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98 t,,(fDf.courf of.true teacheth them to and therefore heinfpires andde£eratencffe in finning and with.extrao. rdinary boldneffe, he marc r furioufly invaricty;o£ rebellions ag init theMa1efty:'of he ven. Ifhe meete with honeft ciáill-men; he -labours to per fwadethem, that juft and upright dealingwith their neigh. bours,good.meanings and intentions in,platters of religion, are the very 'lifeofthe fervice:-of God, and a fùfficient way to heaven : And toconceive, finne and fincerity to be no-: thing-elfebut morali vermes and vices the power of fanJ i- bcation, to be nothing but good education; the p aaice of godlineffe to be nothing but Prober and honed behaviour; and'the, whole myfteryof Chriftianity, to be onely a grave and'layed civility: And themuch ad.oe: about faithfcill and confcionable preaching, to be :: -onely the humour of foune odde.fellowes,- that wouldbe 4ccounted fingi lar and ferä- phicalI.` IFhe meetewith formall hypocrites,_, whobe des immu- nity from groffefìnnes, and their civill honefty, arccarefùll acid<fifhionable in the outward duties of religion, yet fhort ()La. found. convertion ; he labours might and -mine to fet- tle in therm an opinion that the Rate of regeneration is no- thingbut precifène(ie and pnritaniiinc. ; that í,iving fìt cerity anda true practiceofholineffe, is onely a tranfëendent Idea,` confifling in pure abftradion, conceived. in the irregular.lnd ftirrin7.heads of force bulie and pragmatica.11 feilowe . fl adowed onely with a number of faire if-owes and preteri- ce4.bui. really exiftenranda6.1:ed no wher :. 'And that they may more fecurely and obflinately reft upon thisperfvvafioiï he furnifheth themwith a notable are if mifconceiting and mil mterpretjng theai .ionsofgrace and oImaking; by o: dious ekagg rations, a little hole in the croate -of a.fbund Chriftian, as wideas hello Hence it is that :David, is many times made fport with, and merrily jaffed-upoii- by them, with the falfe fcofErs at their feafts and banquets; andbath things laid to his charge, withmuch confidenceÿbut without allcord ience, whiktì (God thou- en) he never knew. Hence