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c.ß Difcourfe oftrue hdppise, the times, enter a profeíiiori of fncerïty, and tome corre- fpondence withGods Children, it is but for a fpirt, anellay, likeamorningcloud, and as themorning dew, Foras Toone as his fervour in religious affiires,- and furtherance of good things doth once by the fury of hell, cruelty of prophane men, malice oftheworld, enkindle and ftirre upagainft him (1 fay,not only a fiery trial', but even tome fmarting heete of leilèr perfecution, tonne railing and flanderous tonguéwhich Porches like wales ofJuniper) a difconceit and dereli4`iion in his friends and old acquaìntance,difgrace with the world, difcountenance of. Greatneflè unlikelihood of riling and preferment ; ifit once railagainft himRormes ofjealoufies, envies,and molef}ations ; why,then he is gone,heflinkes and (tartsafide like a broken bow. All his formergood motions, purpofes,and endeavours, 'meltas the winter ice, and goe a- way like the morning dew. For theformall hypocrite ever when he feeles difturbance:in his preterit fecurity, interru i tionofhis former contentments, hazard ofhis temporali fe- licitie, he begins rrongly to fufpea hirnflfe of toomuch . fórwardnef e, ofunfeaiouable and prcoofterous zuaale, of di- Remuer,and indifcretion in matters of Religion ; and there- fore givesbacke, and falles away into his former plodding courts offormality; and that perhaps without any checke of confcience : but if any fcruples and reluciation arife in his heart,out ofhisworldly wifedome,he interprets thisyeel- ding to the times, to be .ordinary and pardonable in- firmity; and thereforenotwithitanding flatters and deceives linifelfewith hopeofheaven;which is a ftrongbarre to keep him outofthe Rate ofgrace, andunacquainted with the glo- rious coinforts offóund and faxing Gncerity. But the f<i.cred light ofGodsholy truth, is habituated and incorporated into the confcienceofGods Child ; and is the only andconfiant rule and fquare,. by which, with all humi- lity, uprightneffeofheart, a free, entire fubmiffion and obe- dierice unto it,he frames all his thoughts, aff ì`tions, and affi- rms. And in thislight, he walkes with a fetled conftancie andgrounded refolution, . through poverty and oppreffion, contu-