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I. 2. 4. v3 Difiourf rftrue happinf. fon with thefe rivers of comfort, labours to raft into his minde, even fome thought's of impoflibility of the perfor- manceof the promifes offalvation,andofthe attainement of that excellent waight of glory : and would gladly make him thinke it incredible that bee fhould ever be crowned with immortality; or be fo glorioufly partaker thorow all eternity of unfpeakablecomforts above. This tentation, as I take it, dothnot muchdifquiet the formali hypocrite, or any unregenerateman. For becaufe his perfwafion of hap- pineffe to come, is folkand mifgrounded, and that beebath no found aífiirance of Heaven ; Satan is too wily to fuggeft unto himdoubts anddiftra&ions ofthis nature. But where- foever it lights, it is offearefuli confequence; and therefore not to be debated upon by the thoughts, or difputed with Satan; that is not the way to conquer this tentation :but fud- denly, and refolutely to be repeld by the power ofprayer; and out ofan holy contemptoffo bafe and lyingmalice, to be caft as dung upon the face ofthe Tempter. So that the faithfull Chriftian for all this, may maintaineand poffeffe his heart in patience, and unconquerable comfort out of thefe two corfìderations : Firít, ifbee bea divell and prince ofhell, as Gods childe feeles fenfibly and certainely by this prefent immediate fug- geft ion why then undoubtedly there is theglory ofinfinite Ì ajeftyinHeaven, Angelt, Saints, boundleflè and endleffe: bleffedneffe ofeveriafting time. Secondly, he is to confider, that in the daies ofhis fecuri- ty and worldlineffe, no fuck fcruples arofe in his thoughts:. And therefore it is onely a malicious tricke of the enemieof all true comfort,todefeateus ofour heaven upon earth,our ai- fiwranceofheaven in the world tocome. A fourth wayofweakning our faith, is this : If Satan, by taking(in thenick) the tide of our fraile and impotent aff_- efions, by callingus unawares upon occafions and allure- ments ; or by the fiddenneffe, fubtilty or violence of force tentation, be able to hale us againe into force groffe and fcandalous finne;towhhich, by reafonof our naturall difpofi. tion: