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118 1. I. Lif Difcourfe of true happi let . contumelies and contempt, flanders and indignities, good reportor ill report. For he bath his eye (till faftned upon e- ternity ; hehath the Crowneofglory already in fight; the in- eftimable preciouiheffe and everlafting" beauty whereof; ra- vifhethandpoffeffeth his truly free and great heart, with fuch alonging and fervency, that he is at a point with all thatisunder theSunne; that he doth not onelycontemne, pa- tientlyendure, and ;vanquith all afperities and difficulties; bureven with rejoycingentertaine and embrace(ifthe tyran- ny ofthe times fo require)the utinoft,that malice andcruelty can infliá uponhim. There is noother confiderationor crea- ture,either in heaven or earth,can feparatehim from the love ofGod in Chrift J elus,or from his glorious fervice in allgood 1 confcience. And as the WordofGod is planted and rooted in thecon- fcienee..of Gods Child,for his direction and conftancy in the waies ofgòdlineffe : fo isit alfo there fattened fbr his forbea- rance offinnes, by there three properties ; which are not to be found in the formall hypocrite: . Remorfe for fìnnespart, by which he is faved from relap- fes andbackfiidings. Aprefect fenfibleneffeofall manner oftinnes,whereby his prefent integrityand unblameablenes,is happily preferred. An habituall tenderneffe,by whichhe is armed and fenced againfl the corruptionsofthe time, unconfciònable courfes, and commiflion offinnes tocome. In remorfe for fins paft,T comprize a móre fullknowledge, an unverfall revelation of his finnes, by the light ofGods Word,andpowerofhis Spirit: and that both in extenfonand intenfao,,, Loth in number andgrievoufneffe a fenfe and fee- lingofthem in their true waigh*, as they are able to linke him downe into thebottomeof hell. Much furrow and an- guifh, for the ftaine and guiltineffe they have left behinde them;and for that they provoke to jaft wrath, JO loving and i gracious aGod. And Iatly, aloathing ofthem, fo thatbee nevercafls his eyes baçke upon their, but with an addition of a new andparticular. detestation. Klee never enters medi- tatton t.