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Luke 2. 46. TheLifeand Death fhort timehe became the belt fcholler in the fchoole : and no marvel.' ; for, hee had thole fix properties of a fcholler noted by Ifocrares and others , which concurring in one, thrufi up learning to a veryhigh ele- vation, t. Hewas (E vgrç) ofexcellent parts and abilities ofmind,and ofa found constitution of body. 2. Heewas ( ofa very firong me- mory ;1 meane fuch a memoryas was no tably aáuated byhis ready andquicke un- derfianding. For , (as PhyloCophers ob- ferve) that memory which tends to admira- tion, being ofa quite differingtemperature from the underfianding , inclines rather to folly ,and becomes thegroundofthat Pro- verbe , The greatef1Clerkcsarenot al'wages the 'AVM' men. ;. Hewas '(z,77,7.4 ) a mooverofdoubts and quettions this was ever an evident figne oflearning; 'by this our bleffed Savi- our approoved His learning amongfi the Dodours inhearing them and asking them queftions: did the QueeneofSheba to King