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Difcourfi of true happinefae. .63 Thirdly, neither doe Imiflike or condemne Funerali. Ser- mons ; I could rather with, that as the deathof his Saints is preciousin the fight ofGod, f8, that it might be glorious in the eyes ofmend could rather defire,that the ¡rift praifes,and true finceritieofthe child of God were publithed even by fome Seraphicall tongue; that both the gloryof his graces' mightpate along and fhine bright to all pofleritie; and that fuch a fire ofzeale for imitation, might bee inkindled in the hearts ofall the hearers, (efpecially the prefent occafion ma- king theirminds morecapable of perfwafion) that they paf. fing thorow the fame courfe ofholinefle, might atlength be made partakers of the fame happineflé with the Saints of God. Only in thefe cafes I would have that fpirituall difcretion, truth, and confcience ufed, that neither the godly bee juilly grieved and offended, the wicked heartned and hardned in their courfes, & falfeconceit ofhappines;not the faithfulnes and fincerity ofthe Miniflerydifgraced andtèandalized: Thus farre I have laid openunto you the ftate of formalt hypocrifie : in which may concurre immunitie from notori- ons frnnes, all naturali and moral] perfeaions, admirable Jvariety oflearning, policy, and all other acquiredornaments ofthe mind : an outward performance ofall dutiesof religi- on, fome meafureof inward illumination, refemblance and i thadow of the whole body of true regeneration, and aper- fwafion (as you have now lafl heard) or being in Rate of grace. Even thus far aman may go in theprofeffionof Chri- flian Religion,and yet be a flranger from thepower of faith, and from the life-of godlines. I nowcome by reafons and ar- guments todifable it in thofe points which have not beene touched, for challenging any intereft in the true happinefle ofa man. And fira to prove, that a performance of outward duties of Religion, without the power of grace upon the foule, and an univerfall fanElification in all the faculties thereof, cannot produce any found comfort in the heart, or acceptationwithGod : My firtl reafon is that Principle generally received with F 3 all i Y