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) Jn.fir_u.f1!on~ ffir aright_ (omforting · Sect r.· f\varmes, and lying at ~ate encloyR:ered ·in Sodomy and bloud, gnafhed their teeth at lpm with Hellilh • ·, 1 , furie, and like true Fiends !pet fire 111 His face. And \< . ' _ ·'-yet for.all t~is,this holy Saih~ (~~ich, I more admire, ~/::;';:f:a'(u~:~~: ah.d .P~i~e l~1gher; than ~he y1Clones of a thoufand C.e-.. _ Jf!e Marc,me veati,mcfor ~, qr the.. mofr renowne~ valour of the greate!l: A-. fera'jatlathyems. lexandtr) having {o many mcatnate Divels continu-· _. ~ N?~ become .Anti· ally roaring about Him;:;nit_h open mouth, ready every · Chn~1an, as formerly, houre, and enraged w1th Implacable thtrfl: to drinke .Aruan. · h' bl d · d ·fi ll H' · t.. I r. "' Sp.iraer wc:akendfe. up. 1S .ou , an. . wa ow. tm up ._qutcf<!; .Y~t 1ay, (• ) r w:u,faith hc-,ex- enJ9yed fuch a truunp~a_n~ tranqwl_hty of_mm?e, and ~ ceflively covetous of unfhaken prefence of fpmt , -that like amtghtte Sonne mony,and accordingly ef Thunder by H~s confl:ant and powerfull preaching, . I apply~~ mf fc:Jfe to for the fpace of mn~ and tWenty·yeares, iO {hooke the· get by m;u!hce, cor.,.-; '11 . , f P . .1' 'I . . tw· d d l B n . . l rupting)uagemenr ,11y £1 ars 0 , .OP.ery, ,t,J<lt am per a . i:i ~ 1e _can Wl! deed• ,il)veot!ng mck~ never fl:and up_on hxs _fqur'e legges _ai!Y.thore : And wnt: tddclude !utlice:good eloquently and excellently, almofl:, ·If not as many \~o-, caufes I e_n)le~ dcfen lum:::s, as ~uflin did, that great glory of the Chrilli~ . - ded decCJtefully; . or -· · - ld..· r · · *A · ~ · . fold them to th~21iver- aJ!.war . In wrmer tlmis. . pettycrou<: ~any umes .. ' fary perfi~_iou_fly •. lll ~w ro -~~~arculate, ar~d. wea~e.n~· . ~.~e ele~auons of the caufes I · macmamed greatefr W tt, . that H~s <;Oi1Celt ,_ ~nv:entwn and fl:yle . ~t~ all my might. J wiilfall to a farre lower lltdne,thari ordinary; which !:"!hngly ~phpoAfeddtllle COr;tt~litrnent, and calmnefie, would raife tO their high..: K00Wile U:Ut • 11 t 1C (l . • 1 \1 ffib 1' B . 1 . 'bl h ti'uft committed un~o eu; . .p1tc 1 a~1u po 1 1Ily. ..ut t 1e tern eeart .9u~ke, 1,!1e, _f eitber bct_ra,yed as lt "Ye\e, ~fall Europe~ a11d ,coqtra_;y ;~o1Ilmott~ms o\ o~ . pervet~cd,. · Tln~s .* d_bn~ndorne,_ d1~1 nevc:t :<1; tVh~(hfammate,or fl,iake. ~td. tfie carc ,ot .tlu~ tll'e-he:.u:t o( this ht~V'enly man ; . ·tly ho_ ~10U~ed by the w.odd and the deccn .Hatrie ·oJ ·a third EltM. *But no . Francu Sptra on the fLtlnes ofiKhes • ~hoak 1 r.d f . . f h. ( ) . ·d. · · · the good !C::cd that WJ~ Ott1Cr !1 e, 1aVlilg OUt 0 lS a ll10r tnate love to the formerly l()Wne; fo as - . fearing ~1efaims and yce1des t0 the ilbtcments of eh is prelerir w()r ld. I know the Do&ine oHuilifidrion oy Cht ifl, btlt I denled it, and abiured it, to the er:~d, that [ might keepe this fnaile life from ad•t:dir", and my childr~n Irqm pov{!rt'y : And now beheld how bitter is this lift: unto me ? AnJ Gqd only knpwel:".what .!hall become of chi~ my Family. But furely t1o.good ~like to betHe it, but uthe'r. dai ,y wo~fe and worte; and fudu ruine, ts at length~ one fione {hari not bee!eft uporuno her.: N at. Biwm. In the relation of the dcfper;are clbteof Fran,c!jS,ryir{', inthc ye:ti'C rs ~ S. •lhaverheoriginaJlrclatorsof , lhellory-; :and ilnd thi~ excellent crant1auon to al' them. - thiug_s