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roó Difcorarfe of true happinef. anoutwardgliftering, that they may dazle the eyes of the belt difcerning fpirit, and deceive his ownheart with a falfe perfwafion, that they arc the true actions ofpiety, andplea- finguntoGod. But over and above all thefe, (which is ne- ver tobe found in theunregenerate) there is in the under- standing ofthe ChildofGod, a moreexcellent andfuperioar vigour, that infpires his actions with a high and more hea- venly nature; thatbreathes into them thelifeof grace ; that guides themwith truth and fingleneffe of heart, and finceri- ty in all circumftances, to the glory and acceptation of God, the comfortofhis owne confcience, and goodof his brethren. There is afarre cleerer and brighter eye fhining in the fouleof every regenerate man, in refpeft whereof, the faireft lights ofall other knowledge and wifdome are L- gyptian darknefle; which dothever faithfully defcrieanddif- coverunto him the ítraite, though unbeaten path to immor- talïty, thorow all the paflàges and particulars ofhis life : It revealesunto him the wifeft and molt confcionable refolu- tion in all fpirituall debatements ; the belt and fitteft feafons ofreproving fumes and winning foules unto God ; manyob- liquities of adjoin, iniquity of many circumftances; the right ufes oflus owne afflictions, difgraces, and infirmities, which the formall hypocrite cannot poílìbly difcerne, be- caufe he is fiarke blind on this eye. Amongft infinite, I willgiveone inftanceof thegracious workings, andpower ofthis divine habit; Let us imaginean eviil report or falfe flander to be un- juftly raifed (and without ground) upon the formal' hypo- crite, though it feldoine befall fach ; for commonly pro- phane men are more countenanced, better conceived and fpoken ofby the greater part, and by great men, then they deferve. Yet ifit fo fall out ; this or the like is his behavi- our : Hee perhaps proclaimes andprotefts his cleereneffe in the cafe tooambitioufly and impudently ; not with that hu- mility and, fpirituall difcretion : Hee pleafeth and appiau- dethhimfelfe in his innocencie, for this particular, boyfte- roufly and with clamour; which perhaps fecretly breeds a more