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c4Difcourfeof true happinei. 91 of theflóurithing ofthewicked ; how imperioufly andprof - peroufly they domineereand revell it in the world; how they fpread rhernfelveslike a greene Bay-tree, and bring their en- terprifes topaff : while himfelfe lies trampled upon by their infoleucies, opprefïions and proobane cenfares ; whileper- haps he lingers andpines under fom° heaviecro(Te and long vi(tation ; and for all his prayers, his groanes, his patience, yet findes finali comfort,no deliverance,forends belt known unto his heavenly Father ; fo that he may outwardly even perith in his troubles. This is a(hrewd tentation, and in fome meafure prevailed againft David; it made fo tall, andwell Pfal.y;. rooteda Cedarto flagger : nay,this tempe(f had neere over- turned him; this blowhad wounded his faith to death,had he not in good time ftept into the San -wary of theLord, and underífood the endof thefe men ; How fseddenly they are de- troyed,perifhed, andhorribly confusned: and confidered how- foever thegodlybe vext with men or divels, for thedaies of their vanity in this miferable world; yet it ever goes well with themat the laff. Afecond meanes, bywhich Satan endevours the weake- ning of our faith, is this : Hee curioufly obfervesall feafons and advantages ; and therefore if bee fpie our mindes to be overcall with forne cloud of melancholy, the feate many times ofunneceflry diftru(ls and feares ; or tobecatdown withforce fad and heavieaccident, and worldly difcomfort ; heeprefently afre(h reprefents unto the view of our confci- ence, themany and great fmnes of our unregeneration in their fulleft fhape; that fo by their renewedhorror,he terri- fying and aff righting us, may raife new doubtings and a- mazements, andin foine meafure loofen the hand and hold of faith. A third weapori,by whichhe (lrikdth at our faith, I take tobe oneofhisowne immediate fuggeftions, and that is this: While theheart of a godly man is refrething it felfe fweetely and plenteoufly with an affurance of his future happineífe andeternall enjoyment of endlefi joyes in heaven ; Satan, that out ofhis eawell malice hee may mix° force hellishpoy- H fon