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e4 D fcourfe of true happinefse. fecretlyand infenfibly it flrengthens the rage, and fharpens the fling ofthe worme that never dies , againfl the day of their vifitation ; for in the end(faith * Salomon) it willsite like it Serpent, andhurt likea Cockatrice. . This outward and worldly joy, becaufe the children of God doe not purfne; becaufe they will not relie upon thofe broken llaves of reed, they are efleemed the onely .melancholikeanddifcontented men.But I marvel! when, or with what eles the worldlings looke upon the faithful! ,Chriflian ! It maybe, whilebee is yet in the fore travel! of his new- birth, and humbled under the mightie handof God withaf- fli&ion ofconfcience for his fn. Iffo,then they fhouldknow that men mull mourne for their fumes, as one that mourneth for his onely fonne : and be lorry for them,as one isforry for the deathofhis firll borne. There mutt bee in him a great mourning,as the mourningof Hadadrimrnon,inthevalley of .Megiddon : as it is Zach. I 2.11. And this forrow is ablefled fòrrow, for it brings forth immortality. And either them- felves mull have apart in it,or they flail never be made par- takers of the fumes ofjoy at Gods right hand.What though theChild ofGod lie for anight in thedarkenefle of forrow and weeping for his fïnnes ? markeawhile, and the daywill dawne, and aday-Barre will arife inhis heart,that will never fet,until! it bath conducedhim unto thelight that no man canattaine unto : The Sunne ofrighteottfnefléwill prefently appeare, and will dry away his teares, and with everlafling light will fhine upon him for evermore. But it may be the worldlings take notice evenofthe whole courfe andbelt (late ofthe Child of God, andyet can fee nothing therein hut uncomfortable flrianeffe, and fad auflerity. But then I mull tell them, they looke onely upon himwithcarnali vies and deceive themfelves : for fo indeed he doth not appeare a boyllerous Nimrod, or diffolute Ruf. tier, amid the vanities and delicaciesoftheworld ; that is for Satans revellers,who having fmilingcountenances,but blee- dingconfciences; glorious outfides, but within nothing but E 3 rottenneffe