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Ziifc6urfe of true hatprneffè. 11 5 fame fecret andfiveete frnne, or :fuch like ; I fay, he fuff`1s thefe to weigh downe the exceeding waight of' heavenly blifie, theunvaluable treaiiure of agood confcience, and the infinite glory ofGod. Which is ftrangely miferable; fìth all the world, wìftiome, power,exceilencie, and whatfoev er other happineffe ofman,all thehtgheft, and greateft treafures andglory under the Sunne, without the feare and favour of God, if they were put in the waightswith vanity, vanity would waigh them all downe. So trought David,`PJ l.62. v'Ñ' a The Thechildren ofmen are vanity, the chiefe mea are lies : to lay oore men, them upon a ballante, they are altogether lighter then vanity it are men in- J`lfe deed Laftly,tl;e Child ofC: od, befides the better andmore fpe- i. dal} apprehenfions ofnature, stores his confcience, his trea- fury of praéicall principles, with many facred and Paving leffons and rules out of heavenly truth and Cods holy Word ; but fo, that inhis practice ofthem,heRandsnot upon termes ofpleafures, profit, or preferments; but doth wholy andentirely ref tileup himfelfe in obedience and humility: tobeguidedand governed by them, without reftriction or evafion, inhis thoughts, affections, and actions, thorow the whole courfe ofhis life. Therefore, Luke 8.1- 5'. thehearer comparedunto thegoodground, (which is the ChildofGod,. to-whom in-al myDifcourfe I oppofe thecony groune which I call the formali hypocrite)' is laid tobe ofan honeft andgood heart: that is, downe-right for godlineffe and good men, without hollowneff , faint-heartednefïe, or flinking.- He. makes Chriflianity as it werehis trade,hefweates- andtoils in it, as the-end for which he was created, and placed in this ' world : And as he recives the Word of God into his honeft andgood heart ; fo there he treafures itup, and keeps it faith fully." he wordintheoriginall,is kgrixim . Hekeepsit,tho gh it be withmuch difficulty, ftrugling and collu_ationwith his ownecorruptions, thetentations of Satan, and vanities ofthe world ; wi-o cunningly confpire and labour joyntly to plucke it up, and wreft it fromhim : and hee brings forth fruit With patience. He yeelds no ground, though he meetea, Lyon