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L4 Difcourfeof true Happinefe. 33 wretched pleafures andpreferments, make himfelfe in the eyes ofGod (howfoever he deceive men ) a very incarnate devill upon earth; and after this life, juftly heape upon his body and foule, all'the horroursand defpaires , tortures and plagues, which a creatednature is capable of ! Oh that the hypocrite; would confider thefe things in time, left the wrath and fierie jealoufie of the Lord breake forth upon him fuddenly andinevitably, like forrowes upon awoman intravell, and tea re him inpieces when there bee none that can deliver him I Well may beecarry the matter finoothly for atime, andby his jugling ditliimulation cal}a miff about him, and inwrap himfelfe in darkenellèfrom the . eye ofthe world; yet=let him know, that in the meane time his linnes are writing by the hand of GodsIuftice, with the point of a Diamond, in the regifter of his confcience ; and when their number and meafure is accomplifhed, theLord will come againft him, evenwithwhole armies of plagues and vengeance, as againff the molt hatefull obje& of his re- venging Iuffice; the molt bafe and unnaturall Oppofiteoffo pure aMajeftie, and the molt notorious and tranfèendent in- lfrument ofSatans deepeft malice. This kind of hypocrite belongs not to my prefent pur- pofe; and therefore I leave him (without found and timely repentance) to force ffrange andmarkatle judgement, even in this Iife:Or ifhepafle thefe few daies honourably and pro- fperoutly (asit is many times the lot of the wicked) let him expe& upon his deaths.bed the fierie darts of Satan, empoy- foned.with hellifhmalice andcruelty, tobe fafined deepely in his foule; and fuch pangs and anguifh of confcience, that willpolfeffe himof hell before hand. Or ifbee depart out of this world withoutfenfe of his finne,or elfeat the bell, with force formali and perfunaory thew of penitencie; yet let his heart tremble for the feares that it fhatl feare at the great and terrible day of the Lord : when the vizardofhis hypo- crite (hall certainelybe pulled offhis face; and he afhamed and confounded in the prefence of the blell'ed Trinicie, of Angels, and all the men that everwere and irrecoverably D 4 abandoned