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DEDICATORY.' cvcr lindeagain(} himthan touching the lawofhis (-' on) were never able bt all their plotting to doe him any Dan. 6. s. more hurt, than ()rely to flew their * teeth. And although bee bee now gathered to his Fathers, * Pfal. ; 7.Iz. yethe (fill fpeakes to you in this excellent Treatife, of which leedied in travel! ; encouraging you thereby ()Lill to doe worthily in Ephrata!', and to hold on in thofe good Ruch 4 z r. wayes of piety which you have ever loved. The very Heathenscould fay thata goodman was a riblike good : çnsic cirAP but a K0 good Magi(trate is much more ; for lire bath a e'6 04ä71ß. price in his hand todoe good , and is armedwith power 'aar. and authority to bring it to palie. Thefe times have need of fach : up therefore and bee doing put on rightcoufnejfe , and let it clothe you, and let Jv sr t c s Job 29.14,&m bee to you as a robe and a Glide= ; to breake the jawcs of the wicked, and to pluck the prey out of Regium eft their teeth. And although tilde kinde of n'en will for cùm bcnc feces this very thing purfue you with envy , hatred , re- ris malè audi. proaches, &c. You neednot care; for, their teeth are re. sea. broken , and they cannot hurt you. Envy doth ever attend godnefe ; though not as a companion . yet as a thing which deggs it at the heeles. I conlidered (faith Ecc" . 4.4. Salomon) every right worle, that for this a man it en- vyed of his neighbour. This is your comfort (anad it is a great one) a G o n and the b K i x G fhall honour apfalme g z. you for well-doing : Hee that lovetlo ptsrene1Je of heart , 14, z S, &c. t (though for this hebe fcoffed and ¡eer'd at in the world) mitllet him on yet (faithSalomon) forthegrace ofhis lips the King ¡ball higha,hbecaufee bee his c friendr, my name, 1 will deliver bim andhonour him , a?'c, b Pro,. zz. z z. e 1 hold agood luflice of Peace in his Countrey to doe Mee as good fervice,as bee that waitsupon Mee in MyPrivy Chamber, and as ready mill 1bee to reward him : For,1 account him as capable of any bonour,of ,lice or preferment about MyPerfon, as well as any Courtier that is neere about Mee. K I N G IA lY E': Speechin Starre-Chamber,June ze, z6z6. a 4 I