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x rim. r, 4. gild birth. The LifeandDeath this man of GOD s the Authour of this Worke, now a Saint inheaven.Iconfef°ehis worth &parrs deferved rat her an advance- ment by Tome inch eloquent Orators as I mentioned before, than a depreffionby-my pen; but yet a pearle may beefhewed forth aswell by aweake hand,as, by the arme ofa gyanr, Ifhall doe nomore. And let hisowne worth andworkes praifehim in the gates. t knewhim from the beginningofmy youth, beingmy firft Tutour in the Vniverfitie of OXFORDS a-nd my felfe one of his firit Schollers, and from that time tothe day ofhis death, being above (wetland twen- tyyeares, noneknew him better, or loved hire more; our familiarity was fuch, that ( alluding ro that betweene Pauland Timo- ehy) I may fay ,1knewhisdoctrine, man_ nerof life, faith,charity, patience 3 and now wil only relate whatI baveheard and feene, wherin I will not exceed thebounds ofmo- deifyortruth. Tobeginwith his birth; I obferve that throughoutthefacred Bible, and writings on theperfonsof holymen, their places of birth