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Part 1. Cap.6. .AjfliCled Conftunrn. I Arrowes of Gods unqaenchable anger, £hall fiicke &tl: for ever in their Soule and flelh ; where they ihall ne-. ver more fee the light, nor the Land of the living,but be drowned in everlafiing perdition~ in the Lake,even a boyling ~ea of fire and brimfl:one, where they can te no bankc, nor feele no oottome. What will thefe jlecpers in Harveft/ay, when theylhall be a~aked at that dreadfull Houre out of their golden dreames,and in their hands lhall finde nothing ; but the judgement ofGod growing upon their thoughts as an impetuous fiorme, death fl:anding before themunrefifl:able, like aR armed Man ; finne lying it the d·oore like a blondhound, and a guilty confcience gnawing at the heart like a Vulture ? When they ihall lye upon rheidaft Beds, lil<ewilde Bulls inAnet, as the Prophetfpeakes. full of the wrath of fiod; faying, in the morning, won!d God it \\?ere Even, And at Ef!en, "¥1!0'uld God it were U'vlorning, for the feare of their heart, wherewith they . foal/ feare, and for the fight of their eyes, which thry {hall fee. I fay, in what cafe wlll they be then ? Then, But my words doe faile me here, and fo dothmy conceit. for as none knowes the fweetneffe of the Spoufes ·kilfe, but the Soule that receives it ; fo neither can any one conceive this damned horrour, but He that fuff.:rs it, The Lord ofHoaven in mercy, awaken them in the meane time, with the piercing thunder of His facred ReyeJ. 1 4.~ • .and faving V\Tord, that they may be happily frighted_, and fired out of their amazed Souk-murdenng floth, before they feele in Hell, thGfe fearefull things, we fo .faithfully forewarne them o£ . , To roufe them out of this cruell carnalliecurity, let . them entertaine into their moll: ferious thoughts f.itch confiderations as thefe : 3) Confider, ' I. Why thou camefl: into this world. There is net . I. Why they came in; fo much as one ~ge pafr, . fince thou layefr hid in the to thi~ w~r!d • . loathed Hate of bemg nothmg. Above five thouiand C 2 yeares. . -·~ • J