Bolton - Houston-Packer Collection BX9339.B65 A2 1641

)fi5w =LTA THE LIFE ANDDEATH OF Q.M.BOLTO,N:. Hat one age may tell ano- ther , that the memori- all of the jiff' [hail bee ever bleffcd , when the perlons and names of thofe that are other- wife minded fhall rot and vana away ; It hath beene the pious cuftome of ancient and later times , to commend to pofterity the eminent graces of the Saints depar- ted. Famous are thofe Panegyricke O- rations made at the Tombes of the Mar- tyrs in the Primitive times . when as their perfecutingEmperours,priding them ['elves in their lamentableDeaths , have left no o- th,:r