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.,,,,i.Difcqorfi ofow hapFiraefi. and dill communication of the fecrets of their foule,of their dearefi afít&ions, of their fpirituall efiate, of their joyful- lefiandbeft expense oftime ; I would, have thatonly vouch- fafedand conveyed into the faithfull bofòine of a true Chri- ftian, andconfinzrd o grace, as its peculiar and principali Ob- jet. Let their goodneffe, and good deedes fpreadwithout limit; but their deligl-t and intimateueffe, is tobe relirained and appropriatedto the Saints that are on theearth, and to the truly excellent, which are onely the godly. Hence it is thatGods children are many times cenfäred for morofitie,. gnfoeiableneffe, difdainefullneffe of fpirit, and oppoìtiti to goodfellowfhip; when God knowes. they can finde no tafkin thewhiteof an egge, no- firength in abrokeu fiaff;: ofReed; no comfort in the men of the world, who have their portion in this life; and therefore they would not, part with their Paradife of comnniinion of Saints, or com- fortable communication with God in their folitarinefie for the companyofKings, and a world"of carnal]. content- ments. Fourthly, Sat-an loth fometimes.worke a fouIe decay of grace,and'exercife of godlineffe, by putting into our heads l 'orne inordinateplot and forecaft,, for preferment andgreat- neffe. Forjibecanonce fet our thoughtsbufily on (bote for projectingand contriving (with exceffive defire,, ambition. and greedineffe) lbwhonour, office or high place ; why tken,firewell zeal'e;farewell taking part withGois: children;, fárewell an unfhakenrefolution, inftanding for the honour, truth,and fervice of God; and a Chrift iancourage in. repro-- ving fins. Forthen we inuftli\e refer edly; we muft be con- tentto.part with our liberty, andbe deprived of ou: felves.: Wee mua labour to fatisfie and accommodateoar felves to thehumours, pleafires, andpalions of men. Iii a word; our whole carriage inuft hold á- neceffpry and exae`t correfpon - dense-with the men andmeanesthat are able topromote use. for fo uncertaineand irregular are the revolutions of mens.: favoursthatmany tiìnes, if a manbut miffe, or mifiimeone ceremonieor- circumftantiall obfervance, -. it isenough to cafi' him.