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Part.z. Cap.~. eAfjli!led Confcimcu. 97 in the wayes of death, and prejudice againfrth~ho/1 1! at b. . He helpes all he can, to have them thrive and . of~ by oppreffien, ufury, fimony,facriledge,brihe- And · all ·tby . wr~ked .pr r-- 1' · tr. r: • 711 L , . w . k & . waye' for dty !elk~ ·ry,(:ovetoUl!ieue, cou1enmg, ""~acrmt:veMan tnc s, c, . . That 1o his fervice may·1eememorefweetand gainefull unto them. .To the eff.!d:iog,whereof bee receives notable affillance , and fpeciaH advantage from the corruptions of the time~ and confcionablefimplicity of the Saints. For the firft, Thefe wotft and ulcerol)S rimes, wherein fa many Yinu, 0/ive-treu,andFiggcd trees wi'thet away in qbfcurity ; and fo rriany'Brambles/ brave it abroad in t~ world, tumbling themfelves in the pleafurcs, fplendour and glory of the prefent ; wherein fo many brave Princes are 114 for- 'lldnts upon the~arth; and too ·many fervants of lux:t.Jry ~1d ptide are mounted on horfe~backe; ( r fay, they are the .oHl y feafon, for Satan to gratifie all his graceleffc Ones·; and to hoill them up by the common,but accur-· led fi~ires and llir~ups of bribing, bafene!le, tempo~iting,.tll offices to nrunour greatnes,and other fuch vtle ·· meanes, · and ·ac<:ommocla-tions; into eminency tn the world, 'and high roornes; where he keepei them in a ·. goldea taRtivity withgreat contentment, and lockes them filll f~l} in the ScormrJ chaire, with m)lch (ecu• rity t0 their <>wnefenfhallfuearts; and notoriou.~fervketo himfolfe. Whereas in deed and truth' to men that have eyes in' their heads theafcent is.ffippery, the top fhaking, the downefall defperate. Fdr the fecond ; It is incredible to confider, what a deale of advantage in woddly dealings, the covetous div~J1 in a ~rueU and ~rafty world ling, doth fucke out of the fingle heartednefle, plaine dealing, and unfuipicioufi1effe, of <:onfcionable. me~1, for their rifing and enriching, if GoD cro!fe 1t not. 1 · . z. He drawes them by all the baites He can devifC '· J?uwe~ thee_unto t<~ all the incentives, and prdervatives ofcarnall con• .all 11 mcentlves of car· T · ·, . na content which · tentment : as ro avernes, Ale-houfes, Play-houfes, ' ·· . · - G 3 Whore-