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48 .4 Difeeurfeoftrue happineffe. rottennefle and prophaneneffe, much laughing when the heart is forrowfull. But if theywere abled with illightned eyes to pierce into ehe inward partsof Gods Child, they fhould fee within, Hope already featting upon the ;oyes of eternity : they fhouldfee Faith holding fart the writings by which the kingdome of heaven is conveyed untohis foule, fealed with the precious bloud ofthe Sonneof God; that not man nor devil' is able to wreft out of its hand : They íhnuld fee the white Hone mentioned in the Revelation, . wherein there is a new namewritten, which no man know- eth laving bee that receiveth it. Whence fpringeth fuch a ftrong comfort and high refolution in the affairesof heaven, that no fword of the Tyrant, no flame of cruelty, nor the combination ofhea venand earthThal' ever be able to amaze,, abate, or extinguifh. - Fifthly, the formal' hypocrite Both more confidently continuein .a felfe-likingofhis ovine date, though the Bate of unregeneration ;becaufehe feeth chofe that (befides his outward forme of Religion) are induedwith an inwardand. unfainedGnceritie in all their waies, to be reputedbut as the off fcowringofall things, the Pimple fellowes and precife fooles. of the world. They have indeed been fo accounted in all. ages. For the hearts ofwicked men beingf}uft with pro- phaneneffeand earthly pleafùres,being (welled with ambiti- on and worldly wifedome, eafily bring forth pride and contempt :. And therefore they looke a farre offat the Chil- dren of God,as at fellowes ofbafe and negleffed condition, . oflow fpirits,ofhumble refolutions,of weake minds, unable to mannageaffaires and occurrents for their preferments, of no dexteritie to plant themfelves in the face and glory of the world; when ( Godknowes) if they could perfwaded that there were'noheaven bùt upon earth ;.and that the pow- er & exercifeofgodlinefle were nothing but anunneceffary precifeneffe ; if'they would enlarge their confciences pro- portionably to the vaft gulph of the times corruptions;. if theydurft make a covenant withdeath, and an agreement. withhell, andput the evil' day farre from them; fore they might