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cí1 Difcourfeof true rappineffe. but this dothTingle out the chofen of God, and takes uphis feat in the fanaifed foule. Thirdly, this finne doth unavoidably winde it felfe into the heart of a man, with a fly and peculiar kind of intima- tion. For whena godly man for a good a6ion or inward grace doth feeme to difclaime pride in his confcience, hee may beeproud that he is not proud,even ofhis humility;and that he is able todifcry hispride and corruptions more then others candoe. So endleffe are the mazes of Satans circular tentations. Fourthly, there is no depth of knowledge,.no meafureof grace , no eminencie of zealecan bee exempted from hazard of furprizall, by this la and molt cunning encounterofSa- tan by privypride.Paul,that great inftrument of Gods grea- teft glory, in whom there was amatchleffe concurrence of divine graces, and variety of all manner of affliftions, no- table meaner tokeepe the heart>afroan in humilitie; yet let}, hefhould bee exalted out of meáfure through the abundance ofrevelations, there was givenuntohim a pricke in the flefh. the meflenger of Satan to buffet him. Reafons taken from the fiate of the,regenerate foule, are thefe Firft,let thebelt and molt mortified man tune the eye óf his confcience from the fruitleflè and dangerous fpeculati- on of his owne worthineflèe; and fatten it a whileupon his corruptions and infirmities, upon many his deficiencies in religious duties and executions of his calling, wants and weakeneffes in prayer and inward devotion , his dulnes and uncheerefulnes in religiousexercifes , his omiffions offervi- ces Scoccafions for the enlargingof the kingdome of Chrift, hiscold and fometimes cowardly profecutionof good cau- fes, hisnow and then flinking from atboldprófeffion of fin- ceriti,e, for feare ofthevaine and wretched imputations of worldlings,&c. and out of this confideration, hee will be fo farre from felfe conceitedref e, and a partiall overvaluing ofhis owne gifts and vertues, that hee will find much mat- ter and juft caufe to renew his repentance, to ftand upon D his 3 I