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Fro, 10.7. yr Difiourf oftriae h.4ppine f . But that which is the accomaliluneat ofall miferìesand terrour, they jaftly fallinto thehands ofthe living God,who will certainly judge them afrer the manner of them that fhed their own blood ; and will give then the blood of wrath and of jealoutie. And wheras they looked to leave aname behind them, it hallrot awaywithas vile deteftation as theircarkafles in thegrave : Thememoriaallof the iu (faith Salomon) fI call be bleed, but thename ofthe Wic/eed¡?,:al,/ rot. Íf it do live it (hall live to theirfhame and infamy. For I dare fay thisboldly ; There wasnever any manrightly enformed, 'either in theprinciples ofnature, or in the gracious way to Heaven, in thefober pafl'ages ofmortality,or in thej Riceof' ftateand pòllicy, or acquainted with the fairnette of' true honour,that ever gave any allowance, or ever will,to the l e putation ofrrianhood, faltly focalled, purchafed in private quarrell in the field. This is thenall they get:for the lofle of foul and body,ofheaven and earth,ofname andpotterity,they only gain thedamned applaufeofdivels,fwaggerers andwic- ked men. But ifit fall out otherwife, that they be not kill, but kill;. markewhat befalles them;they depart the field drunkenwith blood,aswithnew wine : And therfore they Ih ill be fare at- length tobefittedwithdruakenneffe, andwith forrow, even withthe cup ofdeftruJionand"trembling; they (hall drinke ofit,deepe and large, andwring it out to thevery dregs. For pprefently after the murther committed, theyhave Caine,. &arefallmarke ftarnpt upon them : The fliesofConfcience and cryes.ofblood,fhall for ever pertcute themwith reftles horrour 7 As -they cloathedthernflees with rage like a rai- ment, foBall it nowcone into their bowels like water, and fluke like oyle into their bones. In themeane time they (hall live in the hellofConfcience upon Earth, and exile t every honre tobe tumbled into the hell of wicked dive's for ever more in the world tocone. Let me then lathenameand feareofGod advife them; if they would win anopinionoftru: valor indeed,ifthey looke for any portion in the.mercies ofGod, or honour anion ft his.