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Ajjliffed C onfciencn. 10) ~Part. 11. Cap. 3. ·~---------------------------------------- .counfell hegave Abja!bm,to lye with his;Fathers Con- , cubines, in·th: fight of all lfrtlel; exc~pt'he had·beene a .Counfeller of·State, and fa necdfarlly taken up contin_ually with extraor~inary varie~y, viciffitude~ and. Jucceffibn of moll: · wetghue and Important affa1res; whichhvould wholly poffefle his minde'with-an un- • interr'upted attention, agitation and exercife; .<md ne-t .give it any leave to reAeel: upon it felfe, with thofe feverer cogitations . in cold bloud, which are wont to "CQrreCl: ·· and condemne_the er1ormity of exorbitant courfes. And thus in all ages,many great men, ofgreat -wifedome, being great _offenders; purpofely ·put andplunge themfelves into multitude of bufineffes .; that thev may have no leafure, to lifl:en unto that, which their Confciences would fecretly tdl them in their· .eare, of ·their MachiveUian plots, prodigious lufl:s, and' plauiible cruelties. The noife of attendants, vifitants,. ·:Dependants, and· great employments drowne the· ·voyce of Confcienc.e in fuch cafes as the Drumrnes in· . the facrifices to.cYnoloch, the Cry of the Infants. But .while the men of the world are thus whol~ y detain•d, . -and -doe fo greed.ily upon .purpofe entertaine the time If. . With cares ofthisJife,an1 dealings in the world; their con1ciences deale with tnern, as Creditors l-Vith their ,Debitors ::.while they.have.any doings,as they fay,and . are in tradtng in policy,let then1 alone and fay nothing ; · bUt · if Ol~Ce downe the winde,.· in fickeneffe, poverty, - ~ifgrace, &c. Then comes Serg~aqt after ~ergeant;Ar- .refl: upon Arrefl: ; ACl:ion upon A:chon : All their fins -are. fet in order before them, and fall full foule upon. ·the now difl:reifed Soule, as Ravens upon the fallen .Sheepe, to.picke·out the very ·eyes and heart of it, and -to keep it downe in the Dungeon of. defpaire for ever•. · · ~· Nor others" .becaufe they coufen themfelveswith r· Selfe.decciving•· a fo~mall falfe conceit of a comfortable fpirituall fl:ate ;, as dtd.thePharijie,Luk.ti ·5 .I r. with a groundldfe pre•· ftttnptl.On,, that they a:re in. 8ods favour; as did thofe; .. ' · Matth•. I