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Dircoorfe oftrue happineffe. and íhal be faved.Whence iffues a curled fecurítie,a wretch- ed oppofition tomore finceritie then bee finds in himfelfe, a flumber and benummednefle ofconfcience, an impatien- cy ofhavinghis formality cenfured by the minilfery of the Word; a neglect ofamore found fèarch into the hate ofhis foule.For Satan (inhis Angelical! forme)tels him,that more ftriatnefE and puritie is but onely a proudhypocrifie and pretenceof fuch as of ea a tranfcendencyabove the ordinary degrees ofholinefie; and bids him take heed of beeing too bulle andpragmatical' in taking notice of every (mall cor- ruption and infirmitie : for teudernefleofconfcience, and a too nice apprehenhiveneffeof every little lin, will uncomfor- tably enchaine him to Melancholy, Vnfociablenefle, and fome degreesofdefpaire.And howsoever (faith Satan) fome Preachers ofprecifer humour, out of their unhollowed zeale and cenforious aulleritie, breath out nothing again!} thee but fire and brimllone, indignation and wrath, damnation andhorror; yet take not thefe thingsto heart, but let fuch peremptory comminationspaflè as malicious thunder-4aolts, ditcharged from too fiery f pints, begot by indifcreet heate, and directed to private ends. Thus this wylieSerpent cries peace, peace unto his foule ; when (God knowes)there is no peace towards, but noyfe, and tumblingof garments in bloud, andburning anddevouring of fire. The confcience indeedmay be alleepe for a while,like a fierce wild beaft ga- thering vigour and puiflance,that being awaked by the hand ofGod,at theapproachoflicknes or death, may more impla- cably rend, devoure and torment for ever. But I come to the grounds ofthisperfwa(ion. I toldyou before, that the Spirit ofGod allures his Children that they are in the Dateofgrace,out ofaconfideration of anuniverfal finceritie in all their wayes. But Satan for his children hash other reafons, whichI conceive tobe fuch as thefe: Fir(}, the formali hypocrite is notably confirmed that his (late is good, whenhe compares himfefe with thofe which are more finfull: as Murtherers, Adulterers, Drunkards,. Prophaners of the Sabbath, Vfurers, Swearers, Lyers, Ie' hers 39