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6z 4' Difcourj oftrie 1or, fhPc, I doe not goc about to cönfine tue bounctieffe and merciesofGod, nor abfolutciy to exclude epen- tance from thedeaths-Led. Iknow that precious truth regi- * 1ut let (fred inEzcchid: 4t t'h4trimefoever afinner,cc. like a no man Pearle in a Ringanda liane in his Orbe,{1iues, amongfr ma- bearehim. felfe yother gracious promifes in the Booke of God, with fpe- pre ciall comFort, unt'peakable and glorious, upon the darkued anddrooping foule of every true penitent, at what time foe this cosri. ver.But yet this I fay in thispint;That any man that knowes fortabIe and is acquainted rightly andmuy with the narrownellè of promue, theway to Heaven, the natureofUods Juffice, the cunuthg but conhi heights ofSatan,the difficulty oftrue repentance, how fare- det WCI fully mans heart is hardned by cuftorne and continuance in the con i íinnè; he wouldflot deferre his repentance tohis oldage or, itis thus deaths-bed for ten thoufand wor,ds.I add this That inzhetextt As a fudden death inrefpedloftime; oradeath,where- But f the in appeares much impatiencie, fierceneiTh, and uncomfor- cked.i tablebehaviour, by reafon of the quality of the difeafe, ret 7W,JO or fothe extraordinary tentation fr the time, or thatGodwill be fo glorified, by juftly hardning thewicked, may be the hitb done way to everlafting happinell'e r fo alingring, patient, ad and etie lamb-like death, may be a pafiage to endlefl'e woe and mi- af1m,yfla fery. For that great judgement isto pailè upon our feules, tutee jJ according to the ftrange effs and fymptomes of our fickneflè,not according to the íhort moment and violent pai.. iafull fionsofour death; but according to theéionsofour health,. right, be theformer affaions ofour hearts,and the generali courfeof Jha11fore our Iife. h;eand. Secondly,. I wouldby no ineanes be too buhe, oruncha- die thable in. my judgeinent upon thoib,, w hicir have alçady zek. is. ftood, or faine to their owne malter. But as I effeeme that zi. çruelty and malice molt favage and vile that is difthargd upon the body,. or good nameof tiedead; f6 I wouldhave aith a charitable conceit follów thefotile of the'depated, fo farreas Ipiritualt wifedome, a good confcience,.dhine truth,. the glory ofGod,the fafetyof the:foules ofthe living,..will giveleave.: But nofiirther. Thirdly,..