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exd Difeeurfe of true kappindi. 105 ing faith, and onely and infeparably 4nnered unto Paving grace ; and therefore the formal! hypocrite, though Ì place him in thehigheft perfedión that is attaineable in thehate ofuntegeneration, is utterly :incapable of it, and a:meere firanger unto it, as he is unto the life ofCod. By this holy wifdome, David, Pf:lme i 19. verfe 99. is Paid to be wifer then his adverfaries; that is, then Sail, and all his. politike States-men, then his teachers, then the an-. çìent,` Ifewifedome were loft, me thinkes it fhould be found amongft Polliticians (the Oracles of imperiali depthes and fecrets ofState; thepillars of Common-wealths and King- domes:) amongftprofound Doctors and Rabbins (the fatl;ers ofknowledge and learning:) amongft the ancient, whofe age is many times crowned with ripeneffe of judgement, withvariety ofexperience and obfervatton. And yet by this ou, egisTrvev¡cav 1, fpirituall prudence (for the fameword is ufed there by the Septuagints,which theApoftle bath, Cot i. 9,) Davidfarrefurniounteth them all ; in refpee} ofwhich, the flower and quinteffence ofall their wifedomeand polli= cies, was nothingbut glorious folly and profound fimplici- ty. Hence it is that many a poore foule, illiterateandneg- leded, proudlypairedby, and many times trampled upon withdifgrace and vexation, by worldly wife men ; yet li- ving under aconftant and confcionable.Miniftery; is infi- nitely more wife then the greateft Clerkes, and learnedeft Doctors; both in giving counfell and advice in fpirituallaf faires,and in concluding their owne foules, in thefe ftrauge ly prophane and defperate dayes, thorow the ftraight way to Heaven. Hence then youmay fee a cleere difference. The formali hypocrite,fo farre as naturall wit, goodneffe of education,ci villhonefty, moral difcretion, polliticke wifedome canin- lighten and leado him, may mannage his actions and affaires with exactneffe and reputation, glorioufly, and without x -= ception in.the fight and, judgement of the`world. Nay, be-. fides, fometirnesby an addition offome inferiour andmore generali gracesof Gods Spirit, hoe m<y fet upon them such an