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v1Di(cord of true happine/fe. vitably out dour corruptnature, or that are committed by thong tentation, or that are leffe pernicious, are, I know not hownaturally pardonable; and that if they be of the, civiller fort, if they beoutwardly conformable in their lives, and harbour good meanings and intentions in matters of Religion, though they ne''ertrouble themfelves with more ftri neffe, anda court of 1ànc}ification, yet they think that Godwill be mercifull in the end, and that it will goe well enough with them ; and that onelyfellowes of infamous note, fuch, are Swearers, Liers; Vfirers, Adulterers and the like, Ihali be excluded finallyout ofheaven. But I would have thefe menknow, that though the Sea of Gods mercy bebottomeleffè, though thepromifes ofgrace he many and precious ; yet not onedropofall that great fea, not one jot of all tl,ofe gracious promifes, belongs to any, fiveonely unto him that groanes and fighes under the heavy waight and burthea ofhis finnes; that is of a broken and contrite heart, that trembles at his Word, that undiflèüibledly for- rowesand repents for all his f innes.förfakes them, and up himfelfe inholy obedience to all his Commande- ments. I would have them know, that he is as infinitely jut}, as he is infinitely mercifull. and will as certainely powre all theplagues and curfes in his booke upon the impenitent fin- ner,as hewill per forme all his promifes ofgrace to the faith- full Chriftian. The fifth reafonWhereby the formal! hypocrite doth falfly perfwade himfelfe tobe truly happy, and. (foby confequent) that keepes him fhort oftheRate ofgrace, maybe this:When bycome good motionofGods Spirit !tinedup inhimby the preaching oftheWord, hebegins tofet,andaddreffe himfelf to afandified ufe and exerciíè ofReligion, and to a faithful! andconfront courfe of trueholinefle indeed ; he prefently meetswith afore and thongopposition byhis owne inward corruptions, by tentationsofSatan, and vexations from the world; which heperceiving, and being very fenfibleoffuch fudden difturba_nce. from his former fecurity, perfwades ihimfelfe, that thepaffage to grace is not fo rough andboi- F fterous ; V.