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_4Difcourfe e f true happint.%, :iirgpetWer fb transforme c theft'into. their owns: faíhions and conditions ; and to rnake them fOmctimes to condernne their former forwardneffe, and zealein the fervice of God; Foras the feedcall into the earth, drawes untò it felfe by lit- tleandlittle. thepropertyofthat foile, . whereuntoit is tranf. ported, untill at length it becomes .14e. that which Both there naturallygrowofothe fpiritsand manners ofmen corn- molly conforme themfelvesto thofe,-withwhom theyordi- narily converfes Lamentable then is, their cafe,. bate their refolution, and`miferablëtheir comfort;. whofot advantage; taClion,< forefight and hope of fuiure. gratifcations, or any otherby-refpéft, plunge themfelves into :fuch companies, Where perhaps they may enjoy many.pleafant paflages of wit; fit and'artificiali difport and palling the time,. dire.. Rion in their worldly affares,- combination againff the power of-Religion, and' the true Profeffórs thereof but where they (hallfinde'nò furtherance°in the way tOHeaven, no comfort in heavenly 'things, no encouragement to pie.,. ty, no counfell in tentations, no confolation upon their; deaths-bed., Ohowmuch bettçr Were_it,. for thefè fewand wretcheddares, °:tofort and,folaeethen-delves amongff( the Saints of God; with whom they:might thine. as glorious; lights together in the earth,. ands hereafter in the' heavens .a- bove thebrightneffeoftheSunne for evermore ; rather then prophanely tofpórtthemfelves in r..Mefhecb, 'and for- .a fea- fonpràudlyto ruffle it in thé tents of Kedar,. where, thereis no light ofgrace, no joyrit cxpeclátion of eternity; but darkenefre oflznne, and ihadówof death I Miftake mee not in thispoint t I woultnot havemen goe out of the world,or become 'Separifls. I would rather have them, if they will underftand Paul aright, be madeall all men, that they might by all meaiies Pave fume That-is I would- have the children ofGod not be wanting in any offices-ofkind- flare orpiety; but to yeeld and commuulcate themfelves fofarre as d"uty,,eharity, humanity, necefïityof their gene- rail or particularcallingupon good warrant, and jut occa -, fionmaychallenge -andexaftat their hands. But as for àfree H 3 , and 9$