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. Part.z~ Cap.s.:: .f!AjftiClerf-Confciences. · cruelties: faving us from the Papills bloqdy expeCl:ations at her death,&c. The part,icular, and private Cata- .Jogue of thine own perfonall favour~ ·frorh Gor.£· boun- --i'iftill ;hand, which thmr= .owne confcien~e- can eafily .J -leade Thee unto, a'nd readily runne ovd from thine infancy to the prefetit : wonderfull2roteCl:ions 'in: thine uriregene~atetime: that miracle of metdes, thy con- .vedion, ~if thou be already ihthat happy fiatc) all the mutions·rof Gods .holy Spirit in t~ine heart; many -chetkes of confcience, fathe'rly corre6lions, excellent .meanes of fanCl:ification;as ·worthy a mini1hy h1 rilany Pl?ces, as ever the world enjoyed _: Senl!onupon Setmob; Sabbath after Sabbath; bearing with thee <1fter · ·.fo:rnany times breaki,ng thy covenants; Opportunities ~to attaizie the lii-gheft ;degree of god~ineff~, tl1:1t ever 'Was,_&c.''l'fay,bow can itbe,but thatthe'revife oft:hefe and innumerable mercies .rnoe, lhould fo mollifie thy heart, that thoufhoulddt liave no 'heart at all, nay infic nitely abhorre, t:o difpleafe or any way difhonour,that 'High ahd dreidfull Majelly, who~ free grace was_the <Well-Head and firllFountaiho of' them all. Let this meditat'ton of Godsmercies to keepe from . I. Thou art worthy of ·finne, bee quickened by confidering : 1. That thou art torment not ofme1cy farre worthier, to be now burning with the moil: abominable Sodomite in the bottome of Hell ; than to be r crowned with any of thefe loving kindneffes: That if thott- wert able to doe Him all the honour, fervice, and worfhip,which all tl~e Saii1ts both militant and triumphant doe; it would come infinitely fh-ort of the merit of the lea!l: ofall His mercies unto thee in lefus Chrffi:, ~. ~;Iowu~kindly_ God takes the neglect of His extraordinary kmdnefies.unto us, 2 Sam. U!':7• &c. 1 Sam. ~ . 27, 28, 31· Euk.: 16. 2.. Godt~kesi~neg: 16. Marke well, and be amaz,d of thine owne fea-r- lea of .hrs mercies vc~ ·full and defp~ate folly'; wh_en thou ~allefr deliberately ~~~n;ha~d~hicb be- -Into any fin: thou laye!l:, as It wer~,1n the one fcale-of foolesthcc. · the Balance, the glory of Ahnighty 6od, the endlefie . · ! 3 -- · joyes