm to the Beatificall \ifion and fullfi-uition of Ieinum to tilts diem .eta- · ' rr . tu, quotidiana volup- hovah, ~verlafimgly blened; ~nd to the end-:- tate veniam~ts; qttalc leffe enJoyment of folnej'{e ~f 1 t?JYlnd pte~(Ures, hoc qu.tfo dm efi, qr101 at His rio-ht hand even thorow all etemitie. fine deletur? A ill quu o ' iUiuJ vo!"pt1ti.o frull/14 · eft, qui ftatim ut ctftaverit, videbiturJibi non fui(Je ~ Ar_e jam,tf"tm[aClil vit~ tu.e ttmpm animo rcvolve.Nonnc r-zdcbitut tibi umbr11 qut£dii{ui{le,quod tranfit ,& in~ar fomnij tenuu in&el"tum c[fc omne, q1todvirbt11t? Hoc idem & decrepit m fenex font ire potejt; Cui convenit dicerecmn Prophet a, Dies mei Gcutumbra declin averum, & ego licur fcenu aru i• .ff<}lod fi bo~c etiam hie po[I'Jmtts dicere,uhi quam vi& vrevi&,tamcn quia pr.e(ensefl,vita i~a magni pemlitur; ~id i11 futurodjl/uri }umU'$,ubi maj!Jri .eta tu {cier.tid,tranfatlum rmm-e pt/J nihilo efl. H~c t11 temm diligenter revolvens, & brev;tatem vit.r hz;j~ts .etcrnitatu contem;_latione dejptcims, ip(um quo'h contempttJm mundi maion cum virtute contemne; & a~I!JHitH~ZntJun ditm para te, in quo mundi gloria Jinienda efi. Aug. Ep1!l. 14~. Tottr Servant for the Jalvation of ToN¥ Sotde, RonE.l\T BOLTON.

SO lvfE . f N .S T RV C T I 0 N S fOR · A RIGHT COMFORTING AFFLICTED CONSCIENCE~ with Antidotes againfi: fo'me fpeciall tempt.a.uons. S E C T. J, P A R T, l. CH A P. I. ~. The Jntrod.Hilion. The Contents of the Text. The firft D<Jarine raifed lfndproved by two reafons. p R OV. 18. 14. The fpirit of 11 man will fuftaine hi.s infirmitie: hut a wounded Jpirit Who can /;care ! I '· ' I y Text lyes as you fee in a fa- No ·connexion to bee ~~~,wt~~~?..f~Lt . f . ' . fought for am.;ngft cr~d Cabmet o nchefl: JeW- there Proverbs. • e1s ; I meane the rnofi:.felect- Alii Scriptlme libri,ued, and wifefi: A phorifmes J m_ et (i ~ sp_iritu(anilo or Proverbs that ever i!fued dzflrm _petfcCl~am t f t ll b · E fapzentram co?Jtmeant, ou o a mor a rame. ve- & fcielltiamearumre• ry one of _them, for the moil: r~tm,qu,u jibiprop011ut, part, efpectally fr0rri the tenth tamm [apientifl & f&i·. Chaptel;", independ.ant, entire, entia,qu~ i11 iUu traand abfolute in themfelves; deare and manifefi: dztur, :raroadm_IJ~um b h · · · b · h rr: · d. . dectrjl' (?· pcmpe po- . y t e1_r owne . nauve ng tneue; not nee tng left , imiltor 11 m. fuch reclpiOcalt hght, and lufhe for each others mu- vcrhorttm'contc:rtll, & tuall difcovery, ~d. ~terpre~ation, And therefore co?Jtimllzttzftrie ,ita"~' ...... . • . J A · they

Inftrultions for a right comforting ---- . . they are naturally not .capable of any coherent :!:C::f!~q::~t~c~~1~ c~ll 4na~yji~ ,and other circumll:antiall_expofitions,orf.epe(ubftiteris.frutkm dtnanly tnctdent to other parts of Scnptare. Whence , uilcm & pmxigrmm it is, that this Book ofProverbs is compared to a,great percept~nM , &c.I_n ho: heape of gold rings, rich, and orient, f~verally ; and autemtzbro) maxzmecu every one ihininO' with a dHl:inCl: fenfe by it felfe : but ! 4.d cap 10. perventlt'!} h fl:'> I l . ld I . r. • fuerit,exquo,&(cq · 1e.ot er contexts_o 1oyWnt, togo -c1alllSIOll1tertib~cap. hoc~tomen woven and~nhnked together, that they mull: upon ne- 'PrfY!Jerbiorum hie tibu cefijty, for the rend ring unto us aright, and fi.11l y their · fortst~ tft)[inzltlu pc_ne feverall fenfes, be illightened and receive mutuall illuverfibru, vel verfiCJttu il. • fi 1 potiN4 abMuta & per- nratlon, one rom anot 1er. . . fetla dotlrina traditr~r.(a-,l in c.I.'Pro.lam inde a capite dccimo,qu.t hie (par(i>nlegrmturPro• · verbia,rcceptum eft inter Theol. abfque Methodot[[e ,nec. pcrpetuo tenore{ctipta,utptiora no- • . vem ,a Salomone. u'into' ctemm pro grad. Doa. Mibi imprimif ita (cmper plllcuit. inter fi!'gula&ftntentiasQolwentiam & ntxum at1q11Cm fmft ra co'IZ[ingi. Salaz. · Tlte horror. o( ~n in- This prefent Proverbe doth reprefent unto us the raged confc1ence, fet extremell: Hell upon earth, the greatell: mifery, and fonh by moll: unfupportable that can po.ffibly befall a Man in ' this life; I meane the horror of a guilty and enraged · • confci:ence. Which is fet out 1· Its oppohte. Firll:, by the excellency of it's oppofite ; the invincible ability and mighty ll:rength of that truly frout and heroicall heart, whiCh is happily upholden with the heavenly refre!hing influence of grace, Gods favour and a good confcience : The JP.irit of -a man will foftainc hu.inftrmity. ~.Its Attribute. Secondly, by the heavineffe ofit's attdbute; the intolerablendfe of it : 'But awoundedfpirit who can bearc ? From the fermer, the courage of anheart upholden with grace take this fir11 note. . Doct r. of rbe .7Jo£tr. The fpirit of a man furniihed with grace, · firength o' :~n heart and fortified with the fenfe of'Gods favour, .is able to fO\ tifit-~ whh,grace. paife thorow the pikes, and conquer all commers. :R~~C:I'~ 9,od fights . 1{faf. r-. For what and.why ihould that man feare foY;ii/ro-h'? ~an worke, or faint on whofe !id the mi~Yhty Lord ofh~aven and -~Lst\~f:. m8.I3~'tcon- earth lothfl:and? If ( a) c:dbc form, who 'can bee a• ~ .1 non J' · .a ~w·t.. 1: h' . " 1" allll.' d 'tra'nhi.domra 11osete gamJJ· 114 .. . -' '~~~ tn~Cl to · lS_,}S-Wlt lOUt :u.lll~ a~ · nir,ufJiP(eorbi4,Trta~,. limit,.