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L/i. Difccurfe.©f true happine . -Hence it is,that many times tliofe aEtions, inwhichÍor the 1 truth and uprighrnefle oflus-heart, an _the juf}neffe and in- nocencyof his caufc,l e darc.appeale to .tlie tribunall ofGod, _(the impartiall fearcherofthe inn,oftthoughts, and feverefe- _vengerofall falfehood) yet are racked by vileand bate mil _conf}rudiors, and bit theworkcs ofdarkneffe and deceit. And, if they take agodly man but tripping in omeleílererror inhis 'carriage,' and that`perhaps.but forged i in their owne wilful! mifconceit; they thence raifematter, not;ónlyoftriumph and infeiltation,but(which is much more fearefull) of chearing,applauding, and:confirming "themfelves intheir prefent tivretehed ftate; But ifSatan meetewith a man, that by' thegrace ofGod is already entréd into the pangs of his travêll inthe-:hear birth, and withforrow`forhis fins is finitten down into the place ofDragons, and;covered:with the shadow of death; then he eagerly..ltriy-es to flifle the newman in thewombe; and by prefèatiiig to his .view the uglie`'vifageof :his many and outragions tranfgrcllians," the curfe,ofthe Law; and the wrathof (whicii__he yet makes more grizly and fierce by hisowne hehif í malice) to plungehiin into thebottom- 1 leffegulfeofirrec®verablë horror. and.defperatiem. But ifby i the mercies ófGodhe fluke not, but, bétime lay hold upon the juftice- ofChrift, and that boundleffecompanion, which ; never knewhow tobrcake the bruited reede, .ór'-quench the fnioaking #taxe; butholds a.broken.and .cántriteheart farce more precious,then. the facrificeof the beafts`on a Chouf nd mountaines, and then tenthoufand rivers of yyle why then { he a great red Dragon in his way,. at the very firft entrance into the Kingdore.°flight, andprofefïionofiìnee- . rity,and..cafts ont of his mouth. floòds ef.yerfecutions,.vexa- tions andoppofitions , that fo he may overwhelm& andoath him .before hecome to any growthor ftrength in Chrift,and a full compreheni on of the myfieryof grace. And ro .this.1 end he fets.on footer and fire too andwhets with 'keenera- i zorsmany a lewdand r r_ophanc tongue, tofcoffe, difgrace anddifcourage Mtn inhis narrow, but bleffed_paffa_ge to iiu- motta- , 99