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ofMr Bolton. 9 exatneffe in it hedidwith intolerablepains writeout withhis owne hand all Homer, (or ,F efiod I am fure)for I have feene it (thóu h longfitce) ina faire Grcekecharader ; for bee wrotethat languagebetter than hee did either Englilh orLatine; and asking him the reafon ofhis paines, bee toldme,itwasonly that hemight accent perke ly.Thisbrought himto fucha readineffe, that fleecouldwith as much facility ayourfe in the publike Schooles (forhe was a famousdifputant)in theGreeke tongue, as in the Latine or Eng- 1ith : an ì in there all , bee wrote and fpake SWiloirperarc rio, as Lipj«s cals it, rvi, ahigh and lofty flile , whichwas fo familiar tohim`, as thathe couldnot avoid it in ordinary con- ference. From ,Lincoln Colledgehee retnnoved. to 7; &rafen-Nofe: For, by the Founders of that in brajen-nori Houlemofi ofthe Fellowfbips therein were " ordained forLancafhire-andGhriremen,but corimming to that Golledge having but few friends, hee flayed longwithout a Fellow- fhip ; about which time (that I may not bu- ry influence the charitable as of fuch men b z whom