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114 DtfCourfe of true hapivineffè. to theexecutions of'moral! honefty;,as for infriidion inhea- venlymyferiesand divineknowledge, he doth not mach meddle with, care for, or feekeafter ; but (May forcompany and fathion. Fourthly, the formall hypocrite, befìdes the direfion of naturall light in his confcience, doth intereiT and acquaint himfelfewith prat icall principles out of fupernaturall truths and the WordofGod, for the performance of religions du- tiesand fervices; but he puts them inpractice with ref rva- tion, with his owneexceptions and limitations : He is only fo fareguided by them in his life and converfation, as they are compatible witb his worldlyhappinef e And therefore in the tineof perfecution, as it is in the Parable, ,hefàlleth away. But by perfecution you muff unierftand, not onely the fiery triall and ílriving unto blood; but a'fo infertour,. and not fo fmarting afiiichons and tentations; as it is cleere, if we compare the three Evangelifts in their narration of the Parable. It is many times, difgraces, and contumelies for his profeflion, difpleafure anddifcountenance of great. Ones the hazardingof forreprofit and preferment, the Joffe offriends, and favour of the world, or the like, that makes him flinke and yeeld, and defperately to call himfelfe into, the current of the times, there to fwimme with othcs fora while,with fù11 rifle ofoutwardprofperity; umill hedrowne himfelfe in perdition, and finkes fuddenly into the gnlfe of endleffe woe and rnifery. Hence it is that ç.21-4r, i.3. 2 r.> he is called 7p6cr ca4p )-, a Temporizer : He is not thorow found, refolute, and true- hearted for godlinefle,. good cau- s, and togood men. For many times, when the honour.of C;od is put (as it were) in theone kale oftheballance,and his . owne contentment in the other; hee. fuffirs force worldly profit orpleafure, the gratification or fatisfadion offome great mall; the purchafeof force Fellowfhip,. Benefice, or fpirituall dignity, (for prooves perhaps as deare. as apurchafe;). the greedy de!ìre and. purfuit of force unde ferved officeor honour; the enjoyment ofprophane corn pany, orcoherence withworldly wifemen ; thepleafureof fore