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cí Difcottrfe of trraebappinefe. patiency of hearkening and f}gipping forward to grace, or any further perfe6ion. I come now to the fourth reafòn, whereby the formali hypocrite cloth falfely perfwadehim felfe tobee in the (lateoftrue happineffe and falvation, and that is : Amifconceit of Gods Iutlice, and a flraying and racking of hismercy beyond his truth and prom ife; fo making the way toheaven broader then the Scripture bathmade it, and himfelfe more blefléd then he is indeed. Mans heart is natu- aally empoyfoned with pride and hypocrifie, and therefore is hardly drawne heartily to acknowledge the horribleugh. ties ofhis fin; or that God proceeding againfl it with fuel' waight ofvengeanceis equall. Hence comes much indu!, gence,andpartiallcenfuringof our own tinnes, transferring them upon allurements, occafions, circumflances, neceflîtie and the like : much leffening and impairing Gods juflice,but amplifying his mercies,even to the fecuring of unwarranta- ble courfes. Adamimmediately after the fall fhifteth offhis finne uponhis wife;nay,he is fo blind infpiritual judgement ofdivinepuritie,that rather thenhe will cryguilty, he will Caen,;, b, fallen the fault by confequent upon God himfelfe : The wo- maa, faith he, which thougavcfi to beewithme, Jhegave me of the Tree, andIdideate. So gladly would fenfuall men perm fwade them felves, thateither their fins defervenot fo oriel account and great judgements; or that God Both exercife too much rigour in infii6 ing them. For out their worldly wifedome theymeafure and efteeme the unfpotted and infi- nite Ocean ofthe juflice ofGod, by the finite, muddie and imperfea ftreame ofhumane jullice. ]..awes and conflituti- ons ofElates and kingdomes are bridles to curbe and mode- rate our corruptions, that wee become fociable and peacea- ble; but theycut offonely from the Bodypoliticke by finall execution, thofe that are ofnotorious and defperate condi- tion; fuch as are Theeves,Murtherers, Traitors and the like. A very proportionable conceit, I am perfwaded, of divine juftice and eomminationsin the Law ofGod , lurkes in the heartsofmany; they thinkethat thofe frmes that arife ine- vitablyj