Bolton - Houston-Packer Collection BX9339.B65 A2 1641

of Mr. Bolton. birth are ever remembred ; G o D loves the veryground his fervants tread on : The Lo aD hall count ( [ayes David) when hee Prat. 8,. 6e nurnbreth up the people, that this man )Nas borne there ; whereas of other men there shall be no remembrance of them , they (hail havenone tolamentor bury them, but (hall becafe forthas dungon the face of the earth : fo that I may fay oftheni, as was Paid of Pope Boniface the eight, famous for no- thing but his wickednetfe; intraTit Vulpes., regna-rit Leo , exi'it Canis ; the Prophet Darvid renders it thus in plaine Englifh. They fpend theirdayes inmirth,andfuddenlgoe dovne into hell. Hee was borne at Blacborne a towne of . good note in Lancafbire on WhitfUnday, Cara. Brit rag. AnnoDom ni 157z,. His parents being not of 's ' any great meanes, yet finding in him agreat towardlineffe for learning, de(linatedhim tobee a Schuller, and ftrugl.ed,with their eflate to furn that kind , apprehending the advantageofa fin- grlar Schoole-Mafler that wq then in the Mr. Fares. Towne, Heeplied his booti a fa well, that in (sort