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y1 ' andthe truth ; or they will breake it at the teftimonyof the Church : andfoall their faith,as I told you, mutt 'needs bee onèly required, becaufe it depends on a finiteand created te- ftimony, and confequently comes farre short offalvation. I doubt not, but thePapifs will acknowledge and approve that difference betwixt- infufed- and acquired faith confeñ- ted upon by the Schoolemen : That infufed faith ielieth immediately upon an increased authoritie, but acquired, upona finite and created teftimonie. I know the Iefuites, a kind of men infpired with a tranfcendency of Antichri- ftian impofture, labour bufily topaffe plaulibly and hand- fomely outof thiscircle : but if their shifts bee throughly fitted, and they followed with forceof argument: it is cer- taine, they will either bee driveninto the circle againe, or enforced to flare out at theone ofthofe breaches, I told you of. Becanta, one ofthem,after hee had long tired himfelfe in, this circle, and at Taft by the helpe of Gregorius de Tlal. and formerIefuites, got out, but with fliamefull abfurditie and inconvenience; in a poore revenge to relieve himfelfe, hee threatensus with another circle : and fowrites a Treatifede Circula Calvimffice, but very weaklyand falfely; as might bee demonftrated evenout ofthe fOunder Schoolemen , in their queftion oftheTaft refolutionof faith. But Iintended no difcóurfe ofcontroverfe, butof fanaiêrcation; and there- fore1-proceed, and take the formall hypocrite along further towardsthe fiate ofgrace. For befides knowing and 'affen- ting to the truthofGods `Weird by an hiftoricail faith, hee may bythe venueofa temporary faith, adde three degrees moe. That is; Hee may moreover profeffe it in outward fer- vices ofReligion : H.e,may inwardly reioyce in it: He may bring foorth fome kindof fruite. But thefe things are one- lyfound in him, fo Imps theydoe not mainly crofle, but arecompatible with his worldlypeace,wealth, liberty, and otherdelightful l contentments. Here thereforeI rnuft leave him; and acquaint youwith thofe workings and degrees of faving faith, which qualified, as I (hall oppofe then'', are peculiarto "G. ods .child`; and to ditlinguilh and divide the regenerate LI Dsfcour fe of truehappinefie.