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I will hinder you no longer from reading. his excellent Treatife which properly belongs to you, being the ground-worke of two Sermons preached before you ; theone at theFuneralis of'that worthy J vD GI your Unklc, my deare Father in law . (who.n I honour in thedull) theother in the time ofyour Shirevaltry : I will therefore endall in the prayer of this Authour, and the laft words that ever he fpakc to you in this world Theblefings. ofAbraham: , Ifanc, and Iacob beupon the heedsofTow ,joter Wife and children for. ever.. .14,11411e-?`eanple;, MaJaE.63.2. T,2iR Tour loving brother 4ndwer)friend BTTYARD BAGSHAIM