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LA Difcorsrfe oftrue hesppineffe. his guard againít fpirituall pride, to continue and increafe his humiliation, to double his zeale and refolution for the glorifying of God , and fubduing . his owtiefecret corrup- tions. a Secondly,let himconfider, howbefore his callinghe mar- died furioully and defperately under Satans colours, in the purfuiteofpleafures, vanities and worldly honours ; with how refolute hatred and contempt he oppofed aggaintt foce- ritie and laving grace, as againit needleflè precifeneffe and folly; how feareleily andhow farre líe ran in the paths of in- iquity,and the finfull paffages.of the kingdome of darkenes; where no rewardwas to be expeçtedbut fham.e and mifery.. But after itpleafed the Lord toplace his Angel in theway to flop the torrent ofhis impieties, & to fet his facred Word before his eyes,as aglorious light to direct himin the wayes of righteoufneffe let him remember how often hee bath flamedaideforfalfe and imaginary feares;howoften hehath Humbledeven in the even path, thròùgh his owne heedief neffe;howoftenhe hath flood !till in his way , either gazing on the painted and lying glory of the world, ór the allurements and decertfull charmesof his. owne:flefh: Nay,howfometimes hehathbeen enforced to retire by forne cunning trairie and malicious ffratagem of Satan. So that. Mince his converfion) he bath but runne faintly and flowly, and wonne littleground in the grace ofgodlinefhe;.although there be fet before him the priceofthehigh calling;xhehigh- efi advancement ofthefoule,fulneffe ofjoy,and theprecious treafuresofimmortalitie,Antl ifhedemurre a while foundly upon this point,hemay for ever feare left a felfe-liking ofhis owne excellency, be juilly plagued with a fcandalous fall into force grolle lin; whichbetides it owne particular fling, will unto his great difcomfort awake the old fumes of his unregeneration;. like fo many lleeping Lions, with open', mouthes to charge afrefh upon the confeience withnew ter * rors and fearefull vexations.. 3 Thirdly, let the godly Chriflian looke up at the liherall and merciful! hand of God, which out of the bottomlefle depth