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34 A Difoaare of true happinefe. 4P; 11C abandoned from theface ofGod, and from the fruition of his joyes,tò themoll confuming flameof the fire ofhell, and the lothfornell dungeonofthe bottomlefie pit. The third kind of hypocrifie is fort-nail hypocrifie, by which a man Both not onely deceive others with a (hew of piety and outward forme of Religion ; but alfo his owne heart, with a falfe conceit and perfwafion that he is in a hap. pie 'date, whenas in truth his foule was never yet feafoned with faving grace,andthe power ofreligion. And I befeech you marke me in this point : it is ofgreatenconfrquence to every one fora found tryall and examination of the !late of his confcience,whether he yet live the lifeof God, and (land in the hate of grace, or lie enthralled in the fetters and (lave- rie offin and Satan.For herein mull tell you how far a man may proceed in outward profefhon of the Truth, in roper. natural' decreafe offinfulneffe, in force kindes and meafure of inward graces, and yet come utterly (hors oftrue happi- ne{lè andwithout an addition of the truth of regeneration and a found converlion,íhali be cut offfor ever from all hope ofimmortalitie, andGall never bee able to 'land firme and fore in the day of the Lord Iefus. For a more perfpicuousexplicationofthis point, conceive with mee tholè perfe6lions whichmay befall a man, as yet unregenerate and in the Rate ofdamnation, We may feppofe in him, firfl, all thole gifts which the poffibility of nature can conferre upon him, all ornaments of Arts and knowledge, ofwifedome and policie : not onely that which is purchafed by experience, obfervation, and im- ployment in pointsofState ;. but alfo the fpirit of govern- ment, as Saulhad. To thefe wee may adde gentleneffe, and faireneffe ofconditions, anexaól neffeofcivill hone(lie and morali ¡office, immunity from groffe and infamous finnes, And thus farrethe Heathens may goe : And thus far we pro- ceeded inour lall difcourfe. But in thefe times ofChri'lia- nity, a reprobate may goe farre futher then ever the moll innocent Heathen that ever lived could poflibly though force of them were admirable for their milde and- mercifull difpofition1