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TheLifeandDeath ther noyfe behind them, than the loudand long continued cries of fpilling their inno- cent bloud. Memorable alto are the Funerali Orati- onsofthe two Gregories , lSTyffen and NaKi- ans,en onBail theGreat ; And in latertimes, togivea few inflances, ( for thenumber in thiskinde is infinite) Melanithon andCame- rarius wrote the IifeofMartin Luther; Juni- us thelifeofYrfitae ; Bev the life of Catrin; Anteniuts Faittsthe lifeof Bea; fops Simler the life ofPeterMartyr;and D,Humphrey the lifeofourmoff renowned lemell. Thismannerof honouring the Saints is warrantedby Gans ownsexample; who (forought isrevealed to us) tooke order for. Mofes buriall , digged his grave , covered him withmolds, and made for him that ex- cellent Funerali Sermon expreffed in the firLL Chapter of lofhuab. And that all-wife Gon who fweetely difpofeth all things, thinkes it needfull thus tograce his owne people, that hee mayhereby uphold their fpirits amid thole many preffures, fcornes, reproaches crueilmockings and innumerable other