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Pa1t; I. Cap. I4· Affiirled (onfciencn•. 71 filver, d~th, . torture ;· and ·whatfoever el~ miferable · · - worldlirigs hold deare, or difmal~. 3· In fc;'me,from an 3· Arr extrcame har.d.. extreme· feareleffe of heart, . w h1ch mak~s them fenfene Be of hcaj t•,; leffe and hardndle of lliame, mifery, or any te rrible thing. This weemay fom~times obferve in notorivus malefact·ors·. AJong rebelhous, . and t;e1notfelc{f e con· tinuance, .and cu[l:ome in finne, raging infetl:ions from · thcir roaring companions ; a furious purfuit of outra- - ges, and bloud; Satans h6t iron fearing their c onfci-· ences, and Gods juft curfe upon their -feareful l, and fbrl6rne courfes, to fil11hern with foole";:hard inefk, . and with fuch a ferall difpofitk,n, that they are ~iefperately hardcr'led againfi:.all affi·onts ancl. difafier s. So · that though fuch (avage-mindcd, and ma:rble-h carred men be to paffe thonmgh the llre,ets, as fpe'tl:ac les of ·· abhorredileffe .and· fcorne, .·.as ha~s:full mi:>n!t~r~, a1.1d the reproaeh ofM.ailkindt~ ;.to _b~ throwne into a Dungeon of _qarikene~, ·..and difcomfoit, - al~d tllere to bee : loaden with cold 'irons0 coldndle, and ·want ;., from : therace .to bee burned to that loatped place of execu. -. tion, and thereto.dyead.ogges death, ~s they fay ;_and · finally' to fall imme~Hately and irrecoverably Il)t-<;>\ a ' Lake of fire.: -yet, I fay;forallthis.; ,out of a defp S'ratt; · hard-heartedneffe; they.foeme-llill to be in heart ; · ap~ to reprefent to the beholders; a great deale o f un-- <lau!lted neffe,_ and ~gleCl of•. dan~e~ ii1 the~r carri~ ge, -.J -and countenances. 0 the . prodtg1ous Rocke, mto ; 1' · ·which the llo11dna gra~eleffe heatt may grow ; bo_t:h , '. in refpe& of defperatenefie in ·:finniog, . and kn felefneffe in fuff-!ring L 4· In o.thers,frcro aH enraged thirll 4• A'cbir!lafterpraife•.' after humane .praife, .and immortall famt:, asthe y call it. ·Whichmay beefo prevalent in ~betn,and tranfpor:t ' -them whh fuch avaine-glorious ambition this way ; t~~t. it -may carry: them ·-with much teeming i'nfen{i - biltue, . aJf~d:ed ·patience, . and ax:tifiqiall .courage tho~ · row the~rr?UU; and tortures; of a v~y violent,Clnd . Marty_r-hke ; death. Heare . what ·: e.Auftin faith to ' this:>