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,.,._ .. Inftructio?ts for aright comforting . .Sefl:. I. good-fellow ; to laugh and be merr-y,to grow rich and leave tokgm· of thy pleafure in evf:-,.y place? &c. If any after fo much illightning, be fo prodigioully mad,as to continue in juch a conceit, I have nothing to fay to Him, but leave Him as an everlafring Bedlam, .abandon'd to that folly, which wants a name to expreife it. Turne then thy courfe for i1ume, nay, as Thou hall any care to be faved, and to fee the glory of the new lerufalem; as thou deft reil t~) looke the Lord Iefm in the face with comfort at that great Day ; as Thou fearell to receive thy portion in Hell-fire w:ith the Devill, and His Angels, even moll intolerable and bitter torments for ever and ever : at leaft in this thy day, in this heat and height of Thy fpirituall Harveft, ;IWf!ke out of thy fenfuall Oeepe, come to thy felfe wtth the Pro· digall; ftrif<.t upon thy thigh : and for the poore remainder of a few, and evill dayes addreife thy fdfe with refolution, and conllancy to purfue the One neceJTary thing , and to treafure up much heavenly H:rength and !lore againll thine ending houre. Get th~e utider confcionable Meanes, and quickning Minillery, and there gather grace as greedily as the moO: griping V{urer grafpethgold: contend with an holy ambition, as earnellly for the keeping of Gods favour, and an humble familiarity with His heavenly Highneffe by keeping faith'and a go9d Confdence, as the proudell Raman for an high place, and pleated face of an earthly Prince.And why not inJinitely more? This was the end,for which thou wall ientinto this world; This onely is the way to endle{fe bliife; And this alone will helpe us and hold out in the Evil/ chtJ.~