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IO, The LifeandDeath whom their learning and piety have made eminent) it pleafed M. D. Bet, knowing. his deíerts, and perceivinghim to languifh for want of meanes , moff bountifully to contribute for his reliefe, and by his an o- Aman offin- thersbountie, with force mall (Upends hee gular eminency far learning and had forhis Letures-in that Houfe, lice was piety. uphelduntill hehadgot aFellowfhip,which fell out about the thirtiethyeareof his age, at which time hee commenced Mafia. of Arts; and thenby the Fxercifes bee perfor- med in the Houfe and abroad , being Re- gent Mafter hegrew into fame , andwas fill fucceffìvely chofen tob .e Reader of the Le- dures:of Logicke, and Morall,and Naturall Philofophy,(as by the StatutesoftheHoule theywereappointed tobee read) which bee performed fo ílridly, and with fuch éxad- neffe, as that hee got credit and applaufe with thebee, but forne envy with his fuccef- fours , tharbryhis example werenow provo- ked roa morefrequerit and painful' reading ofthem., which werefeldome and Lightly performed before. And fuch was his e- ifeeme in theVniverfitiefor hispublike dif putations,