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tri Di f aafeof trzae hRppine. 77 his Saints, to fettleand comnpofe filchwild aff:etions by the WordofTruth ; to turn the greatneffe oftheir courage and gallantneffe of Spirit, to the fubduing and conquering of their owncorruptions ; and to the wra. Clingagainft princi- palities and powers, againft the worldly governours, the princes ofthedarknefle ofthis world, againft fpirituall wic- kedneflés,whick are in thehigh places.This fight is Chriftian andcouragious indeed, the victory is glorious, the rewardis Immortality. A third noteof dill=rence may be this : Every Child of God by the power offaxing grace, loth hunger and thirif after all thofe means God bath ordained, or offers for his furtherance in the way to Heaven, and for his comforting and confirming in a Chriftiancourfe; and doth make a ho- ly ufe of whatfóever is either publikly or privately layd upon him for his amendment: And therfore he continually profits and proceeds in fanctification by hisWord, his judge- ments andhis mercies : by theexercife, obfervationand fenfe ofwhich, he growes fenfible in heavenly knowledge, faith, humiliation, repentance,thankfullne1%,and all other fpirituall graces. But the formali hypocrite Both fo farretake notice and regardofthem,as they further his temporall happineffe ; and as his neglect ofthem, by confequent threatneth danger andoverthrow to his outwardworldly [late. For the prefent perhaps,heis moved with the hearingofthe Word ofGod, with the terrorof his judgements, while they lyewith fome extraordinary weight upon himfelf, or the whole Land; and with the fweetneffeofhis mercies, becaufe they fecure him inhis profperity. But thefe things finke not into his foul with the power ofmortification, to the de[troying of his finfull affections, and the (baking off ofevery known fin. Beloved in our Lord and SaviourChrift Jefus, let us eve- ry one ofus(I befeechyou) try himfelffaithfùlly by this note of difference : And the rather , becaufe our gracious God bath molt plentifully and incomparably vouchfafed us in this Land all means to bring us untoheaven. He bathviii- G ted i