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Ar Difourfè oftrue happáneffe. 69 any man that will deale faithfully with his own coüfcience, and follow mewith attentionto the end, may in fome good meafurébe informed, whether hee lie yet in the fhadowof death or live in the lifeofgrace. Some difference then, firff, may arife, out achediflin6lionofthedegrees andworkings offaith. Which that youmay better conceive, youmuff re- member threi"forts offaith,Hitloricall,Temporary, Saving, or Iuflifying faith. Hifloricall faith, is not only a knowledgeoftheWordof God,but alto an affent ofthe heart to the truthofit.And this is of two forts: either Infufed,which is wrought in us by the illightningSpirit ofGod, and flaying it felfe upon his au tijoritie : Or Acquired,which is produced by the light ofrea- fon, difèourfe,and created tellifnony. The latter is tobee found in theDivels; for they believe and tremble And in the Papifts; for their faith isnobetter, . according to theirgrounds andprinciples. My reafon is this briefly; for I will deliver my felfe ofthis point in a word. The Iefuites by their jugling have call themfelves intoacir- cle about the faith of the truth, anddivinitie of Scriptures ; and that isthis:Aske any Papifl in this land, howhe believes Scripture to be theWrdof God, and divinely infpired : hee will anfwer, becaufe the Church delivereth it fo tobe. And why believeth bee the tellimony ofthe Church ? Becaufe it 'shifallibly guided by the Spirit. And how Both that ap. peare ?'Becaufe it is fo contained inScripture, as in John 16. . The Spirit will deadeyot into alltruth. And how ;[hall, wee know this Scriptureoflohn, to bee the Word of God, and divinely infpired ? Becaufe the Church delivereth it fo to bee; and fo they mull needs runne round in thir circula- tion. Now I would propofe to the Päpiffs, the choice of theft three one of which they snuff ofneceflitie accept: Firff, whether theywill runne round in this circle, and waxe gid- -die,andfall, and finke into that pit, where Popery was firíf hatch'd;or theywill breake the circle at theauthoritieof the- Scriptures, and fo by confequent, theymuff fall to our fide. and