Bolton - Houston-Packer Collection BX9339.B65 A2 1641

6 TheLifèandDeath very anguiffi offpirit. And to augment his fpirituall mifery, hee was exercifed with fowle temptations , horribiliadc Deo ,terribi- liadefide,which Luther calledColaphurn Sata- the ; for as he waspkrallell with Luther in tna. ny things ,as I ¡hall [hew anona: lo was he in thefe fpirituall temptations which were fo vehement upon Luther, that the very ve- nomeofthz mdranke uphis fpirits , and his hl:lanethe. *In";511rinie body feemed dead , Iteccalor,necfanguis, nee fenfus , nec rvoxfuptreget , that neither fpeechfenfe,bloudor heat appeared in him, as luftas Jonas that was by and law ir,report- ethofhim : but this fharpe fit of Luthers tatted but for one day, but Mr. Boitons conti- nuedfor manymoneths, but yet GoDgave him at length a blared iffue , and thefe grie. vous pangs in his fpirituall birth produced two admirable effeds in him ( as well as in Luther)which manytimes enfue upon filch hardlabour, an invincible courage andrefo- lution for the caufeofGOD, in the which he fearednocolours,nor die face orforceof any fecondly, a fingulardexterity in com- forting afflicted and wounded fpirits , as